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Young Stars Post-Game: Canucks prospects takeoff

The Canucks Young Stars took to the ice for the annual pre-season event and Canucks fans were excited.

Despite only facing the Winnipeg Jets twice over the next three days, there is a sense that the roster that the Canucks were bringing had quite a few players that could be Canucks in the near future. Tonights performance was something else as the Canucks exploded offensively in the second period to run up the score quickly.

The full lineup for tonight’s game was as follows:

Just to add to the lineup – the powerplay units were:

PP1 was Pettersson Dahlen Gadjovich Lind Juolevi; PP2 was MacEwen, MacMaster, Gaudette, Jasek, and Brisebois.

It’s pre-pre-season hockey but that doesn’t mean that a post-game isn’t warranted, so let’s break it all down.

Period 1

The Canucks came out to start the game and didn’t have to wait long to get on the board as Adam Gaudette tipped the Guillaume Brisebois point shot

It was clear that the Canucks had come to play as they took it to the Jets for the majority of the first half of the period, leading the shot count by a 7-1 score at one point. They were afforded a powerplay opportunity but didn’t really make anything happen despite having those fairly loaded units.

The Jets best chances in the first parts of the game came off of a couple of turnovers but otherwise didn’t really press offensively otherwise.

The baby Canucks were afforded another power-play chance in the second half and showed a little more life as Gadjovich and Jasek almost combined for goal. The first unit was able to get some sustained pressure after the Jets missed on a shorthanded chance.

Kristian Vesalainen was able to get two glorious chances shortly after the Canucks second powerplay but wasn’t able to bury them.

The game did settle down a bit as the Jets started to generate their own chances, including this one that needed McFadden to bail out his goaltender.

The period ended with the Canucks up 1-0.

Period 2

The Canucks didn’t waste any time getting on the board in the second and didn’t really look back after that.

Rather than trying to break it all down, here are the six (!) goals that the Canucks scored in the middle frame.

Jonah Gadjovich tips the point shot to put the Canucks up 2-0.

Shortly after that, Petrus Palmu bats the puck into the new to put the Canucks up 3-0.

Elias Pettersson with the beauty stretch pass to send Jonathan Dahlen in on the break. 4-0.

Palmu tips the McFadden shot to run the score up to 5-0

Elias Pettersson wows Canucks fans with the bullet to put his team up 6-0.

Gadjovich picks up his second goal of the game to keep the rout going, 7-0.

Michael Spacek was able to get the Winnipeg Jets on the board by displaying some patience to outwait Michael DiPietro and fire it home.

The period came to a conclusion early as stanchion in the boards fell onto the ice and rather than waiting and then playing for 27 seconds, the officials called for the end of the frame. With the Canucks up 7-1, maybe some mercy was given as well.

That was much easier than trying to break down each play as the Canucks were just running away with it.

Period 3

It feels like a broken record, but the Canucks got on the board early in the third period.

Off the turnover, Dahlen takes the shot and Elias Pettersson finds the loose puck to push the score to 8-1.

The third period went as one would expect in an 8-1 score. The Canucks got some decent chances including a fantastic chance for Kole Lind and Dahlen that started with a nice saucer pass by Elias Pettersson. There was pushing and shoving at points as it was clear that the Jets were frustrated.

The Canucks did give the Jets a power play and they were able to cut the lead to 8-2.

Reid Gardiner had a nice chance in the final minutes of the game as he broke into the offensive zone and rang it off the post.

The Canucks take the first game of Young Stars by a score of 8-2


  • The Dahlen (1G-2A) – Pettersson (2G-1A) – Lind line combined for three goals but could’ve had a few others with some glorious chances. If there was one negative note about their play, it was that Pettersson struggled in the faceoff circle.
  • Gaudette was really strong in the first period after opening the scoring. He and Palmu were effective on the forecheck and creating chances by taking the puck to the net. They could be an interesting tandem in Utica to start the year.
  • Gadjovich had a rough year battling injuries last season but he looked good tonight. Two goals in the blowout isn’t a fair indication of what to expect for the upcoming season but it is good to see that he was noticeable at points.
  • The Jansen Harkins, Kristian Vesalainen, and Michael Spacek line was the only ones to keep their heads above water for the Jets. It was clear that they are the players that are a step above the rest.
  • These types of games will get fans excited but they can also mask some of the little things to the game. With that in mind, it’s the first game of the year and it may be a long one for Canucks fans, so we’ll just let the positivity flow for one evening.
  • The Canucks and Jets Young Stars meet again at 2:00 PM on Sunday.


