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Nation Network Radio powered by Shark Clubs Sports Bar & Grill — Ep. 25

Nation Network Radio is back for another week with the usual suspects, J.D. Burke and TSN’s own Jon Abbott to tee up a number of Canucks’ topics ahead of the Canucks match this Tuesday against the Vegas Golden Knights. As always, the show is brought to you by our friends over at Shark Club Sports Bar & Grill.

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In the first hour of the show, our intrepid hosts run down the Canucks’ recent winning streak and the role that their younger players are having in that success. The winning, however untimely and ultimately damaging to the Canucks’ chances at picking first overall, seems palatable given the forces driving it on Saturday. Thatcher Demko especially earns plaudits.

In the second hour of the show, they talk a little bit more about the youngsters — Nikolay Goldobin especially. Burke and Abbott both seem to think that Goldobin has turned a corner, even if there is still room for improvement.

In the fifth segment, Nation Network Radio was lucky enough to have CanucksArmy’s own Cory Hergott to talk about the Utica Comets. Lukas Jasek made a surprise debut on the weekend and was excellent in a Comets win, with three points. Hergott offers his insights into his game. Then they talk about some of the other NHL hopefuls with the Comets, and Hergott has excellent insights on the lot of them.

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  • I am Ted

    A few weeks ago I listened to about 10 mins of this podcast and I believe it had B. Burke on and some other guy. The other guy was defending Gillis as one of the better GMs in Canuck history and offered a bunch of moronic arguments in support (it was classic when he noted who are the Canucks best players and commented how it was Horvat and Tanev – both via Gillis). Anyway, this guy made the poorest arguments. Does anyone know who that was? I want to block him from my twitter and not read any of his articles if he writes here. I don’t want to go and review these podcasts because it’s too painful to listen to them. Thanks in advance.