Jason Demers Refuses to Waive No-Trade to Join Canucks

Earlier this week, Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reported that the Vancouver Canucks were among the teams interested in acquiring Florida Panthers defenceman Jason Demers.

According to TSN’s Frank Seravalli, the Panthers are operating under a $65-million internal cap this season. So far, that’s meant parting with Jonathan Marchessault, Reilly Smith and Jaromir Jagr. Demers, who the Panthers left unprotected in the Expansion Draft, is next in line.

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One team Demers won’t join? The Canucks. According to multiple sources, Demers invoked his limited no-trade clause to nix a trade between the Panthers and Canucks which would send the 29-year-old, right-shot defender the Canucks’ way.

Demers has four years remaining on his contract a $4.5-million annually, and as the Canuck are too aware, a limited no-trade clause which allows the player to choose eight teams he is not willing to waive it to join. You can count the Canucks among those teams, apparently.

  • Cageyvet

    I’m not a fan of giving up assets for a Jason Demers type of player at this stage, but, if the price was right and you knew you could flip him when you wanted to, why not? I don’t lose sleep over the might-have-beens, there are enough actual transactions to discuss.

  • Florida’s current management is trying to undo moves made by last years pro analytics management. Dave Tallon is no fan of his new school team. Arizona is doing this as well. The in your face analytics crowd needs to do a re-think.
    As far as Demers goes, I’m happy he want’s to stay in the sunshine state. He so reminds of Keith Ballard, a buyout waiting to happen. I’m surprised Jim Benning made a play for him. I wonder what was offered, but glad it didn’t happen.

  • Steamer

    Of interest here: who were Canucks wanting from Panthers, & who initiated discussions? Perhaps a deal will develop that doesn’t include Demers? Do Panthers want Guddy back?

  • Pat Quinn Way

    Guys I’m afraid this is a by-product of having bad management and a bad team. Players simply do not want to play for a clown like Benning on a losing team that even the TSN panel cannot figure out what their direction is. Demers is just one of many to say NO who we actually know about, because it was (conveniently) leaked.

    Guys, remember when we were an elite team under GM Mike Gillis, players were falling over themselves to come to us or accept cheaper deals as pending free agents just to be on our roster (Ehrhoff, Hamhuis, Malhotra, Samuelsson, Burrows, Sedins). Those days are long gone under this current sh^t show and you know you are in deep trouble when the likes of Jason Demers says NO WAY… don’t you?

    • Braindead Benning

      Also, I really looks terrible on JB that he has gone out and signed basically 4 UFA”s to fill the all
      holes he created simply because of his inability to draft or trade during his 4 years

      • Pat Quinn Way

        Great post BB – but you know, they need time mate… hell, give em five years each to develop and a personal nanny to tuck them into their little beds at night! LOL you couldn’t make it up could ya.

        There are more plugs on the roster now than the Home Depot has in its bathroom department.

        • Braindead Benning

          Lol Mate… in the 30+ years as fan I have never been so pessimistic and felt so Deflated since the Meathead and Trevor “spinormama” Linden took over to destroy this once proud franchise.

    • truthseeker

      Except that Ehrhoff chose the dollars over canuck loyalty once he became a free agent. So you’re pretty much dead wrong…as usual…on that one.

      But yeah….Gillis did a great job of contract management to keep the team together. Still doesn’t mean you’re not a self loathing moron as the rest of your post shows.

    • TD

      Ehrhoff was picked up in waivers from SJ at the beginning of the season. When his contract was up he fled to Buffalo who dramatically over paid him. He was a marginal player for the rest of his career. If you are going to spout off, at least get your facts straight.

      • Pat Quinn Way

        5 thumbs up for this joke of a post… says alot.

        ‘In the summer of 2009, Ehrhoff was traded to the Vancouver Canucks from San Jose on 28 August 2009, along with defenceman Brad Lukowich, in exchange for prospects Patrick White and Daniel Rahimi.’

        If you are going to spout off, at least get your facts straight. IDIOT!

        • crofton

          He may have been traded for, but when his Vancouver contract ended, he bolted to Buffalo……for I believe it was exactly the same dollars Vancouver was offering, but Buffalo front ended it, and Ehroff left for the immediate gratification, as truthseeker noted above

          • Bud Poile

            Ehrhoff bolted because Gillis lowballed him and then publicly stated the offer was fair when in reality it was ridiculously silly.
            Gillis offered him the same money he gave Bieksa.
            He gave Ehrhoff no choice and was a jerk about it.