  • crofton

    Pettersson, Dahlen, Lind….that line looks like it could have great possibilities. They had some sweet plays that didn’t result in goals too. Palmu had a very good game, loved how he (the shortest) and McEwen (the tallest) killed penalties together. I thought Juolevi looked good, not outstanding, but very steady. Gaudette and Gadjovich looked good as well, and Chatfield sorta. I was disappointed in Jasek. The thing I kept wondering….was it the team looked good, or the Jets goalie didn’t? I decided it was mostly they looked good, lots of creative play out there.

  • Defenceman Factory

    Was at the game and have a few things to add. Pettersson is the real deal. That shot for the 6-0 goal was amazing. I was pleasantly surprised with his defensive awareness and effort on the backcheck. Dahlen is a real talent, made some great passes and looks likely to be a top 6 guy but probably a year away. Lind has some talent but if he had played on any other line no one would have noticed him. He did have one good takeaway that lead to Pettersson’s second.

    Gaudette looked good, calm and effective all night. MacEwan just keeps getting better, his skating looked fine and he had one of the best hits of the game. Palmu was awesome all night. The comparisons to St. Louis aren’t as far fetched as they sounded a year ago. Gadjovich had a decent game as did Jasek. McMaster was solid too but he was really the only noticeable invitee. Either Eggenberger had a bad game or he just isn’t going to be heard from again.

    Joelevi is a high end talent. He has a great shot and he got several through to the net and made good decisions on when to pinch. Smart player. He looked much better than last year, his feet still look a bit heavy but he kept getting better as the game went on. Maybe just behind on his training because of the back injury. Chatfield had a decent game. Along with Palmu, Broisebois was a pleasant surprise. The kid can skate and was solid all night.

    Winnipeg was outclassed and didn’t get great goaltending (no goaltender on the planet stops Pettersson’s 1st goal) so perhaps they helped the Canucks look good.

    I was optimistic about the future before the game now I can hardly wait. This is going to be fun.

    • argoleas

      Agreed wrt Juolevi. Lots of great pinches, preventing breakouts to keep attack rolling. One such pinch led to a great Gaudette chance. Does look behind on conditioning, which will likely make it easier for Green to send him down for the Stecher treatment. He will finish the regular season with Canucks before, hopefully, leading the Comets to a deep playoff run.

    • Nuck16

      Great assessment. I was a bit disappointed with Olli at the beginning of the game, but was very happy with his game by the end. He seems a bit on an enigma with his skating where at times he looks slow, but in those cases he doesn’t necessarily look like he’s trying to skate fast, but in a situations that warrant full speed. But I think you’re right, it’s probably a leg strength issue, and he’s been late on the squat rack because of this back.
      I thought Dipietro had a solid game also.

  • Puck Viking

    Move Sven by the deadline for picks or RHD prospect.. between Goldmember, Liepsic, Dahlin, Petterson, JV and LE there are more than enough people to make up for him. We clearly have forwards that are will be ready for next year or the year after in MiniSelanne, Gadj, and Lind.

    Get that asset moved asap so we can fill that giant hole at RHD immediately.. would the flames do Andersson for Sven would fill a need for both teams..

    Petterson looking for like a winger to me.. has the smarts but doesnt have the strength or speed and may never have it.. plus the way he can snipe why not have him on the wing.

  • Missing Burr

    Same old cheerleader delusion with Mr Magoo beer goggles on here i see.

    Remember, this is the Canucks new NHL core (besides Brock n Bo), so let’s see how they get on against Winnepeg’s already elite NHL team before crowing about this hollow victory eh. Perspective please.

    • Pat_Quinn_Way

      Great level headed post and SPOT on.

      Guys, the rara crowd are quick to squeak that Edmonton, Calgary and Winterpeg are scared of us (L-o-L) but the reality is their NHL teams are light years better than anything we have now and in the pipeline. I will take Gaudreau, Draisatl or Ehlers over Petterssen every day of the week – I’m afraid our prospects and current NHLers cannot hold a candle to these teams elite young players. Guys, that’s why they are all talking SC playoffs and we are talking top five draft pick yet AGAIN!

    • Canuck4Life20

      Managed to pick your jaw up off the floor and come back for more did you junior? Pro tip for your new account: insulting someone because they make more money than you isn’t much of an insult.

