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The road trip is finally going to be over, and the misery may end! The Vancouver Canucks make their final stop in California to take on the Anaheim Ducks. Losing is a common theme for both teams lately as the Ducks are riding an impressive three-game losing streak while the Canucks have done them one better (or worse, not sure) and have a four-game slide in their possession. Tonight, the streak ends for one brave team while the other becomes the mockery of the entire NHL.

The stakes have never been higher.

Let’s Do This!™

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Tough to say if Travis Green keeps it together or once again runs with the line blender option. Jussi Jokinen doesn’t need to start, but the whole Tyler Motte thing may award Jokinen another start.

An Alex Biega start might be possible as well.

Jacob Markstrom gets his net back because even though Anders Nilsson didn’t get the win, he didn’t help himself either.

Vancouver Canucks lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:

The Ducks have hit a rut but are still well in the mix for the playoffs. Don’t expect any changes to this lineup.

Ryan Miller could see action tonight if only for the fact the Canucks can’t score on anyone and for three seasons with Miller their own-goal ratio was pretty low.

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Anaheim Ducks lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:


  • A goal. The Canucks are offensively-challenged these days, and flukey bounce could spark things. The list is long of players on the Canucks that could really use a goal and if you’ve been loyal and read these previews you’ll know Henrik Sedin of all people, is the most due. Ben Hutton could also use a stroke of luck for the sole fact that Green has put him in the doghouse for whatever reason. Score some goals, boys.
  • The Canucks haven’t beat the Ducks since last season which is actually only three games, but many statistics feel like they’ve carried on forever and destroying these small streaks is a step in the right direction. One step only. This team isn’t ready to run yet.
  • Erik Gudbranson is tall. He’s broad. And from time to time he has a shot that makes it to the net. Most games, however, he patrols the Canucks defence with the 26th worse CF% for defensemen in all the land. His 43.68% rate isn’t much, and it may not be any better for three more years. What to watch for here is how Gudbranson makes the Canucks better. We’ll wait.
  • Green would be wise to try his hand again with Bo Horvat and Jake Virtanen. They share a combined CF% of 53.97, and their HDCF% is in the black. At evens, they have three goals for which is enough to try it again. Anything for the sake of entertainment and maybe even one of those goal things. Goals.
  • This season has ultimately been a disaster, but there have been two players who have seen it all and battled through: Henrik Sedin and Michael Del Zotto. It takes a pretty tough player to rise above something like this. These are the players worth watching.


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Hey, they do it too! I guess losing teams have the same interests? Maybe we can learn to like the Ducks… nevermind.



The Ducks, despite themselves, are still in a playoff hunt while the Canucks simply are not. Vancouver hasn’t scored since Friday, and their GAB (Goals After Boeser) is still at three. The Canucks will score again, and it might even be tonight against an ageing Kevin Bieksa and a self-involved Ryan Kesler. Bo Horvat needs to put this team on his back tonight and kick ass. He needs one of those games where the handful of fans that haven’t checked out are in for a treat.

Anaheim has done some bad things to the Canucks, and it’s time to turn this around… even for just a game.


Canucks goals or Canucks no goals?     It’s over, right? They score tonight, and they score multiple times, and they will beat the Ducks, and I ran out of space to write.

Erik Gudbranson getting walked or Erik Gudbranson Thor-mode?     Jim Benning locked this guy up for his physical nature and tonight is another chance to earn that paycheck. Gudbranson gets it done.


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