Team Canada Cuts Kole Lind From World Junior Hockey Championship Roster

According to the Bobfather, TSN’s Bob McKenzie, Canucks prospect and 2017 second-round draft pick Kole Lind was among those caught up in Team Canada’s round of cuts tonight for the World Junior Hockey Championship.

Lind, 19, deserves a lot of credit for getting to this point. Coming into the season, it seemed unlikely that he’d force himself into Team Canada’s plans for the tournament period. That he started the year off as well as he did with the Kelowna Rockets of the WHL and forced his way onto their radar is a testament to his quality as a prospect.

What’s more, Lind made it this far battling a bout of mononucleosis. In 23 games with the Rockets this season, Lind has 36 points (13 goals and 23 assists).

Based on the season Lind is having and the positional versatility he offers as someone who can play both the wing and centre, it’s interesting that he didn’t make it any farther in the process. I’m no expert on the intricacies of roster construction at the World Juniors, but I certainly thought he’d built a strong case for his inclusion.

According to TSN’s Mark Masters, Lind was fighting back tears upon receiving the news that he wouldn’t be a part of Team Canada’s roster this year. I’m sure part of that is Lind’s knowing that this was his last shot at making the team. By the next time this tournament rolls around, Lind will be 20-years-old and ineligible to play.

Lind looks to have a bright future. Who knows, maybe he’ll be playing for a different Team Canada at some point, and on a bigger stage.

  • jaybird43

    Tough break. I assume it’s possibly from lingering mono effects; maybe half a step behind at this elite level? He’ll do ok going forward, but it would have been great to watch the kid …

    • Puck Viking

      If you look at how long it took dahlen to come back I wouldnt be at all surprised the only reason he came back so soon was to try and make the team. Mono can take months to come back from and feel 100%.

  • Chris the Curmudgeon

    Sad to see, and I always wonder how much internal politics goes into these decisions: there are a lot of questionable cuts year after year, and it seems a little shocking that a guy with 36 points in 23 games in the Dub (always tough to score there) can’t get a longer look. Anyways, Kole looks like a heckuva prospect right now and should console himself by focusing on the fact that he’s got a legitimate shot at the NHL, surely a far sweeter prize than a few games at the World Juniors.

  • Wise Canuck

    Typically, CA dreamers, most of whom don’t support the team financially or in person, keep telling us (and themselves) that this kid is the second coming of Pavel Datsyuk when clearly Lind isn’t all that being unable to crack a lacklustre Team Canada at this years World Juniours!

    Not surprising really. Kole’s game is very one dimensional, and his 200 foot responsibilities are sorely lacking, which is huge in todays game. This coupled with Lind falling off a cliff since the mono tell the true tale. Report card… MUST do better.

    Still, keep believing the fairytales guys… you know like Oli Juolevi is the next Drew Doughty and Petterssen is already better than Nico Hischier lol

    • NeverWas

      **rolls eyes**

      Your not a nucks fan and you don’t even watch jr. Hockey.

      36 points in 23 games has “Fallin off a cliff” written all over it.

      Atleast we can still dream. Go back to oilersnation where dreand go to die.

    • sloth

      I don’t know why I’m responding to this troll, but whatever.

      Lol who on earth has ever compared Lind to Datsyuk? Isn’t this the site that invented and developed the pGPS system that compares current junior players to past players with similar physical, positional, and statistical profiles to predict the likelihood of the player making the NHL and project point production as an NHLer?

      Lind is a 6’1″ right-shooting RW playing in the WHL under the eyes of dozens of NHL scouts, drafted early in the second round after projecting as a possible first-rounder. Future Considerations says he’s “a smart and skilled but not overly dynamic offensive forward.”

      Datsyuk is a 5’11” left-shooting centre drafted out of Russia in the 7th round who developed into an elite defensive forward as well as a uniquely talented playmaker and scorer. He was arguably the best player in the game in his prime (a lot of players were on the record saying he was #1 around the late 2000s), winning 3 consecutive Selkes, 4 consecutive Lady Bings, and criminally only one Hart nomination. There could never be a second coming of Pavel Datsyuk, his skillset and career path are far too unique, but even at Lind’s absolute ceiling he doesn’t have a comparable profile.

      I think any educated follower of this team and sport would be absolutely thrilled if Lind develops into a productive top-6 winger who could score 25-50 points per season. For reference, the top 30 RWs (“first line RW”) last year scored a range of 89pts (P. Kane) to 44pts (Panik, Hornqvist, Frolik), and the 60th high-scoring RWs scored 24pts (Kassian, Andrighetto, Ritchie, Chiasson). But there’s probably a much bigger chance that Lind never sticks in the NHL than becomes an elite scorer, and this site has been pretty clear about that reality for all prospects since day 1…

      Lol “falling off a cliff since the mono”. My brother had mono and basically couldn’t get out of bed for like 2 months. Recovery is different for everybody but it was incredibly slow and hard to monitor progress. Depending on the height, Lind might have been better off literally falling off a cliff…

      • defenceman factory

        Chris Rock once used a comparison which I think is appropriate in describing the value of responding to the troll

        “It’s like playing basketball with a mentally challenged kid and calling him for double dribble”

    • jaybird43

      Geez, “Wise Canuck”, not sure why you’d think an ad hominem attack (scurries for dictionary) is high art, or considerate dialogue. Not sure why you have to attack others than simply make your case. Does it make you superior??