Canucks Army Preseason Post-Game: Oilers 5, Canucks 3

Preseason is well under way!

It’s incredibly tough to really judge how the team is looking from their North American preseason games, with pretty much only Vancouver’s AHL squad left behind to face off against Leon Draisaitl on their own.

Still, there are a few takeaways from each game, even a tough loss like Friday night’s…


Vancouver struggled to keep up in the game through the first two periods, falling behind by two goals and getting outshot 28-14 in the process.

The first goal of the night was Vancouver’s, with Michael Carcone notching his first preseason goal at 13:17 in the opening frame to give the Canucks a surprising lead.

They would only be able to hold onto the lead for about six minutes, though, until Leon Draisaitl found the back of the net for his first of two points on the night.

From there, Vancouver would trail until the final minutes, ultimately walking away with a 5-3 final score.

It wasn’t all struggles for the B-squad, although the Oilers looked decidedly stronger (as they should, with half of their starting lineup on the ice). Jaylen Chatfield had an excellent night offensively, recording his second goal and fourth assist of the preseason alone, and Vancouver would ultimately outshoot the Oilers 13-5 in the final frame. Even if Edmonton completely took their foot off the gas during those last 20 minutes (spoiler: they did), it at least means that Vancouver didn’t, as well. That’s a good sign.


Richard Bachman? He is what he is. He looked exactly like peak mid-season Richard Bachman, which is both reassuring and mildly disappointing (he’s a great AHL starter and a replacement-level NHL backup, after all).

He started off doing pretty well but certainly didn’t have the capability to keep Vancouver in the game, which is what the team would have needed in order to eke out a win.

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That being said, he did well enough that if he ends up needing to take the ice for Vancouver at any point during the season, there’s little reason to believe he’ll be anything less than the perfectly average call-up he’s been since the team first brought him on board.

On the other end of the ice, Laurent Brossoit certainly didn’t have his best showing, allowing three goals on 27 shots for a .889 save percentage against a non-NHL roster.

Edmonton has been banking on him fleshing out into a bona fide NHLer, preferably a starter, for a few years now. His performance Friday was admittedly a preseason exhibition, meaning it doesn’t count for too much, but still, gives pause given the strength of the two rosters.


  1. Jaylen Chatfield. Dude really got it during the game. He’s not likely to hit the NHL roster opening night, but his fire – and offensive drive from the back end – should be a welcome addition in Utica.
  2. Nickolay Goldobin. While he was somewhat invisible during the game (admittedly in part due to the INSANELY distracting, very loud, very homerish announcers on the only stream available), I’ve never seen such a baby face get so fired up before during that late-game scrum.
  3. You, for reading this. It’s preseason! Go enjoy the autumn air and a Pumpkin Spice Latte, damn.


There’s a game later tonight, sillies! With the real NHL squad. Check it out at 12:30 AM PST.

    • Me

      No question they should waive Vanek. Rodin still has upside. Sure he’s UFA at the end of the year, but they get the opportunity to tie him up with a contract if he works out. They paid full market price for Vanek, no reason to assume another team would want to take that salary on, and if they did, it’s no real loss in the big picture.

  • KekeMortson#12

    I would quibble that Richard Bachman has been a ” perfectly average call-up ” during his Canuck tenure. C’mon… hasn’t he won our hearts with his at least slightly above average play? (My first post, please be gentle)

  • wojohowitz

    There was a quote from the sidekick early in the game; Edmonton`s defence has 400 games of NHL experience and the Canucks defence had 14 games of NHL experience. Then add Lucic and Drasatil taking regular shifts and it explains the mismatch. Did we learn anything – not really.

    • pheenster

      I’d argue that we learned a few things:

      – Chatfield is growing by leaps and bounds (almost on a game to game basis) and looks like he’s for real
      – Jake has played at a consistently high level across four games and deserves a roster spot
      – there’s a reason Bachman is a career backup/AHLer
      – Edmonton has some really goofy promotions at their rink which their fans all seem to love

  • Rodeobill

    Chatfield reminds me a bit of Tanev with a little more offense. Great positioning, flowing locks out the brim of his helmet, and always willing to get creamed to make the good play up the ice. Rodin will be a tough one to lose, I think we are just seeing him warm up after a year off. My guess is he stays (I hope). Jake still looked good on most shifts. I was expecting a real blowout on this one, so I’m counting it a win at 3-5 in so much as they could hang in there with the most dominant team in the West as an AHL team.

    As far as the “Vanek, Gagner, and the A team” in China, I’m holding off judgement too much until a few more games (after they acclimatize to normal life and situations with new coaches, systems, and chemistry).

  • Steamer

    Attention Jeff Paterson: there is absolutely NO WAY Chatfield is #12 on Canucks’ depth! Anyone thinking Pedan, Subban or even McEneny are ahead of him needs to provide a urine sample. Kid has gone to the front of the line & Wiercioch & Co. should be concerned for their future.

  • Dinsdale

    I don’t understand how Bachman can be described a “perfectly average call-up” when his GAA has been just a shade over 0.800 in two losing contests even while Broissoit gets criticized despite having won/partially won all his three starts so far with a combined GAA of 0.907.