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WWYDW: Loui Eriksson

Loui Eriksson became a talking point this week, earning the praise of his coach prior to the Canucks’ matchup against Boston and the ire of some fans following a notably poor performance against the Washington Capitals. Regardless of how you feel about the player, it’s been clear for some time now that he’s not worth his contract, and it’s become increasingly difficult to see where he fits on this team.

Who would you like to see Eriksson play with, and what is his future with the Canucks?

Last week I asked: How would you like to see the Canucks respond to the Matheson hit in their rematch with the Panthers?

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I think the NHL safety committee blew the call. Five games would have hurt Matheson, and sent a message. Two games is a joke.

Having said that, I also think the staged fights are a joke.

Beating them on the scoreboard by an embarking score? A lot easier said than done.

What I am in favour of, is every single player attempting to nail Matheson, every time he touches the puck, with the hardest hit he can. While I’d prefer they all be 100% legal, it wouldn’t kill me if there were a couple of late hits in their, and players came in with their sticks “protectively”.

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Knobs like this need a entire team response, not just one staged fight.


To respond to the direct question about the response in 3 months time, assuming that Matheson hasn’t been demoted to the AHL based on his terrible play on the ice, I suppose someone could go and challenge him. I think it’s likely to be expected by some in the fan base; I would assume it would be a Roussel rather than a Gudbranson, mainly because Matheson has no history of particularly dirty play and is no fighter. He’s also apologized for what happened; that doesn’t make it right and I think the league should have fined him much more heavily than suspended him for two games. I feel like a $500k fine has far more significance than the 2 games and $50k.

All the retribution stuff I think is still dumb. The people screaming that this will mean open season on all the young skill players are also dumb. Just because Marchand speed-bagged Daniel Sedin or Keith punched him in the head did it mean he got attacked every time on the ice? Or because Wilson broke Aston-Reese’s jaw with a blindside hit or Sundqvist with another that everyone went after Tarasenko or Crosby and Letang? Skill players are ALWAYS targeted by lesser lights and always have been. No amount of code has ever served as adequate deterrence, either from the speed of the game or the douchebag-rats like Marchand, Wilson, Cooke, Linseman and so many others.

You really want to have a ‘code’ in the game? Have the NHL, NHLPA and actual individual players grow a pair, not by having staged fights and show sentences, but by standing up and calling out those players who show a blatant disregard for their peers. Don’t reward Wilson with a $5 million contract, don’t tell Marchand it’s ok to sucker punch Lars Eller or give Johanssen a flying elbow just as long as he keeps scoring a ton, don’t keep employing the Dalton Prouts of the league. Until the league, the players association and players themselves take this seriously, this problem will never get fixed.


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A staged fight early in the game. I don’t really care who does it, Gudbranson, Roussel, just exchange words, punch each other for half a minute, and go off for 5. It’s better than nothing and it’s good to just get it over with instead of letting it sit like a cloud over the entire 60 minutes. Have your fight and then play some hockey.


I despise what happened to Petey as much as anyone. But is beating the crap out of Matheson next January going to cause EP to become UNINJURED? The problem here is the difference between Law and Justice. Under NHL law Matheson got dealt as per the rules. But justice is not the same thing and Canuck fans are never going to get it as per this incident. Ever. I hate not watching Pettersson but everything in life is dictated by those in charge and the NHL is no different regarding this issue.

Gino’s 3rd Cousin:

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Have Rousell offer to dance with Matheson right off the bat, as they are similar weight categories. I doubt Matheson would drop them with Guddy. Have Virtanen, Schaller and anyone capable take every opportunity to hit him hard and clean. Focus on the W.


I read Matheson’s comments where he reached out to Pettersson and apologized. He reviewed the video and can see why everyone is upset, but said he didn’t mean to harm Pettersson with the hit. Have the mandatory fight and focus on hitting him cleanly a bunch and let it be.

Ragnarok Ouroboros:

The team should send a message by trying to win the game. This idea that a team must get their pound of flesh in retribution is antiquated. Green had it right, we do not need a savage response. The idea that individual players must get justice using an eye for an eye mentallity is wrong. Look at the long term health of these players who end their career with a destroyed brain and addiction to opiods. A good part of their health problems is due to a blood thirsty culture that asks them to sacrifice their long term health in exchange for a meaningless fight that doesn’t affect the game in anyway.
These players are employees of the NHL, and thus it is the NHL’s job to provide a safe working environment for the players. This means suspensions should be used to deter dirty play. They should continue to remove fighting from the league due to the long term effect of concussions. The rules for head hits should match the IIHF. The NHL should make meaningful rule changes to protect players. And the NHLPA should get their head out of their ass and stop protecting goons and start protecting the star players that generate all the revenue for the league. The NHL and NHLPA should make it a priority to protect the long term health of their employees.

Robson Street:

I know there’s a lot of talk about pride and respect, but the Canucks should just stick to their game plan. By this, I of course mean trade for Matheson, play him 25 minutes a night with Gudbranson, lose hockey games. Later, lose the draft lottery to Edmonton.

  • Bud Poile

    Seems as though he fit in well with EP, with a PPG average while adding veteran defensive reliability.
    Loui needs talented line mates to pad his offensive stats.
    He would be “worth” a lot more if the Canucks actually provided him with that talent.

    • East van canuck

      WTF – what part of iron clad NO TRADE CLAUSE don’t you get? Pumping his stats is pointless and irrelevant because he is untradeable… a bit like YOU.

