Babych Please – March 10th, 2017

Canucks Army is looking so fresh these days that you might want to call us the Nikolay Goldobin of hockey blogs. Your favourite team and your favourite website may be looking different these days, but some things are forever, like me talking about dogs and Ben Hutton having a good time.

  • The Sedins will once again be some of the faces of the BCCHF’s annual Jeans Day in effort to encourage support for the hospital. This year, the twins are decked out in full Canadian tuxedos and are accompanied by their dogs. This might be their best photoshoot ever. 


  • The latest Canuck to be in a car is Erik Gudbranson. Despite his wrist injury, Erik can drive just fine. He tells us about his surgery and what it means to him to play in front of thousands of people. No word on his teammates’ drinking tendencies, though.

  • Ben Hutton and Luca Sbisa’s fake fighting is the best kind of fighting in hockey. They’re having so much fun!

  • Jeff Vinnick’s Behind the Lens galleries returned for the team’s recent California roadtrip. These galleries are always very fun. My favourites from the most recent installment include Loui Eriksson trying to block out the world with his scarf, the world’s worst can-can line, John Garrett definitely telling Henrik Sedin about the best way to eat Kraft Dinner, and Ben Hutton in a Zorb ball.

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  • This photo of Nikolay Goldobin meeting Chris Tanev and Henrik Sedin is amazing. Tanev and Henrik look like the most casual old dudes ever and Goldobin is wearing intentionally ripped jeans, a pink hoodie, and Yeezys. The Canucks need this kind of pizzazz.

  • Speaking of Goldobin, a recent post on Fort Nucks discusses how similar he looks to Taylor Lautner (known for his roles in Twilight and Grown Ups 2). I see it, but he looks way more like Nick Jonas (known for being a Jonas brother).  What do you think? He’s way more of a Jonas.

  • A lot of wild stuff happens at Rogers Arena, but this might be the wildest. Real life hungry, hungry hippos. It does not get better than that.

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