Canucks prospect Cole Candella dealt to Sudbury Wolves

According to an official press release from the team, the Sudbury Wolves have acquired Vancouver Canucks prospect Cole Candella from the Hamilton Bulldogs in exchange for multiple draft picks.

Candella was selected by the Canucks in the fifth round of the 2016 draft. He’s spent the last three seasons with the Bulldogs, a team not expected to be competitive in the OHL this season. Candella will go into his final OHL season as a key player on the Wolves’ blueline.

“Cole is a player who was highly sought after as he is expected to be one of the top 19-year-old d-men in the league this season and he will have an immediate impact on the backend,” said Rob Papineau, VP of Hockey Operations and General Manager. “He is an excellent skater and a strong puck moving defencemen who has a great shot. He is an NHL drafted player and we are very happy to add Cole and his experience to our hockey team.”

This move doesn’t matter all that much in the grand scheme of things, but it puts a Canucks prospect in a better position to succeed on a stronger team. It’s also promising that another OHL team would be interested in acquiring Candella, who’s described as a jack-of-all trades defenceman that can play a leadership role on a team.

“I had a lot of emotions,” Candella said in an interview with the Sudbury Star. “I wasn’t sure what was going on, but then I heard Sudbury was trying to acquire me. I talked to my agent and my parents and we all felt it was a great opportunity for me. After I accepted the trade, I felt like I was going into a new environment, which is going to be good for me, and getting to know a new team and a new coaching staff, so it’s a great opportunity for me to take hold of and really get things going.”

  • Steamer

    Thanks for the update, Cam. Just wrote yesterday that Candella & Stukel need to have productive seasons if they hope to gain an ELC; looks like this may bolster Cole’s chances significantly & – as you note – it is encouraging that one of the OHL’s better teams regard Candella as a player to acquire. Has to help his game to play with better players as well; a positive development for him & Canucks.

  • Candella was unranked in his draft year yet still got a “Next Ones” profile on the Hockey Writers. They projected him to be a bottom-4 defender so there’s gotta be something there. He has not looked impressive this pre-season though. Let’s hope he can have one more good season of junior and then make the jump to Utica next year.


  • Juice

    Wow, thanks for the story Cam, another one gone.

    That 2016 draft class is looking as bad as the 2014 one already.

    Juolevi – going backwards in his development and unable to get a sniff with the rebuilding Canucks as a top five draft pick. Was supposed to be a Drew Doughty but is more like a Drew Barrymore.
    Lockwood – off the radar and out indefinitely after major shoulder injury issues.
    Candella- gone for a bag of pucks.
    Abois – over-ager lost to the Swedish league
    Stukel and McKenzie – Struggling to make the grade at AHL level as soon to be 20 year olds.

    Frighteningly bad drafting – how is Jim Benning still in a job?
    C’mon Francesco, pull the plug on this fraud.

    • crofton

      Gone? *#(Y*WTH? He’s gone from one JR team to another. As in, NOT from the Canucks. I suggest you take some reading comprehension lessons and quit trying to hide behind your many aliases, DUD

      • tommyboy

        come on man, getting traded in junior from one bad OHL team to another isn’t a good sign for the player and he’s actually right, that draft does look pretty bad by any stretch don’t it?

        • Dan-gles

          It’s actually not a sign of anything. Getting traded in the chl in your seat plus 1 year to a contender is very common place. He went from a weak team to a strong team for a run at the memorial cup. Candela isn’t looking like the best prospect but this trade has no bearing on that either way

          • tommyboy

            hey man, sorry but what are you talking about here? I’m not a CHL follower but looking at the stats both sudbury and hamilton are pretty weak teams and neither have been contenders in the memorial cup? I’m saying juice is right that candela isn’t looking good for the nhl with a lateral move like this and that yeah, the 2016 draft is not looking good either. agreed?

    • “Candella- gone for a bag of pucks.” Again, I recognize your trolling but it needs to be said that Sudbury gave up four 2nd and 3rd round picks for just Candella. That’s a fairly significant trade, even by CHL standards.

  • Canuck4Life20

    ‘After I accepted the trade…’

    Does this mean that he had to agree to be traded, or is he saying he accepted that it was happening from an emotional point of view?

    • crofton

      I thought that comment was both interesting and possibly revelatory. It never occurred to me that a jr player might have to agree to any trade. Does anyone know definitively if that is the case?

  • Fred-65

    Any one ever been to Sudbury. It’s a mining town of little significance situated too far North. When it rains in the Fall the streets run white with nickel waste. I feel for the kid. What u have to do to follow a dream.

    • Silverback

      I’ve been to Sudbury as well. It’s only four hours from Toronto. Some would say that is too close. Too far north? Well it is still south of Vancouver by a couple hundred kilometres. If Sudbury were in British Columbia it would be the second largest city outside of the lower mainland. Sorry felt I had to straighten out your lack of geographical acumen.