Photo Credit: Matthew Henderson

Canucks Army Podcast – Episode 26

It’s time for yet another edition of the Canucks Army podcast, J.D. Burke and myself talk all things Canucks, including the recent Season Ticket Holders town hall where Jim Benning had some interesting things to say. We delve into whether the Canucks truly are all-in on the rebuild, what moves they may be considering, including a potential Alex Edler trade.

We answer a number of listener questions, including ones pertaining to 2017 NHL draft prospects and much more.

Have a listen!

  • wojohowitz

    Here`s a question for the next podcast. The KHL will lose one team next season to 27 and three more the year after to 24 plus they are $12m behind in player salary payments. Did Tryamkin make a huge mistake in going home and would the Canucks welcome him back with open arms or should they trade his rights?

    • Puck Viking

      He has the potential to be a shut down dman who can move the puck and provide offense. You hope to hell he comes back. The mistake they made was showing him tape of pronger when they should have been showing him tape of Ekholm. To me he has that kind of potential but hes huge.

      If it was me I would have tried to offer him a 7 year deal at 3 million.. At worst hes a giant third pair guy who can skate and move the puck.

  • MyPavelsBured

    So I don’t get the idea of not trading Edler. I think Edler’s best value is at the trade deadline but how is there any other option before the season starts? If you want Olli Juolevi to play then why not have Hutton, Joulevi and Pedan as you 3 LHD? They can only finish one spot worse than they did. This team will be competitive in the sense that they will play to the best of their ability but that means a bottom 5 finish anyways.

    • Puck Viking

      They could always sign a UFA Dman as a stop gap, a Franson type player, which could then be moved at the deadline for additional assets. Also, some teams might be willing to give you a pick to take a player to free up gap space see Tampa with Garrison and Cobourn, which then could then again be dealt at the deadline to get even more picks.

  • detox

    call me crazy but the media is fixated with the idea of a rebuild, TL went along with it as if he was in on it but Canuck management still wants a playoff team every season.

    the only commonality is ‘draft and develop’.