For the second time in three days, the Canucks take on the Sharks and the only thing that’s changed is the venue. There are some big changes to both teams lineups and the Canucks are STILL trying to get over the 70 point hump. Former Canuck, Jannik Hansen, will once again try and help his team manhandle his old team while building momentum towards the playoffs.

The pain and suffering will be over soon for Canucks nation but there’s a chance they could end the season with a few #moralvictories


Nikolay Goldobin is back and Brandon Sutter has mansplained how to stay there. They’ll spend at least the first period together with Reid Boucher and hopefully the whole game! Michael Chaput was awarded the immunity idol yet again and gets to play with the Sedins. I’d love to see the Horvat line with Baertschi and Boeser get something done because things have looked quiet. To be fair, the entire team has.

Ryan Miller did some impressive mentoring on Monday which probably means he starts, yet again.

Vancouver Canucks lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:


No Logan Couture or Joe Thornton in the lineup (as of now) so Thomas Hertl and Jannik Hansen along with Joe Pavelski, will most likely make up the top unit. Updates will come later today.

Martin Jones got the win last time and it’s been a few days. Expect him to start again.

San Jose Sharks lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:



  • There are four games left. Four games left of this horror.
  • They won’t clinch the worst record in the NHL this season but a little scoreboard help could get the Canucks the 2nd worst spot in the standings by season’s end. As we’ve all seen, the draft lottery is a cruel mistress and nothing is guaranteed. I still hold out hope for one of the two stars available. If I can pronounce either of their names when we draft them, all the better.
  • Even though the 2017 Canucks season has been an absolute dud, there have been bright spots. Yep, at least a few. Nothing though to speak of in the last four games. Brock Boeser, Alex Edler and Sven Baertschi have been the only goal scorers during this four-game losing streak. I don’t know who else to look towards to expect goals but my goodness, it has to be better than this.
  • The dark days are near my friends – only three other Canuck seasons have seen 40-loss campaigns and that was the span from 1996/97-1998/99. This most likely is the fourth. I went a bit further back and the 1994 team also had 40, who knew? Basically, rock bottom happened the last time it got to 40. Guess where they’re at?
  • It’s common knowledge but Bo Horvat will be the Canucks leading scorer this year. The passing of the guard is official and it’s only a matter of time before the “C” graces his jersey. The rebuild will be on him to dig them out and he’ll need to bring the change. It won’t happen overnight but I think he has it in him.


So if they start this NEXT season, that’s good for at least a few more wins, right?


Having Couture and Thornton out is a huge advantage for the Canucks but it feels like they can’t even sit in the right spot on the bench lately. I believe the Canucks can still pull off a win or two to end the year and this might be their best chance. Goldobin gets his first start against his old club so we all hope he does something memorable and gritty… and ballsy.

Canucks win in regulation… barely.


More Canadian, less Canucky

    • apr

      its comments like that I don’t understand. CA writers predominantly want the team to lose to get a better draft pick – and when they lose they get all smarmy. Perhaps they would have been happy if the Canucks added in the trade deadline instead, to avoid “this horror”.

      • Locust

        Maybe someone can figure them out, I sure can’t.

        It goes from “pick up everyone on waivers” to ” we have to many players under contract” to “play the kids” to “we aren’t playing well as we lack experience” to “get rid of Miller” to “Miller is deserving of the MVP” to “previous management sucked, hamstringing current management” to “current management is not utilizing the assets they inherited” …. and on and on and on…..

        Mass schizophrenia???
        Purposefully trolling us?
        In over their heads?

        Compared to other teams Nation sites – Canucks Army is poorly conceived, poorly written and poorly executed…. Cant figure it out …???

        • Freud

          Hilarious. You can’t keep up with the more complex ideas of CA writers so you try and belittle them to feel better about yourself. They routinely get hired by NHL teams, yet no writer from any other Nations site could claim the same.

          I have you figured out, but I can’t figure out why the fanboy whiners keep returning here if they have such issues…. the door is right over there. Use it.

  • Bro Horvat

    Serious question, are these “dailyfaceoff.com” lines part of a running joke? They’re never even remotely close to being correct – ever. They don’t even match what is written in the immediately preceding section.