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Support a Good Cause with CanucksArmy Money on the Board!

Faithful readers and hockey fans, we need your help to create something truly special.

We want you to put some Money On The Board so we can make a child’s wish come true.

This season, Canucks Army is going to raise money all year long through your pledges and promises. All money raised will go directly to Make-A-Wish to fund an amazing wish for a special and deserving child.

If you are not familiar with the concept of Money On The Board, let’s fill you in.

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You agree to pledge a certain amount of money based on an outcome of your choice. You can choose whatever you like! It could be a season-long pledge, or a single-game outcome, or even a singular event.

For instance, you could pledge $1 for every Bo Horvat point for the whole season. Maybe you want to put up $20 every time the Canucks beat the Oilers. Or how about $100 if Jim Benning gets fired? It doesn’t even have to be Canucks-related. Maybe you want to donate $5 every time Don Cherry mispronounces a player’s name during Hockey Night in Canada (generous!)

You tell us what stat or event you want to use and how much money you want to put on the board, and we’ll record and follow up.

Of course, if you aren’t feeling very creative and you just want to donate money directly to the Canucks Army Money On The Board Fund, then you can do that too!

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So email us your Money On The Board pledge at: [email protected] and tell us your pledge. If you want to tweet us your pledge, then tweet it to @CanucksMOTB and we can capture it there too.

All donations can be easily made using email money transfer, and we’ll track all pledges and follow up with you directly.

I will kick this off by putting my own money on the board. I’m putting up $2 for every Canucks win AND $5 for every Brock Boeser goal.

Let’s do this, Canucks Army. With your help, we will make a child’s wish come true!

  • McGretzky

    Make a Wish is a white supremacist organization.

    Similar to ‘Plan’ International (with a nod to white supremacist Margaret Sanger’s ‘Planned Parenthood’) which Canucks Army advertises.

    JD Burke doesn’t even try to hide the white supremacy anymore.

    On the bright side, JD’s seasonal depressive order is likely kicking into high gear.


    • KCasey

      Peggy there you are!!! Missed you 😀 See this is what positivity feels like. Which is what JD is promoting here. Which is the point you have missed buts thats okay. Im gonna be keeping an eye out for you so I can kill you with kindness every chance I get. Well wishes to you and your family. Good luck with the message your trying to convey to people. Nobody is taking the bait yet but good fighting that good fight.

        • McGretzky

          The NHL is the most political of the 4 major North American sporting leagues.

          The demographic of who gets to play hockey is based on the white supremacy models of the NBA and NFL where black slave labour is not allowed to control the economics behind their work.

          If black labour were controlled by black people, the NHL would be no different than any other industry where white people cannot compete without practicing white supremacy.

          This is actually for your own good unless you want to get pushed out of the city by people that know how to compete.

          Adapt or die.

  • Peezy F

    Have the Canucks found their line sets going forward? Jake with the Sedins is going to be one for the ages I think. Watching him there has me remembering how Zach Kassian looked down the stretch in 14-15 playing with them. Jake is a much more talented and complete player compared to Zach. When Jake figures out his clapper and wrist shot and understands where to find his spots playing with them, he will be money.

    I’ve really liked Gagner. He’s going to have a stretch where he puts up points this season but minus production, he has looked good out there.

    Vanek puck skills are unbelieveable. I love how good he is at putting the puck in defenders skates in tight and tapping it through to himself. He is really good at using open ice and using his puck skills to hold on to the puck and find guys. That line of Vanek Burmistrov Gagner played well but just seems one step to slow in connecting on chances. When Gaunce is back, I would imagine Burmistrov could be the extra forward with Gaunce or Granlund playing with Vanek Gagner or Sutter Dorsett.

    Guddy in this system could give Guddy the opportunity to show alot more in a contract year. He is our best penalty killer bar none. Top 10 PK with Guddy in lineup last year, injury to him and Tanev Edler returning pretty much at the exact same time and we go right to the bottom of the league. The Boston game, guess who wasn’t on the ice when the team was putting up a stinker on the PK. Guess who has been in otherwise. Guddy. He has a great clapper. It probably is the heaviest right point shot on the team and he’s hit 3 or 4 crossbar/posts this year. It will be interesting to see if he can start to bury a couple of those and maybe hit the 5+ goal mark for the season.

    Bo looked dangerous today. He was all over the puck, really caused havoc getting in hard on Dmen and turning pucks over in deep. Once he figures out how to use his speed in tight spaces and slowing things down to allow more team play, hes going to eclipse 60+ points no problem.

    I like our look 8 games in. On to the Isles.

  • DJ_44

    JD: great idea.

    I will pledge $2 for any GMJB draft pick Canucks goal; and $1 for any GMJB acquisition (trade or FA signing) Canucks goal.

    In the spirit of the on-going transition/rebuild.

    Copied and pasted to the email above.