          • Pat Quinn Way

            Oh look… the crofton, truthseeker and Dud sock accounts all showing up to embarrass themselves on the same thread one after the other.

            ‘After refusing to be held to ransom by his greedy demands, Ehrhoff signed a ten-year $40 million deal with the Buffalo Sabres. He was so bad the Sabres began the process of buying-out the remainder of Ehrhoff’s contract on 29 June 2014. They will be paying Ehrhoff $12 million over 14 years (around $850,000 per year). Ehrhoff is no longer in the NHL and has moved back to his native Germany.’

            Another incredibly astute move by GMMG. Not only did he steal Ehrhoff from SJ, he got his best years and was then proven right in letting him walk, saving the organisation millions whilst watching Ehrhoff skate off a cliff lol. Outstanding management worthy of an NHL GM of the year (our only one – ever!).

            What next bud/crofton/truthseeker… telling us Forsling was a fantastic Benning draft pick… for the Chicago Blackhawks. hahahaha


          • Bud Poile

            PQW,I have no idea why J.D. (or whomever runs this site) allows you a forum to be an obnoxious, dickheaded twat.
            Get your f’n history right.
            You are incredibly ignorant.

        • Pat Quinn Way

          Another foul-mouthed, personal attack rant from BI-Polar Bud with no hockey talk whatsoever guys… and he’s whining about banning people?!
          Would you like a little cheese with your ‘whine’ mate?
          “Being negative and nasty is ignorant self-entitlement.” Bud the Dud…

          “You’re a knob, PQW. Did I tell you that you are a knob?” – Bud
          “You are the big, ugly clown show here” – Dud
          So stuff your ignorant comments, Rusted One. – Dud
          “I didn’t write the piece, dick.” – Dud
          “Pi$$ off you jerk.” – Dud
          “shove your act up your arse. I don’t drink , dick.” – Dud

          pot-kettle-black Bi-Polar Bud… now run along mate. Tail between legs!

          • Bud Poile

            PQW,did Itell you to shove it today?
            Here,let me show you how it’s done:
            Ehrhoff led all Nucks d n scoring in 2010-11.
            He ranked 6th amongst all NHL D men.
            Bieksa did squat.Ended the season with 22 points-far less than HALF of Ehrhoff’s 50 points.
            Yet,Gillis demanded he take the same $$/term as Bieksa:
            ‘Ehrhoff agreed to a reported 10-year US$40-million front-loaded deal with the Sabres on Thursday. The Canucks were believed to have offered Ehrhoff the same $23-million, five-year deal that defenceman Kevin Bieksa accepted.’
            So,as you are known here for ludicrous historical revisions you can suck on another Gillis offering.
            As you do so well.

          • Pat Quinn Way

            “All that matters is the playoffs” – Bud the Dud

            Kevin Bieksa PLAYOFFS
            2009=2010 12 3 5 08 +2
            2010=2011 25 5 5 10 +6
            Total 18 points and a plus 8

            Christian Ehrhoff PLAYOFFS Van
            2009=2010 12 3 04 07 -1
            2010-2011 23 2 10 12 -13
            19 points and a minus 14!

            The same numbers, yet Ehrhoff was a defensive liability. MG shifted the problem to Buffalo… they are still paying for it. Outstanding management by our most successful GM ever. Go now Dud… humiliated and disgraced as usual.

            ”the least I could do is occasionally remind Bud that CA’s readership is constantly growing and if all he is going to do is be rude to other readers he doesn’t need to come back especially because this isn’t Tim Hortons and I don’t get brownie points for smiling and being polite while someone makes the work area a nuisance to be in for staff + customers. ” – Jackson McDonald

  • JawKnee

    Don’t like Gudbranson, but at 1yr with less of a cap-hit than Demers and no NTC I prefer Gudbranson; hopefully he either turns into the top D-man his draft position indicated he should be – or he can be flipped for picks/prospects at this years deadline.

  • Smarttnet

    Yeah it does look like Benning is admitting acquiring Gurbranson was a mistake. If Demers accepted, that means we’ve traded away McCann(18) for Gurbranson(24) for Demers(29). Not exactly a rebuild.
    But since Tallon values Gurbranson(3rd overall), why not just trade him for 1st to FLA. More like a rebuild trade than Demers.