Blackfish: CanucksArmy Prospect Report – September 6th, 2018

The rain is about to roll into Vancouver and Young Stars kicks off tomorrow – hockey season is back!

Although not everything is in full swing yet, there have been some Canucks prospects in action over the last little bit and figured it was worth an update on.

It also allows a chance to provide any feedback or suggestions for the upcoming. Blackfish has always seen positive feedback and is something that I know people really enjoy and thus want to allow the comment section for this post to be open for suggestions.

The Canucks prospect pool will have a dramatically different look this season with quite a few moving to professional hockey but fans will still keep an eye on some of the other prospects out there. Given the lack of games played, this post will have a slightly different format than normal but should round into the usual layout in the coming weeks.

Without further ado, let’s look at a couple of players with some games under their belt.


  • Artyom Manukyan has three KHL games under his belt this season and has already lit the lamp with two goals. I hadn’t seen much of him prior to the Canucks drafting him, so he will be a focus of mine for the upcoming weeks to get a sense of what he is as a player. So far, he has shown relentless work ethic, tenacity in puck pursuit, and a soft touch. His first goal is here:

Nice attack off the boards but still should be a stop that a goalie makes. His goal from earlier today is:

Nice awareness to attack one side of the defender and then dip back to the other side with his stick on the ice for the puck. Two goals in three games is a really productive week for him and should be run to see how he does going forward.

  • Nikita Tryamkin has been named the captain of Avtomobilist for this season – he has one assist in three games with an average ice time of 21:45
  • Dmitry Zhukenov made his season debut earlier today for HC Yugra (VHL) – he was held off the scoresheet.


  • Toni Utunen has appeared in two Champions Hockey League games for Tappara. He played 6:34 in a 3-2 shootloss loss to Stonehamer and then followed that up with 11:55 of ice time in an 8-2 win over Trinec.

Short, sweet, and to the point for this week.

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Things will ramp up as training camp gets going and players make their way back to their respective clubs.

  • Dan-gles

    Blackfish is my personal favourite in this blog. Good work keep it up. Hey what’s the deal with will Lockwood he seems to have fallen off the radar for prospects?

    • He was injured so that’s why it was so quiet. But pre-injury, he was representing on the U20 USA squad and was a key part of the Michigan offence (and will be playing again with Hughes), we’ll hear more from him this season.

  • Defenceman Factory

    Always look forward to the Blackfish.

    I looked on the Harvard website the other day. Rathbone is listed at 5′ 11″ 190lbs. could be yet another interesting prospect.

  • Missing Burr

    Tree and his lovely russian wife are apparently loving life back in their beloved homeland. Neither will be coming back to North America for Canucks reasons, ever. Can we therefore stop reporting on him now. ta.

    • Dahlenfan

      Bfg will be back in 2 falls from now when his contract is up in khl. Whether that is with the Canucks I believe will be how this and next year pan out for the Canucks. I would give it 60/40 that he does come back to Vancouver if we have turned the corner to repsectability and if our young guys are truly being used properly. But if it’s true that he or his gf really hated the smell of pot everywhere in van they might not. But i would put money down he will be in nhl start of 20/21 season whether in van or not. They might love Russia but nhl is where you win the Stanley cup. Most prized trophy in hockey

      • Bud Poile

        More importantly the NHL is where a Russian pro gets paid top dollar for his trade.
        There’s the level of competition and higher quality/standards here but I have doubts as to whether a Russian born child dreams of winning a Stanley cup.
        That could /might become a goal after some time living in N.A..

        • Giant-Nation

          Tryamkin becoming a Captain is a huge deal. For god sake I hope the Canucks can bring this guy back, he will be top d man, and receiving him with our deep forward group will be like Mana from Heaven, just as this team gets off the launchpad. This guy is built for playoff hockey. He just needs another Russian on the team to hang. Larionov should Rep him.

    • Defenceman Factory

      Why stop reporting on Tryamkin? How he is doing is interesting even if the likelihood of him coming back is slim. As long as the Canucks hold his rights I can’t see any reason not to track him. I hope he does well. If he does want to come back to NAmerica but not Vancouver his progress indicates the value of trading his rights.

      That said I really don’t understand the belief he is some great defencemen. I think he definitely develops into a decent NHL defenceman but the only thing really special about him was his size. Sign Tyler Myers if size is that important. Tyler probably skates better, hits more, puts up more points and plays the right side although I don’t see either as above average defencemen. In two years I’m not sure Tryamkin could crack the starting line-up.

      • I don’t think Tryamkin should be part of the prospect report, simply because he’s 24 and has played half a dozen seasons of professional hockey between the KHL and NHL at this point. He’s not a prospect.

        Agree with your assessment otherwise though. He looks good in the KHL but the KHL isn’t the NHL – there’s no reason to believe he’s anything more than an average NHL defender.

