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Canucks place Chris Tanev and Brandon Sutter on IR; Recall Brendan Gaunce and Darren Archibald

These injury updates are almost becoming a daily thing.

Last night, the Canucks lost Brandon Sutter to a shoulder injury and he is expected to miss a good chuck on time. Add that to the already ridiculously long list of injuries in the organization and it’s getting a little out of hand.

Given the latest round of injuries, the Canucks placed Chris Tanev and the aforementioned Sutter on IR to allow them to recall Darren Archibald and Brendan Gaunce.

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The Brandon Sutter IR placement was reported earlier in the day by CapFriendly


The Archibald recall was confirmed by the Canucks shortly after the initial report but at this moment, the Gaunce recall is not announced.

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We’ll have to wait to see how the lines shake out with the new additions and if any players come back from injury over the next couple of days. Guillaume Brisebois remains with the Canucks as the 7th defenceman.

  • Sandpaper

    Getting awful thin on the farm, probably a good thing they signed some depth free-agents this year.
    Other than the term, it appears to be paying off, at the moment, anyways.

    • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

      The cap hit on Beagle & Roussel is $1-1.5M more than it should be (player tax for agreeing to sign with a bottom feeding club, somewhat expected one may argue).
      Its like the team is forced to wear a necklace with -40% Injury Absorption (Skyrim ref) ha ha

      • Erik Lonnrot

        The term+money was always the problem with those signings. If they were for either half the money or half the term they’d be perfect. As it is the damage will be felt a few years from now.

      • Canuck4Life20

        Agree that the term on two of the three contracts was too much but I’m still not sure that the term will necessarily hurt them though. They have already shown a willingness to send players to the minors if there are better options available. I don’t think there will be cap issues either. By the time Pettersson is ready to sign his massive deal Sutter, Baeartschi, and Gudbranson will all be coming off the books.

      • Chris the Curmudgeon

        OK, but you could also point out that even with a bunch of injured guys last night (including Sutter in game), the team still won because EP and Boeser drive the bus. Conversely, when EP went down, they looked like garbage even though at that time most everyone else was healthy. The point being, it’s not your depth that’s the difference between winning and losing, it’s the high end talent. So, get more high end talent however you can and skip the big money depth signings.

        • Kootenaydude

          Hate to break your heart, but Boeser isn’t driving any bus. Horvat and Pettersson maybe, but Boeser is not the player he was last year. Maybe it’s his wrist, maybe it’s his back, maybe it’s both. 8% shooting accuracy and only 2 goals in 10 games doesn’t qualify as driving the bus.

          • Chris the Curmudgeon

            I was specifically referring to last night’s win, not the season as a whole. I thought Boeser played well yesterday, and when he does play well (relative to his ability), the team has a good chance to win. Ditto Horvat. Conversely, the Mottes, Roussels and Beagles can’t rise to a level where they’re the difference makers in games with any regularity. Thanks for missing the point, which was not to single out individual players but to suggest that it’s the high end talent, not the depth, that will matter and that the latter cannot replace the former, no matter how expensive it is.

          • TheRealPB

            Curmudgeon that’s true but by the time that the talented young players come off of ELCs these depth signing overpays don’t really matter. In 2019-2020 when Boeser is an RFA, we have $47 million committed against a $73 million cap. In 2020-2021 it’s $30 million when Virtanen, Gaudette and Stecher are. In 2021-2022 when Pettersson is an RFA (and Luongo’s contract is FINALLY up), we are committed to $18 million. So while spending lots of money on depth players is not a great idea, I don’t think it’s the disaster it is often made out to be. We have mostly 3 or 4 year deals and all of this is not counting the possibility of a rising cap and of trades, retirements and buyouts (with Eriksson being the obvious candidate and probably the worst signing of the Benning era).

          • Dirk22

            Remember when everyone didn’t want to follow the Oilers ‘10 year rebuild’ model….now you’re talking about these bad contracts coming off the books in 4 more years? If only people had said they should have torn it down earlier

    • Fred-65

      I don’t know in this time of “fancy” stats if possession time is recorded but you mention Schaller and man is this guy great along the boards. He’s very strong and generally maintains possession, he’s also not afraid to stick up for his team mates

  • liqueur des fenetres

    Perhaps a stats nerd could tell us how this carnage 13 games in ranks historically. It’s more reminiscent of Industrial Revolution England than it is of professional sports.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Obviously Benning made contingencies for injuries that always arise in abundance for this club by signing #83, #59 and #26 and doesn’t seem that dumb at this point. People have problems with the money and terms perhaps but these veteran FAs have contributed well IMHO. It won’t hurt to have Gaunce back because he never did hurt them defensively but obviously is no Ovie or Petey. Mr. Benning has made moves I didn’t like but he has added SOME depth. It’s more interesting anyways.

  • wojohowitz

    A story put out in the last few days was about the logjam in Utica where it`s a problem because Lind has only played 6 of their last 10 games and Jadgovich has only played 4 of the last 10 and suddenly it`s not a problem. Instead it`s time for some PTOs. What was the number of players dressed in Utica last season; 38?

  • Holly Wood

    Benning s depth and Free agent signings plus Travis Green tough love with Hutton and Virtanen are looking pretty good right now. Amazing what decades playing the game, teaches them that the bulk of the fans will never understand .

    • Freud


      Is that you Jimbo? Stop embarrassing yourself.

      Amazing how, if management did not piss away draft picks over the last 5 years, that those picks would likely to be primed to fill depth positions today. Funny, if Benning listened to the bulk of the fans (who don’t understand) and had chosen Nylander or Ehlers instead of Virtanen, how tough love would not have been needed. Funny, how smart fans like yourself think turning a top 6 pick into a 3rd line checker is a win.

      • TheRealPB

        Nylander is absolutely killing it with Dorbirner EC. And surprisingly, Jake is outscoring Ehlers so far this year. Of course playing on Matthews wing or on a stacked Jets team has nothing to do with any success. But please, continue to educate us about how a 22-year-old PF is clearly a fail.