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The beaten and battered Canucks fly to Arizona to take on the equally terrible Coyotes. This one has a fair amount riding on it as a win by either team puts the loser in 29th place overall and a better chance at the draft lottery. It’s not all hum and glum because the season is almost over for the Canucks and the real decisions start to be made.

Hey, it’s a rebuild, what did you expect?


Nikolay Goldobin is officially on the Sedin line, Michael Chaput has been put in a more appropriate role with Brandon “#ExposeSutter2017” Sutter and the next Jannik Hansen, Reid Boucher. We could talk about power play units but honestly, what does it matter at this point?

Ryan Miller will play his league-leading 800th start this season.

Vancouver Canucks lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:


Oliver Ekman-Larsson will miss tonight’s game and the remainder of the season after his mother passed away in Sweden. No confirmation of his replacement yet.

Shane Doan and Radim Vrbata are both day-to-day and may play this evening.

Mike Smith should start.

Arizona Coyotes lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:



  • I really don’t like this stat anymore but it tells a bit of the story: Henrik and Daniel Sedin are both a -4 in the last 5 games and over the entire season, Henrik is dead last on the Canucks with a -28 rating. That could also be because he has been kept out way too long, that he’s asked to still log first line minutes or that the inconsistent linemates, at least one, has dragged him down.
  • What if Jayson Megna was a constant 4th line guy or at the very most, the 3rd line? Would we still hate him? His misuse is really a big reason he’s been awful and the same can be said for a few players on this team. What if we wrote this season off and plugged in the players that made sense in the proper spots? They might still be close to this but at least it would be because they just weren’t good enough. They’re not good enough because we have no idea what this team is actually supposed to look like.
  • Based on a minimum of 500 minutes played this year, Henrik and Daniel are the last remaining healthy Canucks to lead the team in CF%. Henrik’s 49.40 and Daniel’s 49.32. It’s not much but they’ve managed to hang as close to 50 as possible and I suppose we have to give them credit even though it looks like they are being outplayed every single game.
  • Let’s tap into that +/- again. Luca Sbisa has played 79 games this year, that’s all of them, and aside from Chris Tanev who has played only 50, Sbisa leads the Canucks with a plus 2. He has 13 points but at the very least he’s managed to stay on the right side of the ledger for the whole year. Well done, Sbpizza!
  • OK, what the heck, how about ONE MORE SBISA STAT? According to nhl.com *ducks down for cover* Sbisa is 2nd on the Canucks in total shot attempts for with 1019. I would never have guessed he’s had the puck on his stick offensively that much but here we are. This all probably means Sbisa has an amazing game tonight. You can thank me later.


Excuse me for a second, it’s dusty in here, kinda stuffy too!


I thought the Sharks were ripe for the picking so this game is anyone’s guess. I would love to see Goldobin make his time with the Sedins count but I guess they have to have the puck first. It really feels like these last few weeks have been running time, just nothing to remember and another game in the dumpster.

For whatever reason, Mike Smith seems to do pretty well against the Canucks but he has his stinkers too! Canucks in a shootout. There, I said it.


Three more games, people, three more games. I’m just holding out hope that Bo gets the “C” at the last home game. Let’s all hope for that.

  • Bud Poile

    Miller will let in two goals on thee first six shots,as usual,and the race for first overall is on.
    Bo should not be the Canucks captain.
    Goldy needs to get one shot on net whiile playing with the twins.
    #ExposeCAbloggersasBotchfordplaythings is insulting their readers to the bitter end.

  • To tank or not to tank, that is the question.

    Why is Connor McDavid in the top photo. We don’t play Edmonton until Saturday. Anyways, Yotes are not having a good year. Same with Panthers. CA writers were all over these analytic darlings, who were going to rule the new NHL. Both teams went all in on the analytics train, both teams missed the playoffs. I said this before, analytics is a tool, one of many used to evaluate players, but should not be the only tool.

    • Locust

      Shhhh … not supposed to say that on this site.

      The ANAL-lytics people hate it when you not only think they are wrong, but prove it, with you know, numbers and graphs and stuff……

      Remember the constant blubbering from the statboys about Sbisa … oh… maybe shouldn’t mention that either…

      And next year, don’t mention how the people that really know hockey keep commenting on the leadership and excellent play of people like Sutter and Gudbranson and how they are critical to the rebuild, working with all the young ‘uns … the statboys will hate that too ….

      • Dirk22

        Oh man we have some dumb dumbs on here.

        Coyotes went ‘all in’ on the analytics train? Because they hired Chayka?! What’s he supposed to do – expedite the aging process of Strome, Domi, Chychrun, Keller, Dvorak, Crouse etc?

        And are we really still defending the Sutter and Gudbranson acquisitions? That ship has sailed…or should I say has sunk.

        • Freud

          The simple minded stuff here is absolutely incredible, isn’t it? This team is in a battle for 29th place during a season in which making the playoffs was the goal. But all is well with how management makes decisions. I have a simple minded narrative to prove it.

        • DJ_44

          The Coyotes were suppose to be a lot better this year…..since they have always been a ‘wait til next year’ team.

          The reality is that they will be a lot better next year, provided they do not do something to screw it up….again.

          I will defend the Sutter and Gudbranson acquisitions…. they were fair deals. Sutter has been good. Gudbranson was saddled with Hutton…enough said. Let’s hope for a reasonable extension on Gudbranson, an Edler and Hutton trade, and we will be good for next season.d=

  • Steamer

    What’s wrong with this team? Mixed messages & dubious signings from management, goofy deployments by coach + utter hosers like Sutter & Eriksson. Rebuild will be long & painful.

  • Rocksterh8

    This management group is so bad, Canucks will never be a cup contender again. Please get rid of Trever, Jim and Willie.
    They have to go, they are all to wishy washy, they have no vision.

  • wojohowitz

    How bad is it? The `Yotes are favoured and chomping at the bit. This isn`t the Ducks or Sharks who are looking forward to the playoffs and are happy with a 2-0 win. This is the perennial losers who start every season with little hope of making the playoffs. Given the opportunity for a 9-0 blowout the Yotes will be more than happy to obliged and all this from Tippett who Willie models his approach on – defence first and a 1-0 loss is a victory.

    • Hack-smack-whack

      A fair comment, but I don’t think so. He’s young and feeling the pressures of carrying this team. He’s gone from relatively little pressure playing with vets like Burrows, to a team where now he’s expected to provide leadership (Boeser) and other young players. He doubtless hears the captaincy talk and with the vets either injured, not producing, and traded away, that growing leadership is surely weighing on him. I think if anything he’s trying too hard right now.
      Completely disagree with the author on giving him the “C” this season. Let him continue to improve and grow into his role.

    • TD

      His production dropped when teams lined up against him and not the Sedins. He benefited by easier match ups for most of the year, but over the past couple of months, he has been up against Toews, Bergeron, Kessler and the top D pairings. I love Bo, but he isn’t quite ready to be a number 1 centre.

    • In the last 10 games, the Canucks have scored 16 goals in 8 games (2 shutouts). Horvat has 5 points in 4 of those games. Which means Horvat earned a point in 50% of the games where the Canucks scored and earned a point on 33% of those goals. For one guy, that’s a fair contribution. In contrast, Henrik had 3 points (19%) in 2 games (25%) and Megna had 1 point (6% / 13%). The real question is where is the rest of the team scoring???

    • Rodeobill

      He is going into contract negotiations, why would he sluff now? Plus he still puts the effort in most nights, he just has an ahl team helping him against NHL ones.