Canucks Army Trade Deadline Reading Material


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The day is here. The NHL trade deadline is upon us.

One of the days that hockey fans circle with anticipation for a flurry of action. There is no doubt that the trading deadline CAN be one of the most exciting days. It can also be a dud.

Doesn’t mean that everyone won’t be glued to TSN, Sportsnet, their phone or their computer hoping to see a huge trade somewhere in the league.

For the Canucks specifically – there is no way to predict what may happen today. But we have spent the last few weeks offering some ideas, suggestions and analysis on things that the local team could do.

With that, we have prepared a primer for the day to give you some reading material while we wait for the trades to drop.

Taking Stock of what the Canucks have

A long-term look at the Canucks salary cap and contracts (Ryan Biech)

Having a clearer picture of what the Canucks have regarding their forwards, defence, goaltending, dollars and contracts will provide insight into some moves, if they happen….

Vancouver Canucks 2017 Trade Deadline Primer (J.D. Burke)

Regardless of how much the Canucks accomplish at this year’s deadline, it’s shaping up to be every bit as compelling as last season’s. Is Vancouver a seller? Perhaps a buyer? Do they do nothing at all? Let’s dive in and see where the Canucks stand going into this most crucial period.

Taking stock of the Utica Comets (Ryan Biech)

It’s clear that the Comets will see some turnover next season with some young prospects graduating next season. Ideally, the organization will let some of the older players, on AHL deals specifically, walk and let the younger players fill those voids. 

Alex Burrows Trade

Canucks trade Alex Burrows to Ottawa for Jonathan Dahlen

This traded presents fantastic value for the Canucks, and is exactly what fans were hoping for when trading away pending free agents.

We will have a move in-depth look at Dahlen in the coming days.

Jannik Hansen

Report: Jannik Hansen provides 8 team list for Modified No Trade Clause (Jeremy Davis)

Once Hansen has provided the Canucks with his list of eight teams, the Canucks are free to pull the trigger on a deal with one of those teams without requiring to run it by Hansen again first. Assuming that Hansen provides some semblance of a reasonable list of teams, it shouldn’t be overwhelmingly difficult to find a team that has interest.

The Canucks would be wise to trade Jannik Hansen at the Trade Deadline (Ryan Biech)

For a team like the Vancouver Canucks, moving Hansen at the trade deadline is a logical move when looking at the long-term picture. They cannot afford to lose a player like Hansen, Granlund or Baertschi for nothing. Their window won’t suddenly open next year where Hansen will provide a significant boost in the last year of his deal.

Are the Minnesota Wild out on Jannik Hansen? (J.D. Burke)

That trade should be of interest for Canucks fans because the Wild are one of the first two teams connected in earnest to Jannik Hansen. If they’re ‘all in’ and I tend to think today’s move is an indication of as much, how far are they willing to go down that path, and is there still ample room to stumble on Hansen as they do?

Ryan Miller

Reports connect Ryan Miller to Calgary Flames and San Jose Sharks (J.D. Burke)

It doesn’t sound like a deal is imminent. By that same token, trade talks have to start somewhere, and most of them start with a rumour. For the Canucks’ sake, let’s hope that’s the case here.

Top 3 Trade Destinations for Ryan Miller (J.D. Burke)

With the added caveat that it doesn’t appear even remotely likely the Canucks have a playoff push in them, and this is a player that they should, probably, try to monetize for futures. That could be easier said than done. Miller has a limited no-trade clause, wherein he can submit a list of five teams with which the Canucks can try and facilitate a trade.

There’s a fair amount of guesswork, but working within those bounds, I’ve found three such locations that make sense as a possible Miller destination for the home stretch.


How realistic is a 29th place finish? (Jeff Paterson)

Could they possibly fall as far as 29th before all is said in done? Is it conceivable that the Arizona Coyotes gain nine points to overtake the Canucks over the final five weeks of the season?  On the surface, it seems like a remarkable long-shot. The Canucks are currently nine points back of second Wild Card team St. Louis and no one thinks they’re closing that gap. So is it foolish to think that Arizona could make up the nine points needed to pass the Canucks over the final quarter of the schedule? Before you dismiss the notion entirely, look a little a closer, and it may not be so far-fetched to see the Canucks wind up with the second-best odds in April’s draft lottery.

Do the Canucks have something in Evan McEneny? (Jeremy Davis)

Once a forgotten member of the Canucks prospect pool, Evan McEneny is suddenly putting up numbers in his first full season with the Utica Comets. Struggling to remain in the lineup just a few months ago, McEneny is now an all-situations player for Comets coach Travis Green, and is seemingly resistant to the rotating healthy scratches.

By the Numbers: Canucks after 60 games (Ryan Biech)

It’s clear that the Canucks are basically the same team as they were last season, but due to other teams performance, the playoffs were a tangible dream. That dream should be but a memory now that the Canucks wake up today being 8 points behind Calgary.

It’s time to sell.

Happy Trade Deadline Day everyone!

  • Steamer

    NOTE: Goldobin has 16G/26 A in the AHL this season & is being hailed as an exceptional value; Curtis Valk has 15G/21A in the AHL & is not even signed to an ELC?! Yet Benning signs Mac Stewart, Marco Roy, Yan Pavel-LaPlante, et al to ELC’s – what gives??? Surely Valk has proven he is more than capapble at the AHL level & is seriously out-performing most other Canucks – again, Cole Cassels – yet can’t get signed to an NHL deal? Very puzzling.