Babych Please – June 23rd, 2017

This afternoon, the Canucks will welcome a new draft pick into the organization and he will be everyone’s new son. First, let’s bid farewell to a very special former Canuck and his new son!

  • The Vegas Golden Knights drafted their roster this week, ending the memorable Luca Sbisa era of Canucks hockey. Sbisa seemed like a great dude but didn’t quite play well enough to earn the contract he was given. I will never forget when he was asked about his teammates’ fashion choices and ended up describing how he spills spaghetti on himself a lot:

  • Sbisa also became a dad this week! Congrats to Luca and his family – I hope Vegas is good to them. 

  • Room star Jacob Tremblay is a good kid who knows what it’s like to suffer as your team continues to not win Stanley Cups. The kid has some long years ahead of him, so it bodes well that he can joke about the misery.

  • I’m genuinely 100% convinced that Alex Edler is secretly modelling for Yahoo.com. There is no way these are two different people.

  • Troy Stecher’s offseason is all about adorable Instagram content. This week, instead of a photo of his perfect dog, he gave us one of his brand new nephew, Remmy.