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Listen: J.D. Burke Joins TSN 1040’s Halford & Brough to Talk Canucks Blue Line

The Canucks are just about to get back into the swing of the action after a mostly quiet couple of weeks in and around the holidays, so TSN’s Halford and Brough show had CanucksArmy’s own J.D. Burke on the show to set the stage for the home stretch.

The hosts start by asking Burke what’s left for Canucks fans now that it’s more or less clear that their favourite team won’t be in the playoffs. And for the third straight year, the trade deadline figures to be the preeminent post-Christmas break storyline. The Canucks have assets, but there’s uncertainty with regards to their plans for each and what they can get for them if they do opt to trade them.

Next, they get into what the Canucks are going to do with their blue line now and for the foreseeable future. And you can’t talk about the Canucks blue line without Ben Hutton’s name coming up, so of course they get into one of the most divisive figures on the team and whether he belongs in the press box.

What’s to come in the future though? That’s where things really get interesting. The Canucks are confident the future on their backend is bright, but Burke tends to disagree.

If you want all the details of the conversation, you’ll just have to listen. It’s well worth the time! Just follow this link for your listening pleasure.

  • I agree with Burke. The Canucks’ blue line needs help. He seems to assume the Canucks will pick in the top four, though, and I would have been interested in getting his thoughts on Dmen like Ty Smith, Jared McIsaac, and others ranked in the 5-10 range.