Jonah Gadjovich named Player of the Game for Team Canada

Canucks prospects continued to excel today at the World Junior Championships in Buffalo. The first, and hopefully not the last, prospect to be awarded Player of the Game honours was none other than Canada’s own Jonah Gadjovich.

Gadjovich had a very strong game today, potting on two goals and making his presence known. He showcased his vision of the ice on numerous occasions and was able to set up his linemates for quality scoring chances.

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It’s becoming more and more understandable why Gadjovich’s nickname is #TheManChild. Throwing the body, creating energy and going to the net are how he makes his living. Today, he played on the fourth line alongside Tyler Steenbergen and Drake Batherson. He’s a regular on the penalty-kill and saw some power-play time as well.

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  • Killer Marmot

    The Canucks might well consider bringing up Petterson, Dahlen, Gaudette, and Gadjovich to the forward lines next season (although not all in October), and not re-sign the twins.

    If so, CA will no longer be able to ask when the Canucks will get serious about rebuilding the team. It will be pretty much complete.

    • This past draft / trade deadline are looking strong, but this is a *terrible* idea. If two of those four players make the jump, it’ll be a huge success. If four of them are pushed into the lineup and two players who are still producing, pushing the flow of play, and leading the team in many ways are pushed off… that would be a disaster.

      • Killer Marmot

        If all four appear to be ready for the NHL then it’s not a terrible idea. This time next year, Gaudette will be 22 (old for a talented prospect), and Dahlen, Petterson and Gadjovich will all be 20.

        I’m not suggesting all four enter the lineup at once. Gaudette might start this spring, as Boeser did last year. In fact, Gaudette might insist on it, as he is under no obligation to sign with the Canucks. He can choose instead to play his senior year in college and then become a free agent.

        Petterson can start in the fall. He has already shown he can play in a men’s league — not just play, in fact, but dominate. His talent seems prodigious.

        Dahlen and Gadjovich might start in Utica next season, and then be called up later. The worst that can happen is that they’ll learn what they need to work on, and their experience in the NHL will drive them to work harder. At best, they’ll show they belong in the NHL.

        I don’t believe in keeping players in the minors when they’ve earned a spot on the team. It makes a mockery of claims that the team is “merit based”, and demoralizes the prospects.

        • LTFan

          Killer – while I agree with most of your posts – not so much on this one. As you stated – the team is supposed to be ‘merit based”. Thus far this season the Sedins are 2nd and 3rd in team scoring, based on merit they should be on the team. IMO if the Sedins continue to play and contribute to the team for the remainder of the season they would be a bargain at $2 – 3 M for one more season. Everyone knows they are not here forever but they are still above the average player in the NHL.

          • Killer Marmot

            “Merit based” doesn’t apply to who you re-sign, but only to who on your roster you ice. The Sedins will be 38 next year, which is 114 in hockey years, and the manager has to look to the future.

            I notice a lot of fans are loathe to see them go, and that’s a good thing, but I would like to see them retire while they are competitive. I don’t want to them to play until they become an embarrassment on the ice.

            In fact, the Canucks might not have the option. The Sedins might retire voluntarily at the end of this season.

          • truthseeker

            38 doesn’t matter if they are still producing. There won’t be enough players better than them in camp next year to justify them not getting their spots if they want them. In terms of talent they will easily be in the canucks top 9 next year.

            And the more good young talent we surround them with…so hopefully 2 quality lines that in terms of offense, are “ahead” of them in terms of opposing team’s match ups, then all the better.

            They will feast on other team’s third and fourth lines. Convincing them to stay for another year and not retire should be one of Benning’s priorities.

          • Killer Marmot


            They are producing points, but they are also allowing goals. Often they get stuck in their own end, run to exhaustion and unable to get to the bench.

