Adam Gaudette Scores a Hat-Trick in Northeastern Beanpot Victory

The Northeastern Huskies won the Beanpot for the first time in 30 years defeating the Boston University Terriers by a score of 5-2, and Canucks prospect Adam Gaudette contributed a hat-trick to the cause.

Gaudette, 21-years-old, was also named the tournament’s MVP. After his hat trick effort, which included the empty-net goal to seal the Huskies victory, Gaudette now has 47 points (24 goals and 23 assists) in 30 games, good for first place among NCAA Div. 1 scoring.

The Beanpot tournament, held annually, pits the four Boston area universities against each other in a two-round tournament. The Northeastern Huskies, Boston College Eagles, Boston University Terriers and Harvard Crimsons all take part. To quote the Beanpot’s Wikipedia page:

The tournament lasts two rounds, with first-round opponents being rotated from year to year. The second round features the consolation game and the championship game.

In addition to the tournament trophy, two individual awards are given out each year. The Eberly Trophy[4] goes to the goaltender with the highest save percentage who plays in both of his team’s games, while the Beanpot MVP[5] is awarded to tournament’s most valuable player.

It’s a huge deal to everyone involved, and you needn’t look further for proof of that than to listen to Gaudette speak on what the tournament meant to him.

Next up is the drive for the National Title, though, that would be quite a feat given the Huskie’s ranking as the 12th best team in NCAA Div. 1 men’s hockey (as of February 12th). That said, that ranking is likely to change given the Huskies performance at the Beanpot — one would think that a slight change is in order, all things considered.

Hopefully, Gaudette can top this spectacular season off with a one-way trip to the NHL. The Canucks, I am certain, want to get Gaudette signed by season’s end. Based on Gaudette’s commentary in an interview with Nation Network Radio, he’s eager for the opportunity, too.

  • Acronix

    So he’s now eligible to sign with the Canucks right? If there’s any cba I’m missing someone tell me, but would be very exciting if he suited up this year!

    • J.D. Burke

      He’s been eligible to sign since they drafted him. It’s just a matter of timing. So far, the timing hasn’t worked. It seems Gaudette wants to, at least, finish this season with Northeastern.

      • Spiel

        At least? That’s a snarky little qualification there JD. Even neutral hockey observers would be fairly shocked to see Gaudette return for another year of NCAA hockey. His linemates are seniors, and he is leading the nation in scoring. Seems like the end of this NCAA season is the perfect time to turn pro and be able to burn one year off his ELC. Unless you are saying “at least” because you as reporter have some information to the contrary?

    • Because of ridiculous rules designed to keep college sports “amateur”, he can’t sign with the Canucks while he’s an active NCAA player – he’s eligible to be signed at any time, but he won’t sign until he’s finished playing college hockey.

  • Cageyvet

    I know he’s a bit older and leading his league in scoring is no guarantee of success, but damn, if he’s a 3rd line center who can still put some pucks in the net as a 5th round draft pick, that’s a massive win.

    • argoleas

      His ceiling is projected to be as a middle forward, but could top out as a strong 2nd line 2-way center. Because of his maturity, he could provide an interesting bridge between Henrik’s retirement and Pettersson’s emergence. There was talk last season of signing Gaudette then, but a decision was made that another year at Northeastern was better, and I think that not only was the right choice, but provides a path for patience with Pettersson, who I suspect will start next year in the AHL or maybe even remain in the SHL.

  • wojohowitz

    Northeastern is currently ranked 12th but should be moving up this week. If Gaudette can win the Hobey and the frozen four then he won`t have much more to play for in college hockey.
    I have my doubts about him as a center as he seems to be more of a finisher than a setup man. I guess it depends on his assists being primary or secondary.

    • TD

      He’s supposed to a two centre who has good defensive skills. I have no problem with centres who finish, Austin Matthews and others for example. I have not heard he is one dimensional offensively. I heard on the radio that he has very good finishing skill as a scorer and is tenacious on the puck. If he can be a reliable two way centre, it could allow Pettersson to play the wing if his frame won’t allow him to play centre in the defensive end. Once on offence, positions don’t really matter.

  • TheRealPB

    Wow, this is impressive — BU is absolutely loaded (not as much as when they had Keller and McCoy and Bellows but they still have Dante Fabbro, Brady Tkachuk, Jake Oettinger and many other high draft picks). Northeastern is basically Gaudette and Sikura. Looks like non-CHL picks are really the Canucks’ forte…

  • This young man is special. I like the direction he’s going and one thing is certain, the Vancouver Canucks have room for him on the big team and fans will welcome him with open arms. If he can follow the path of Brock Boeser, we’re in for a treat.

  • Rodeobill

    I wonder if they redrafted that year from what we know today where he would go?
    Curves of learning and regression differ from person to person (still holding out hope for jake to find his!) it’s so great to get one of these from deep in the draft.