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Blackfish: CanucksArmy Prospect Report – November 29th 2018

Welcome back for another week of Blackfish, where everyone comes to get the week that was for Canucks fans.

With the month of November about to end, it seems that the Canucks prospects want to all end the month on high notes. Some forwards with some noticeable performance, some defenceman putting up points, a goaltender coming back and so much more.

If you are here, you already know what you are getting with the Blackfish prospect report, so let us dive in!



  • 2018 2nd round pick Jett Woo continues to put up some points with one goal and two assists over the last seven days.  He continues to be on the second pairing with first power-play time. I debate back and forth if he will get an invite to Team Canada’s World Junior evaluation camp but I do think he has done enough to justify an invite. He may not make the final team but would be a good chance for him to get another chance to prove that he should be there for 2020. His goal from the week:


  • Primarily playing the second pairing, Matt Brassard ended the week with one assist in one game. He is still close to the same production rate that he saw last year (0.76 PPG vs 0.71 PPG)
  • A couple of rough outings for DiPietro that sees his GAA and SV% take a dip. But nothing to be worried about, he will be invited to the WJHC camp and the starting job appears to be his to lose.

United States


  • Thiessen did not appear in any games over the past week. Hopefully, once he gets the net, he can rebound from a tough few games recently.


  • Quinn Hughes continues to do his thing with two assists in the two games this past weekend. He is now on a seven-game point streak that has seen him score one goal and eight assists along the way.
  • William Lockwood was held off the scoresheet against Wisconsin after a great past couple of weeks. Nothing to be concerned about here though.
  • Madden was able to get the game-winning goal on Saturday night with this nice play:

  • Rathbone was unable to register a point in Harvard’s only game over the last seven days.




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  • Artyom Manukyan was able to pick up an assist this past week but failed to register a point in the two other games. It’s good to see him get that point after a fairly lengthy drought. It appears he was a healthy scratch this morning.
  • Nikita Tryamkin did not play any games over the past week – unclear if it’s an injury or healthy scratches.


  • Toni Utunen once again did not dress in any games for Tappara.


  • Gunnarsson was held off the scoresheet in the one game he played in this week.

Czech Republic

  • Zhukenov did not play any games this week.


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  • Thatcher Demko appeared in another two games this past week – not fantastic numbers but good to see him get back to playing and playing reasonably well.
  • Alex Kile was released from his PTO.
  • Reid Gardiner was recalled and then re-assigned to the ECHL. With the return of Bachman and Demko, Ivan Kulbakov was sent back to the ECHL.
  • Brandon Anselmini was recalled from Kalamazoo yesterday; Jagger Dirk was recalled earlier in the week.
  • Adam Gaudette and Alex Biega remain up with the Canucks.
  • Reid Boucher was returned to the Utica Comets this past week.
  • Darren Archibald was placed on waivers, cleared, and was sent back to the farm.
  • As always Comets Cory has you covered for everything Comets – check them out here.


  • At this moment, the Canucks have no prospects in the ECHL.

    • canuckfan

      Is the Feb 26 game their last season game or do they go through a playoff after that?
      I could see the team bringing Hughes when his team has finished their season but Lockwood if signed would be more likely to join the Comets. There are other players that would get a chance in the NHL before Lockwood I would think that have been playing in Utica all year.

      • Blind Side

        In addition to the possibility of playoffs after March 2, there could also be university exams as well.

        After watching this defence, even without Pouliot and Gudbranson, I’m getting to the point that I would rather watch Quinn struggle to adapt to professional life than continue with the current lot. My pain threshold has been breached.

      • Puck Viking

        I thought he was the guy getting all the offensive zone starts and 1st PP time and that Woo was getting all the tough defense first assignments.?

        Still regret them taking Gadjovich over brook..

  • Kanuckhotep

    On the present blue line I don’t see anyone but maybe Fit Ben being here in the long run should this team ever think of contending. Goaltending too. Up front Bo, Brock and Petey of course and I think Jake V will be there too. Five guys will survive IMHO and no one else. That’s why fans really look forward to Hughes, Juolevi, Jett, Big Zack and Dahlen, to name a few, to genuinely help the Canucks in the future. And whoever else they can draft in the future and/or can develop now will help too. The Prospect update page is close to the only source of hope for VC fans right now.

  • Burnabybob

    The future Canucks defense is taking shape. They have four of the likely top six players already in their system. Here’s a possible lineup for the future based on what they have so far. (Question marks represent spots to be filled.)

    Hughs – ?
    Juolevi – Stecher
    Hutton – ?

    That leaves two spots on the right hand side that need to be filled. Not an impossible task at all, especially given that they already have Woo and Chatfield already in the system, and will likely draft at least one more RHD in 2019. They could sign Edler to an extension to provide depth, and maybe add another RHD via free agency. That would leave just one RHD spot to be filled. Not a difficult task at all.

    • Burnabybob

      It’s also possible that Gudbranson could continue to play on the third pairing, given his improved play of late. That would leave just one spot to fill on the right side, assuming they sign Edler or someone else to an extension.

      • argoleas

        Benning will keep Guddy (paired with Hutty), probably to the end of his current contract. I dunno if Edler is extended/resigned this summer. This may be it, and what you have above is the LD of the future. Assuming they do not part ways with Tanev until 2020 TDL, they will be looking for a top 4 RHD for the season after that. That should be fun.