    • Silverback

      You are missing the “perspective ” as it is about prospects. In a few years when these prospects are NHL regulars, then you can do a comparison of the big teams.

  • Green Bastard

    Regarding EP’s face off struggles; let’s remember how peeps like the former editor here would downplay the importance of face off wins. So no problem then, right?

    • Nuck16

      and let’s remember it’s been a while since he’s played that position. Regardless of whether or not he plays center this season (unlikely if he makes the big club), they should involve him in all the face off drills in practice, throughout the season.

      • Pat_Quinn_Way

        Yes, Petterssen is a goddamn winger when in fact we were promised an elite first line centre – UNACCEPTABLE when Dylan Larkin was available to us.

        We were also promised an elite offensive D-man in Juolevi when in reality he can barely skate… remember guys, Sergachev and McAvoy were both available to us. UNACCEPTABLE.

        I will be reminding you of this and keeping you honest through pre-season and in the regular season – count on it!

          • Dahlenfan

            Wow. Ep is the real deal
            Both goals were top shelf. His release is comparable to boesers. Having those two on the pp is gonna be amaze balls. Dahlen looked great and what a nice steak by Lind to get that 2nd Ep goal. People can say we need to temper our expectations which is completely valid. But some things are just obvious. Dahlen and EP are top line talent. And man and every time I see palmu highlights his goals are around the front of the net. That kid is a fire hydrant. Funny how gadjovich keeps being left off the media comments. Seems like he will be a real good 3rd line fit in the future.

          • Pat_Quinn_Way

            I will do better than that pal, my TOP first round picks during the Benning draft years were as follows… and i STILL stand by them

            2014 – Dylan Larkin (elite centre), David Pastrnak (elite winger)

            2015 – Boeser is acceptable but I would’ve traded up for BARZAL who is better.

            2016 – Matty Tkachuk (elite young power forward) or Sergachev (elite young puck moving D)

            2017 – Casey Middlestadt (future elite centre, WJC MVP)

            As all TRUE unbiased observers will agree, THAT would’ve and SHOULD’VE been our elite core group for years to come… read it and weep windowlickers – you know it makes sense.

          • North Van Halen

            So out of sheer curiosity is it only the Canucks that shoulda had a Draft Table Time Machine (trademark pending) or are other teams held to this amusing yet delusional standard?

          • Pat_Quinn_Way

            What part of these are the “TOP first round picks i chose” – ie: BEFORE each draft don’t you blowhards get! As an astute hockey mind these are the players i identified for the Vancouver Canucks at each draft under Benning – NONE were taken by Dim Jim, ALL were available… draft guru my a$$

            Guys our 3 centres should be Larkin – Horvat – Middlestadt

            Guys our top offensive D puck mover should be Sergachev
            THAT’S how you build a winner ffs. Got it!

          • North Van Halen

            Clearly then you have missed your true calling as the smartest man on earth. Although we are appreciative you lower yourself to help us understand all things hockey better, wouldn’t your talents be best served, say anywhere else?

  • That was a really nice start to hockey season. Hope Canucks can find a way to keep this event in Penticton.
    Gaudette and Gadjovich had a good game, same with Dahlen and Pettersson.
    I like Pettersson’s reply to his weight question, “225”. That goal he scored showed me something. If he can fire the puck like that on a regular base, we got something special. There was also the pass to Dahlen, which was NHL caliber.
    All in all, a good day.

  • Doodly Doot

    Props to the Jets prospects. There are some good players on that team but they did not have a great night so credit them for not letting things get out of hand. That’s a big team, that can skate pretty well, but damn they looked slow at times against a faster more skilled and seemingly more creative Vancouver lineup. And so also credit the Canucks squad who were ready to go and competing from the puck drop.

    Pettersson and Dahlen were impressive.

    With the Sedin era officially over, this pair of super skilled dynamic young Swedes have arrived in the organization at the perfect time and look like truly plausible replacements for them for years to come. Tonight we all got a preview of what I believe will be 2/3rds of the Canucks future top line. I actually feel a sense of relief at the thought that after being spoiled watching all that Sedinery over the years, I can look forward to the dawning of new era of highlight reel hockey.

