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Canucks to sign Shore

After spending this season playing for Kloten in the Swiss-A league, the Canucks are expected to sign former Florida Panther and Calgary Flame Drew Shore to a contract for the remainder of the 2016-2017 season.

26-year old Shore scored a team high 48 points to go along with 24 goals in Kloten’s 50 games this season. He ranked sixth in the league in points and third in the league in goals.

Shore was drafted by the Florida Panthers in the second round of the 2009 NHL entry draft.

He has appeared in 80 NHL games with the Panthers and Flames scoring 24 points in 80 games. Shore played in the NCAA for the University of Denver where he scored 118 points in 123 games, and was the team’s captain in his last season there.

Shore is currently on waivers, and is expected to sign with the team should he clear.


  • Hockey Warrior

    WELCOME to the whacky ‘prospect pool’ world of Jim Benning guys, where the philosophy is bringing in quantity over QUALITY…

    Bonino, Forsling, McCann, HANSEN all traded for Benning PLUGS

    Nyander, Ehlers, Konecky and TKACHUK all passed OVER at the draft for IFs, buts and MAYBES

    It’s a classic case of throw enough s$$t at the wall and see if some of it sticks. Get back to me fellas when we BRING IN some PROVEN young quality like Matt Murray, Conor Sheary. Ryan Hartman and Jimmy Vesey!

  • Smyl and Snepsts

    Why do you respond to him? He just wants attention so you make him happy. The signing for the rest of the year can’t hurt. If he doesn’t work out they say thanks and move on.

    • Hockey Warrior

      Keep lickin those windows BLOWHARDS and i will KEEP calling it as i SEE IT. To quote Jack Nicholson “You can’t handle the TRUTH”

      The amount of BAD TRADES and first round draft BUSTS BENNING has made here would almost fill a ROSTER worthy of making the PLAYOFFS… which is WHERE most of the afforementioned ex Ca-suck players and draft misses are headed.

      Now the team has FOLDED AGAIN we are supposed to support EVERY REJECT like this guy who insult the memory of PAT QUINN and FRANK GRIFFITH who gave us RESPECT through ASTUTE hockey moves. They must be turning in their graves over the GARBAGE lacin em up for us now.

      Learn some RESPECT ffs… BIGGER PICTURE guys Bigger PICTURE!!

  • Len

    Off subject, but for the draftees out there, let it be known there is hope even if we don’t wind up with a top 10 pick and miss out on all the centres available (Patrick, Hischier, Vilardi, Rasmussen, Mittelstadt). Cody Glass of the Portland Winterhawks will have a shot at being better than all but the first 2 of the above. And given our luck at the draft, which can be best explained by the results of the first and the last drafts – losing out on Gilbert Perrault, then going from third to fifth last year and picking the wrong guy (Juolevi over Tkachuk) picking later may be better.

    • Bud Poile

      Re:”picking the wrong guy (Juolevi over Tkachuk)….”
      Juolevi has never played an NHL game.
      It might be prudent to actually see him play first before passing judgement.

      • Hockey Warrior

        THAT IS the point numb nutz – TKACHUK is already delivering in the NHL as an ELITE POWER FORWARD *NOW* and already leading his team to the playoffs exciting the FANS in the process = JUOLEVI is NOWHERE to be seen and in fact going BACKWARDS in the MINORS after a DISASTROUS WJC where he captained Finland to a HUMILIATING elimination in the group stages!

        Benning BUST over Matty. END OF!

  • wojohowitz

    Catch that quote from Burrows. Not a cheap shot at Willie but if you read between the lines; Burrows said. “It’s so fun to come into a team that has a total buy-in on what the coach is selling.”

  • Bud Poile

    Sutter’s injured,Hank’s gassed.
    The team iced 6 AHL’ers last game and played Biega on the wing. Mgmt. finds/signs a mature 6’3″ 205 lb’er that excelled in the AHL ,costs nothing to sign that has played NHL hockey and still the whiners wouldn’t find a ray of sunshine if they were stuck out in the desert.