Plays of the Week: July 16th-July 22nd

First things first, congratulations to Trevor Linden and his wife, Christina, on the birth of their son, Roman (and shout out to Squire Barnes for the announcement)!! It was quiet on the Canucks front this week, but all is forgiven. Miss an article? I’ve got you covered with our Plays of the Week!

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  • Congrats to Trevor and Christina!

    Like the Linden family, the Champ(Bro Jake) and Mrs Champ are thinking about adding a new member to the Champ family. You know, a little champ to carry on the family name. So, they spend a romantic weekend away doing what lovers do.
    The following Monday morning at the TSN 1040 office, Pratt says this:”Hey Champ, did you and Mrs Champ work on your little member this weekend?”
    Champ replies:”I said pardon?”
    Pratt:” Did you and Mrs Champ spend the weekend working on your little member?”
    Champ:” I snap, I lose it, I head fake him with a tube of SPF 1000 suntan lotion and the fool goes for it. Uppercut, roundhouse, and a flurry to his solar plexus. Down goes Pratt, clutching the SPF 1000, while muttering something about sensitive skin. How’s that? Is that enough working on your little member for you.”

    Ever since Bro Jake has been the Champ.

  • Sandpaper

    Looking forward to when you start writing articles again Vanessa. These recaps are fine, but it doesn’t allow you to do much in the creative writing department.