    The game produced plenty of talking points for sure, and each of the top prospects flashed some fine moments, but of that group, the player who stood out most to me was Petrus Palmu. I’m officially a believer. 100%. Watching his seemingly joyous, tenacious work ethic on display was something to behold. His David and Goliath battles behind the net and his almost Kane-like skating, buzzing around out front, he looked dangerous all night. He’s half the size of most guys and twice as effective. He’s smart and fast and has a great shot. He was very good on the PK. I could see him playing some games with the big club sooner rather than later and confirm my strong suspicion that he’s going to play in the NHL. 181st overall. Nice.

  • wojohowitz

    1- Juolevi does enough to move up two spots on my depth chart – from 13th to 11th – behind Sautner (9) and McEneny(10) but barring injuries he should spend the entire season in Utica.

    2- Lind does not fit with left winger Dahlen and left hand passer Pettersson. A defensively responsible grinder might fit better. Maybe Jasek should get a chance. Lind has serious offensive upside but needs a right handed center to feed him.

    3- Gaudette with Lind might work as Gaudette plays a solid mistake-free game and could be the first call up. Strength down the middle with Horvat, Pettersson and Gaudette – the sooner the better.

        • wojohowitz

          The forehand pass is always more accurate and reliable than the backhand. Henrik to Daniel and the other winger was…or Gretzky to Kurri. European hockey doesn`t view off wings as important on the big ice but the NHL smaller rink forces the puck carrier to stay between the defenceman and the puck. I like Virtanen on his off wing because he can cut to the middle on his forehand but management doesn`t.

  • Hockey Bunker

    Exciting to watch and more exciting will be how the young guys go thru training camp and preseason where every week the competition gets tougher. And it’s also a wake up call for the team’s marginal NHLers that they will have to be much better or their careers are heading into the ditch. Great time to be a fan. I won’t shed any tears if Goldy and Leipsic end up moving on, even for nothing. That’s progress.

  • speering major

    I found the video tough to watch. The camera movement was just so blurry. They need to zoom out and move the camera less.

    Pettersons shot is legit. Having him and Brock both on their off wing for a PP could be something the entire league is jealous of. Even in a young stars game you could see the PK cheating towards Petterson. Having Brock on the other side would be a nightmare.

    Oh and yeah, Petterson was losing draw after draw clean. He definitely needs to sort that out

    • argoleas

      The PP will need a QB that will move puck quickly and effectively to really take advantage of the oppo fear of those 2 shots. I fear Edler is not that QB. Pouliot may be. Hughes will be.

      • crofton

        I have said the same about Edler elsewhere. He seemed not to want to pass to Boeser, and when he did, the pass was just off enough to make a one timer impossible.

      • Bud Poile

        Olli was that guy in London:
        One of the best defensemen in the OHL this season, Juolevi also recorded the highest point totals ever by an under-18 defenseman at the WJC. Juolevi is a fantastic skater. He exerts very little effort to get up to a dangerous top gear and moves well in all directions. His puck movement is high-end, as he shows calmness, skill and elite hockey sense when he has the puck on his stick. He’s able to QB a power play with the best of them, on top of creating dangerous chances in transition. He’s also not afraid to take risks, but he’s very calculating when he does, and rarely does he hurt his team. Juolevi’s smarts translate to defense. He is always getting his stick on pucks and is an overall reliable defensive player in his positional play.
        Corey Pronman (prior to the 2016 draft)

    • crofton

      I have said the same about the camera zoom for years. They want to get us “close to the action” but they can’t move the camera fast enough when they are so zoomed in. The effect is the camera is always lagging the play and blurry coverage.

  • Rodeobill

    I felt kind of bad for the Jets, maybe next time we could play our back up goalie just to give them a little more chance. I thought EP was quite good defensively too, and noticed him many times doggedly back checking. Gadjovich looks much better than last year, perhaps worked on his foot speed since then. Di Pietrio looked good too, and am happy he is in our system too. Chatfield reminds me of a guy who would smoke doobies in grandma’s basement with my uncle wearing fingerless gloves and iron maiden back patch jean jackets. I saw Palmu check Logan Stanley off the puck against the boards, and he has no issues protecting the puck or getting to the front of the net, so you’ll not hear me complain about his size. Dahlen looked dangerous most shifts too. With some more time and chemistry, they should look even better. I feel like most these prospects exceeded my expectations and lived up to the hype.

    • Doodly Doot

      Well said Rodeobill. It’s true for me too that most of the top prospects met or exceeded my expectations. It was nice to see the hype match the hunger of these talented young men. Pretty exciting stuff.