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Canucks Army Post-game: Baby Canucks lose 6-2 to Flames

The baby Canucks hit the ice on Sunday afternoon for their second game of the Young Stars Classic. This time, the Canucks Young Stars faced off against the Calgary Flames prospects, with the final score being 6-2 for the Flames.

The lines for the Canucks were as follows:

Image: Jeff Paterson / Twitter

The game didn’t go as planned from the start with the Flames jumping out to an early lead and controlling the score from there on out. The Canucks’ structure fell apart as the game went on, which in part was due to losing Aaron Irving and Zack MacEwen to injury in the first period. This resulted in shuffling the lines and relying on other players to eat up those minutes.

The Flames did a great job at creating offence in transition and using their size and physicality to put pressure on the Canucks defence. Spencer Foo and Mark Jankowski stood out from the Flames, which isn’t surprising given that both players are in the conversation as players who could steal spots on the Flames roster.



  • Griffen Molino had another strong game for the Canucks using his speed to push the pace. Although unable to score today, he had a great chance:

  • Head coach Trent Cull spoke about Molino’s play after the game: “He was good, thought he was good again. He’s jumping, he’s using his foot. We talked about how most of our pace of play wasn’t very good but him and (Yan Pavel) Lapante especially… I thought it was a decent night for those guys”
  • Brock Boeser had another good game for the Canucks, like Molino, he wasn’t able to score today. One play stuck out to me about Boeser’s game, he had the puck and was circling back towards the point. While handling the puck, he pointed with his other hand to where he wanted Matt Barberis to go.  It showed his hockey sense, understanding of the systems and his leadership all in one little sequence. It seems like Boeser is a step above every forward the Canucks have.
  • There is no word on Boeser playing tomorrow, but I would think he would be held out of the lineup with main camp starting on Tuesday.
  • Olli Juolevi had some good moments throughout the game, and then there were some challenges. It’s one game, and a prospect game no less, but he was beaten with speed a few times. But that was after Irving went down with injury and Juolevi was rotating partners almost every few shifts. His lateral movement and pivoting were the main areas of concern as he trouble keeping any sort of speed with an oncoming attacker. It will be something to keep an eye on heading into main camp.
  • Guillaume Brisebois had some struggles today. Zone exits and reads on attacking forwards were the main points of concern. Brisebois is expected to turn pro for this upcoming season and it will be a battle for minutes in Utica.
  • There isn’t a lot to talk away from a prospect tournament game that falls over the rails. But credit should be given to players who were able to rise about that. For the Canucks, Yan-Pavel Laplante, Boeser, and Molino were the notable players. Otherwise, the players disappeared into the background or struggled.
  • Coach Trent Cull had no update on the injuries to Aaron Irving or Zack MacEwen but described them as upper body injuries that will be re-evaluated.
  • After two games, Brett McKenzie (0-3-3) and Kole Lind (1-2-3) leading the Canucks in scoring.

  • Bud Poile

    It seems mgmt./the coach should have rested the group that played the first game.
    Three games + a practise within 64 hours in early September is pushing it.

      • Bud Poile

        Two game-ending injuries in the first period to the top line centre and top-pairing d-man.
        The Flames were largely an AHL squad of 23 year olds vs. 19/20 year old juniors.
        6-2 suggests they didn’t handle it.

        • DJ_44

          Playing a two games with a days rest in between is not the reasons they lost; they were badly outplayed and for the most part out worked.

          Irving did not even play on Friday.

          • Bud Poile

            Players in bed at midnight after Wpg. game.
            Back in the arena at 10 am for a practise the next morning.
            Players out golfing,etc. all day in Penticton.
            Back at the arena at noon the next morning to play again.
            1.5 days rest with a practise thrown in.
            My guess is that the players going to main camp will rest today against Edmonton.
            I would have rested those players against Calgary’s older AHL squad.

  • LTFan

    I watched the game and the Flames were the better team. The Canucks Prospects simply spent too much time in their end and struggled all game with the Calgary forecheck. Hopefully a better game today.

  • vancouver millionaire

    Saw the game with friends and we were all majorly disappointed. The Canucks were outplayed, outskated and outmuscled by a superior team of prospects. If this translates into the NHL, which it will, it’s going to be real ugly real fast.

  • Steamer

    Thanks – as always – Ryan. Not a Juolevi fan when drafted, but the kid has years before we can judge. Think a year in Europe followed by another year or two in the AHL, then we’ll know. Same with Brisebois: he is obviously good enough a prospect to be the last D cut from Team Canada, so there must be potential others see as well, not just Benning. At the end of the day, these are young kids who need to grow and mature. Nice to see LaPlante raise his game after a disappointing first pro season – it’s an emotional game, playing with emotion translates into involvement as opposed to over-thinking.

  • Since this is a collection of prospects rather than a team, the final score doesn’t really mean anything. What’s more important is who is on the ice when goals are scored for, against and scoring opportunities. I think the lack of decent defensive prospects was really highlighted in this game.

    • Daver

      Juolevi is a top five pick two years removed man and he was invisible, which is why the Flames forwards blew by him like he wasn’t there. He should be dominating these games and i don’t care about the homers, this is a serious issue!

        • johnno

          Yep, it’s all very well Dim Jim and Juolevi talking about bulking up but with the whole league all in on speed now if you cannot handle the pace of these fast forwrds flying at you then you aren’t going to make itin the NHL. Two years running now Juolevi hasn’t been at the races and the Flames obviously know it. Concerning for your top D prospect.