          • sloth

            Meritocracy doesn’t apply to who you re-sign? Gimme a break – building a successful real-world NHL franchise is about long-term planning, not season-to-season fantasy team building. Of course re-signings are merit based. The Sedins are franchise leaders in every category on and off the ice and have earned, on merit, the right to remain on this team until they actually can’t play hockey anymore. While that day may come soon, it really does not appear to be approaching at the end of this season.

            You want them to retire while they’re still competitive? But WHY? You don’t want them to become an embarrassment on the ice? Does that seem like an imminent problem? They’re among the classiest and most intelligent players to ever play the game, still in excellent shape, have very limited injury history, and have adapted their style over time to work with their aging bodies. They’re still producing in the NHL and would still be a very valuable option in a further reduced role for another season (or very possibly two or three to be honest).

            But beyond their play, the value of keeping them on the roster as mentors for young players shouldn’t be understated. I think they have the ability to make a really important impression on all these young players trying to crack into the team, and the Canucks rebuild process is better off if Petterson and Dahlen et al. have a chance to learn the NHL lifestyle under the wing of the franchise’s all-time greats.

            I’d like to see them get a 1 year deal at around $3m each. I’d also support trading them to a contender at the deadline to give them another chance at a Cup, if that’s what they wanted. Probably not possible this year, but with friendly contracts next year they could be a great rental that would provide a good return for the Canucks. Better than just forcing them off of the roster to retire while they’ve still got gas in the tank…

          • Killer Marmot


            Meritocracy doesn’t apply to who you re-sign?

            That’s right, Sloth, it doesn’t. You don’t automatically re-sign the players who “deserve it most.” Rather you also consider (1) the salary being asked for and (2) the age of the player and how he fits in to the club’s plans going forward.

            They’re among the classiest and most intelligent players to ever play the game, still in excellent shape, have very limited injury history, and have adapted their style over time to work with their aging bodies.

            I’m sorry that your — and my — favourite players are facing the end of the careers, but try not to get upset because someone is actually willing to face that head on.

    • Dean S

      Living in Edmonton……. the absolute worst thing you can do is rush young prospects before they are ready. Europeans and D-men take longer to develop. Develop them properly and when they are ready they stick. Then enjoy the rewards.

  • defenceman factory

    Gadjovich looks very promising. Smart player and his skating is also looking better. He could be great to the left of Petterson. A line of Jonah, Bo and Jake also sounds intriguing. That’s over 650 lbs of defence crushing forecheck.

    • canuckfan

      I don’t think that Bo will be separated from Brock so Jake would have to be on another line. Gadjovich with Bo and Brock could be interesting though. We need another big play making center to play with Petterson as he is likely going to play the wing, but if Petterson plays center having Lind and Jake as his wingers would look not too bad with Jake and Lind being his protectors. Will be interesting next training camp of who will be able to fight for a roster spot and I think the twins will play another year and they will fight for a spot and if played right as they have been this year they will be scoring as the other lines will be getting covered by opposing teams top defenders and shutdown lines giving the Sedins a better chance to score.

      • defenceman factory

        Kinda fun to speculate on what the lines of the future could look like. I expect Petterson to be a much better puck distributor than Bo so probably makes sense for him to play with the best shooter.

        Lind is going to take a bit longer to make the show. He is only maybe 10 lbs bigger than Petterson. Lind will need to worry about protecting himself.

        • Freud

          Kinda fun? It’s what Oilers fan did endlessly between 2008-2014. They are still mocked for it. Assuming all prospects will become NHL equivalents is what idiots do.

          • defenceman factory

            Tell us oh great omnipotent one, which current prospects will be NHL players. Where in the line-up will they play?

            Go ahead give it a try. We all know you already meet your own idiot criteria and you might enjoy it more than just whining and insulting people all the time.

  • Ho Borvat

    Only Slovakia but nice to see Gadjovich involved in the play as much as he was. He seemed to go to all the dirty areas and made smart decisions for the most part. This is the first time I’ve seen him play and I can see now how he got 40+ goals last year. Lets see how how he plays against the more competitive teams in the tourney but looking pretty good so far.