Patrik Laine makes a jab at Canucks

Cold as ice.

The 2018-19 NHL season has yet to begin and Winnipeg Jets’ forward Patrik Laine has already taken a shot.

After newly named assistant captain Bo Horvat revealed Wednesday that Canucks players have decided to ban playing video games on the road, the Finnish sniper voiced his opinion on the decision.

The Canucks are coming off a 73-point season in which they finished fifth-last in the NHL.

Horvat spoke to TSN 1040 on Wednesday to explain the decision to ban video games:

“Yeah, that’s definitely a no-go on the road,” Horvat said. “No more Fortnite. No more bringing video games on the road. It’s strictly team meals, team dinners and hanging out with the guys. So we put an end to that.”

Horvat hopes the team can turn their focus to team bonding instead:

“In my opinion, there’s better ways to spend time on the road, whether it’s hanging with the guys in the room or going to a movie with the guys,” Horvat said. “There’s a lot of cool cities we visit and to be cooped up in your room all night, playing Fortnite, is a waste of your time.”

Laine has been known for his love of video games since entering the league. His pre-game routine even includes playing them.

“The last, maybe three or four years, I eat ground beef and macaroni before the game. Only home games, because it’s hard to find it on the road. But on game days at home, I eat it twice, lunch, supper,” Laine told NHL.com. “I put my pants on last. I even put my jersey on first. And I just play video games.”

“I’m not going to change. I’m going to go with the same routine,” Laine said. “I’m not going to do it because I’m superstitious, I like the food and I like video games, I do it because I like it and I’ve always done it.”

Whether the Canucks’ decision to ban video games works or not, Laine has never been one to shy away from voicing his opinion — and this situation is no exception.