      He was signed to play and score with the Sedins – bust
      He was signed to score dirty goals sniffing around the net – bust
      He was signed to score 25 plus goals per – BENNING BUST!

  • Kanuckhotep

    Loui does not hurt them defensively but on his contract it’s his offensive capabilities that has fans dismayed. EP is the magic he needs to up the scoring side of his game but this has been one Benning signing I’m still waiting to see some return on and haven’t so far. Maybe Petey coming back will change that.

  • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

    Bah ha ha ha OMG Loui Eriksson blowing that breakaway just now with that awful shot was the funniest thing I’ve seen in weeks! Go Loui Go! Keep it up Little Things! Btw Pouliot looks atrocious thru the first half of this game.

  • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

    I’d LOVE to see Loui playing beside Carter Banks and Wacey Hamilton on the farm. Ship him down and let him freeze thru the long winter.

  • Sandpaper

    1st I would get him to give #21 back to Sutter, you know, a guy that actually contributes to the team in a positive way.
    2nd I would then sit him in the press Box, regularly, then send him on a conditioning stint.
    3rd I would try my best to loan him to a KAL team, preferably the Siberia Tigers.

  • El Kabong

    It really has reached the point where he should be sent down to the minors. It may force him to retire early. Do you think he’d ride the bus for the rest of the season for 1 million in salary this season. If he does stick it out I could see him hanging in until the beginning of next season, take the majority of his salary as his bonus then head to Europe.

  • Beer Can Boyd

    Funny this article should come out today, right after he has his best game of the year playing with Bo and Leipsic. No doubt his contract is onerous, and he’s not worth the money. But he’s not getting waived, and in reality, his on ice play doesn’t normally hurt the team. Usually doesn’t help much either though. Undoubtably Bennings worst move as GM, but probably done with a lot of Aquilini oversight. Trevor is not blameless either.

  • Settlebower

    I’m late to the party here. This is in response to last week’s question. The Canucks response to the Petterson incident should be to pressure the league to come up with a consistent policy that strikes enough fear into players that it actually has an effect. For inflicting an accidental unintentional head injury =4% of your gross salary and 4 games. For an unintentional, but reckless injury to the head = 7% of your gross salary and 7 games. For an intentional and reckless injury to the head 10% of your gross salary and 10 games, and then so on and so forth for repeat offenders. This “maybe we’ll suspend him and maybe we won’t” gives players an opportunity to gamble that nothing will happen. Then I would hire someone like Eric Lindros or Geoff Courtnal to run the player safety division, and give them the position for life so that each and every ruling serves to create precedent and consistency. Then the Canucks should brace themselves for when it happens to one of ours. What goes around comes around.

  • Ken Priestlay Fan

    Do they need to do anything with Eriksson? He might not be contributing as was envisaged when he signed and he certainly isn’t value for money, but is underlying numbers continue to be good and how much he gets paid isn’t really a deployment consideration. Once EP40 is fit again, stick him back with him and Goldy and leave him be. Going forward, they need to try and trade him, but even retaining 50% it’ll be a hard sell without taking something back

  • Captain Video

    It’s not Loui’s fault that he was overpaid by Benning. Accept it as a sunk cost and move on. He doesn’t hurt us defensively, and can play up and down the lineup. So, renew the experiment with EP and Goldy once the former is healthy. If that doesn’t work, put him on a checking line.

  • Macksonious

    I’d play him again with Pettersson, once he returns to the line up. That kid seems to be able to make anybody around him productive.

    I’m looking to pad Eriksson’s stats in order to boost his trade value. If that plan works, they might have a shot at getting rid of that contract.

  • Freud

    Remember when TD stated Benning was a genius, he loved the Eriksson signing and he would have given him $8 million a year?

    TD guaranteed Eriksson would score 50 goals playing alongside the Sedins and would average 40 goals a year well into the 2020 season.

  • tyhee

    The first choice, unlikely to occur, would be to trade him. Until 2020 that can’t be done without him waiving his NTC and even after that he can name 15 teams that the Canucks could trade him to. In addition, declining, aging overpaid veterans aren’t in high demand and getting rid of that contract isn’t likely. Nevertheless that would still be first choice if the Canucks can do it without giving anything of value up or taking on a contract as bad as LE’s Canuck contract.

    Failing that, I think he is still an NHL player, able to play decent defensive hockey and chip in a few points here and there. If you can’t trade him then since you can’t really hide his cap hit except for a little over $1 mm, just play him.

    After July 1, 2020 when he has a limited NTC and has received his bonus for that year from the Canucks, a team acquiring him would “only” have to pay him $5 million total for 2 years of service. That will still probably be too much but at least his contract wouldn’t be nearly as big a negative as is the case now and we could get lucky and find some team wanting to cheaply reach the cap floor that would find getting $12 mm in cap hit (2 years) for $5 mm in actual pay to be useful.

    I don’t like answering questions about who he should play with because lines change so much and even the roster changes considerably with new players, demoting players, which players are healthy and sometimes even who is getting stale playing together. He started the season fine with EP and Goldy and can be effective in a bottom 6 role. He just can’t be expected to be worth the pay he receives under his contract.

  • Robson Street

    I’d like to see Eriksson play with players where he can use his skill and size to stand out and dominate. So probably with the Timbits hockey kids at intermission.