What’s On Tap: The Complete Canucks Schedule for October 16th – 22nd

Hello again. I’m a day late with this one, and hopefully you’ve been keeping tabs yourself if you’re reeeally into European hockey and can’t miss a day. We’re half way through October now, and with Jonathan Dahlen and Olli Juolevi finally starting their seasons overseas, every single Canucks prospect has gotten their regular season underway, except one. We’ll touch on him in the Notes section, but first, here’s the complete Canucks schedule for this week.

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  • The one and only prospect that we’re waiting on now is Jack Rathbone, Vancouver’s fourth round pick from the 2017 Entry Draft. I’ve pondered when he’d start his season in the last couple of these articles, and here’s what I know now: the expectation is that he’ll stay with his high school team through their season (which starts in late November) and will make the decision whether to head to the USHL when the season is done. That’s not the official stance of the club, but it is the understanding of some from within the organization.
  • Jonah Gadjovich missed Owen Sound’s last game, but the injury appears to be a minor one. The Attack don’t play again until Saturday, so there’s plenty of time for his to recover. Gadjovich, of course, was signed to his Entry Level Contract by the Canucks yesterday.
  • The Canucks are considerably busier this week than their minor league affiliate, and they’re also awfully close to each other – particularly with the Canucks playing in Buffalo on Friday and the Comets playing in Rochester on Saturday. If ever the Vancouver coaching staff wanted to get a little creative and airdrop in a thriving Comets player while forwards Loui Eriksson (knee injury) and Brandon Sutter (illness) aren’t at full health, that might be a good time. You know, if there were any Comets deserving of a little reward for some strong early season play.
  • Thanks for the update, this sure helps fans keep track. Just curious when was last time a Comet was airdropped in to showcase his skills? With the potential now w some Comets you’d think this would be ideal to try this year.

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