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Canucks Recall Michael Chaput & Thatcher Demko from Utica Comets

Following the Utica Comets 6-1 loss to the Syracuse Crunch, head coach Trent Cull confirmed that he kept Michael Chaput and Thatcher Demko from his lineup because both had been recalled by the Comets parent club, the Canucks.

Both players were late scratches for the Comets, leading many to rightly guess that roster moves were on the horizon. With the way the Comets have underperformed thus far, they can’t be sitting players of this quality without a good excuse. Just take tonight’s results, for example.

For Chaput, this is his second tour with the Canucks this season. The Canucks first called on the journeyman centre in mid-October as a response to the Loui Eriksson knee injury that sidelined him for about a month. Chaput didn’t play for the Canucks in that stint, which lasted until October 27th.

It’s entirely possible Chaput suits up for the Canucks this time around. Canucks centre Bo Horvat left halfway through the third period in Tuesday’s 3-0 win over the Carolina Hurricanes. Today, Horvat went in for an MRI, raising concerns of a long-term injury. If Horvat can’t go for the Canucks tomorrow against the Philadelphia Flyers, Chaput is just one more injury away from his season debut in Vancouver — depending on how close Brandon Sutter is to a full recovery.

As for Thatcher Demko, this is his third tour in Vancouver. And again, it’s likely for salary cap reasons. By calling Demko up, it allows the Canucks to maximize their salary cap gains by placing Derek Dorsett on long-term injured reserve.

It’s doubtful Demko will see any game action, but he gets to practice with the team and cash a couple of NHL-sized cheques, and surely that counts for something.

      • Nuck16

        Yes lots of talk about how to get Granlund going but TG never gives him a chance with offensive linemates. How he has not had a single shift with the Sedin’s this season is shocking, considering their production together last year.

    • jaybird43

      Aaron, as I understand it, I think a team must carry a minimum number of players. What they want to do is pay the least amount so they could possibly used that “banked money” later. DORSETTS cap hit was about $2.6 million, Demkos is probably $700k. BECAUSE Dorsett is on long term injury, his salary no longer counts against the cap. But Demkos will, but at a much lower rate. I think that’s right. Guys?

    • tyhee

      LTIR is complicated and I’ll oversimplify slightly.

      Firstly, while Dorsett is on injured reserve, he isn’t yet on LONG TERM injured reserve. The difference between the two is that for injured reserve, the team can replace the player but don’t get any cap relief for doing so. A player on long term injured reserve can be replaced AND the team gets cap relief.

      He will be placed on long term injured reserve on a day the Canucks can maximize the cap relief they will get. That relief is retroactive to the day he was placed on injured reserve, but the amount is determined as of the day he is placed on LTIR.

      What happens with long term injured reserve is not that the cap hit of the player comes off the team’s ceiling. The player’s cap hit remains as part of the team total, but the team is allowed to exceed the cap ceiling.

      The amount by which the team can exceed the cap is essentially the cap hit of the injured player, MINUS any amount by which the team is under the cap ON THE DAY THE PLAYER IS PLACED ON LTIR.

      The Canucks are under the cap and only had 22 healthy players on the roster. By calling up another player they can get closer to the cap ceiling of $75 million. That way, when they put Dorsett on LTIR, they are closer to the cap and the amount deducted from Dorsett’s cap hit in determining the LTIR relief is less.

      Demko has a cap hit of $925,000. That’s the highest of all the current players on Utica (a couple of other players are also at $925,000 but nobody is higher.) Accordingly, calling Demko up gets the Canucks as close to the cap ceiling as possible, maximizing the amount that they get when the place Dorsett on long term injured reserve. I’d look for them to place him on that list within the next day or two-the move really doesn’t make much sense if they don’t.

      • Dead Dog Hank

        How does Loungo’s injury affect the cap hit the Canucks have? If he goes on LTIR with the Panthers do the Canucks get cap relief? i.e do the Canucks get to put him on LTIR. Just to complicate the LTIR discussion.

        • tyhee

          Luongo’s current groin injury doesn’t affect the Canucks. He wouldn’t have been retiring this season anyway. He’d gotten off to a really good start.

          In future seasons, the only way Luongo getting hurt can affect the Canucks is if an injury results in him choosing not to retire so as to collect the rest of his salary. If that happens, the Canucks avoid the recapture they’ll be subject to if he retires before his current contract expires.

          It is for the team holding his contract to put him on LTIR, so the Canucks have no say into whether he’s on LTIR unless they reacquire his rights.

  • Summer's Eve

    Sigh – Canucks fans jinxing Utica by planning the Calder Cup parade early and of course Demko is the next Patrick Roy, but isn’t good enough to start for the Canucks like rookie stud Jarry in Pittsburgh. Wish fans here would stop emabarrassing us by overhyping the teams tbh. ^.^