        The team could use a few more average NHL defenders, but it doesn’t seem likely Tryamkin is coming back to Vancouver.

        • Druken Lout

          Why should a prospects page have anything to do with age? Prospect = a prospective player that may one day play on the team that the team holds the rights to.

      • Chris the Curmudgeon

        I think his chances of ever playing for the Canucks again probably dwarf Zhukenov’s of ever making the league, for example. So I agree that it’s still interesting to hear news on him, even if it is to track his potential trade value.

        I also agree that the mythology surrounding Tryamkin can be a little mystifying. He showed some promise when he was here, and he’s certainly big, but I think people expecting the next Zdeno Chara are going to be disappointed even if he does make the jump again.

    • natevk

      Tryamkin is part of the Canucks 90-player reserve list, same as Hughes, whether you like it or not. He’s in the Canucks system by way of his rights, so he ought to be treated accordingly.

      • Missing Burr

        He is only in by default – he *left*, he and his wife hated the city, the stench of pot, the team, his deployment and management. He is now back home, loving life and a star in his own league. It’s over in Vancouver.

        Tryamkin obsessers are the same sad-sacks who still can’t get over Corrado, Hodgson, McCann and Pavel Bure. Get over it ffs.


        • kermit

          Russians are nostalgic for the good old days, not the communism part, but the world power part. This is why Putin’s antics in the Ukraine and Syria are popular. The same is true of Russian hockey, they were once a world power, now that their national teams are no longer dominate, they look to their superstars like Ovechkin to carry their torch. I’m sure every Russian hockey player in the world noticed his emotional reaction to hoisting the cup.

          • kermit

            Damn, hit the send button by mistake. There is a good chance Tryamkin will eventually be back in the NHL, but maybe not with the Canucks, maybe a team with more Russians on the roster.

      • Chris the Curmudgeon

        I heard that on his first day with the San Francisco Giants, Tim Lincecum was turned away from the players’ tunnel by a security guard who told him he’d have to get his autographs elsewhere. Granted, most future Cy Young winners aren’t 5’10 and 170 lbs, but it’s nice to see the little guys achieve against all odds, a la Rudy Ruettiger.

  • DJ_44

    Just a note for those interested in watch Utica. The AHL apparently has a new streaming provider. The good news is the price has been substantially reduce. $80USD for all games, all team (about $50USD for one team home and away I think). Last year it was in the $100-150USD range for one team home and away.

    Here is hoping the quality of the stream and camera work has improved as well.

        • Missing Burr

          Ridiculous comment. Free streaming is a reality of the 21st century just like downoading free music… yet you were one of the mugs whining about the extortionate cost of paying to watch hockey in Canada these days – hypocrite much.

          • Canuck4Life20

            He also said that he doesn’t illegally stream and only watches the free games on CBC. Nothing hypocritical about it. It’s his choice not to pay, it’s your choice to steal.

          • Missing Burr

            You’d make a [email protected] lawyer – i never once said i ‘watched’ or ‘stole’ anything, I merely stated the fact that anyone paying to watch sport in this day and age is a mug. Whether they do or don’t do it is their choice… same as the mugs who thought looking for their fortune in Fort McMurray was a good move eh.

          • Canuck4Life20

            Fort McMurray was quite good to me and my family. It’s set me up well for the rest of my life financially. And the experience I gained resulted in a well paying job back in BC where I have plenty of time on my hands to argue with fools on the internet. If that makes me a mug then break out the coffee.

          • Canuck4Life20

            Yes Crofton. It’s definitely him. The loser has brought up Fort McMurray in the past, saying something to the effect that people deserved to go through the devastating fire up there two summers ago. He drew a response from me then, and that’s why he brought it up in his wickedly clever ‘insult’ this time. As usual the editors on this site allow his crap to continue.

          • They’ve banned about 25 of his accounts and IP-banned his home address – they’re not doing nothing. I’m sure once they notice this is another alias they’ll ban him again, he’ll haul his worthless carcass to the library and make another account, and out himself by being a complete idiot within three posts.

          • I think only Jackson and Ryan have that ability and neither reads the comments, so stuff only gets taken down when someone DM’s them on Twitter.

            I understand why the writers don’t want to read the comments – there can be lots of negativity in them – but they should figure out a way of appointing a couple of sensible moderators to pull down this guy’s ramblings.

          • Canuck4Life20

            Here is the comment for anyone who cares. He was posting under the name ENFORCER at the time. What a tough guy.


            “Crawl back under your rock buddy and get ready to protect this family of yurs from the next big fire heading your way in Northern AB. PQW talks alot of sense, shame dumb rednecks like you can’t take the ‘heat’ eh.”

            This comment looks even worse two years later with all the fires that have gone on in BC since.