We aren’t really talking about the mumps anymore but the Canucks are still playing like they’re infected. The Red Wings roll into town and believe it or not, they have the same amount of points as the Canucks. How about that?

Vancouver is still short a few players and they will be without long-time Canuck Alex Burrows until at least 2019 with what many are calling “different jersey syndrome”

Just play running time tonight, we need to cry.


Chris Tanev and Troy Stecher are both slated to return from the mumps. Ben Hutton (mumps) and Anton Rodin (knee) will not play. Luca Sbisa is flu-free so he’ll be back. Nikita Tryamkin, Michael Chaput and Markus Granlund are still all out with the mumps. How many times can I say mumps?

I can’t wait for this thing to be over.

Ryan Miller will start and Richard Bachman looks to be the backup tonight.

Vancouver Canucks lines courtesy of

Defensive Pairings
Alexander Edler 
Alexander Edler
Troy Stecher 
Troy Stecher
Luca Sbisa 
Luca Sbisa
Chris Tanev 
Chris Tanev
Alex Biega 
Alex Biega
Philip Larsen 
Philip Larsen

Stanley Cup champion Drew Miller has been recalled and may be in the lineup this evening. Odd that he has a Cup and not Ryan.

Petr Mrazek should be the goalie of record this evening.

Detroit Red Wings lines courtesy of


  • The last time these two teams played, this happened:
  • Loui Eriksson needs to have a big game. Now that Burrows is gone he’s the low man for goals in the top half of the team with 11. The anti-shooting Henrik Sedin even has more with 12. Time to step up Swedey (like sweety but sw… nevermind)
  • It’s not too long before the Canucks are in Toronto for the Draft Lottery. As both teams are tied with 58 points, a loss puts them a lot closer to whoever is the 2nd best player in the draft. Wow, how the mighty have fallen.
  • Philip Larsen is back and we never really made a big deal about it but don’t you worry, I don’t forget much. As the trades continue, expect Larsen to be given a bit more time to show off what he’s worth to the Canucks. They’re going to need a deep back end to survive the next few seasons.
  • Does Bo Horvat get the “A”?


Goes without saying. Not suggesting the Canucks would have beat San Jose with a full lineup but it wouldn’t have hurt as bad.


Well, the dominoes are starting to fall so it’s a race to the bottom now. I do hope they hit 65 points and quite frankly, they aren’t as bad as that number. Making a player for player trade would be great so the team can see a tangible rebuild on the ice but it will take more than trading Burrows.


The easy answer here is the Sedins but what about Erik Gudbranson? Sure, he’s injured but everything we saw from him in his first season as a Canuck would lead most to believe he would be tradeable. I’m not a rock scientist but if you could get a 3rd round pick then I’d say go for it.

    • Dirty30

      WD is still playing for his job so expect no changes, no surprises, no creativity, no ingenuity or adaptability and ergo no Subban.

      Expect a tired trap and inexplicable deployments that play to no one’s strengths.

      This is the guy who could coach Bobby Orr into being Dana Murzyn.

  • Killer Marmot

    what about Erik Gudbranson? Sure, he’s injured but everything we saw from him in his first season as a Canuck would lead most to believe he would be tradeable.

    The Canucks have an excess of talented young defensemen, both playing and in development, and a shortage of talented young forwards, even after the Burrows trade.

    The trade strategy seems obvious. Find a team with the opposite problem and strike a deal.

    • I am Ted

      I saw that comment about what this blogger would be OK with in a trade for Gudbranson. All I can say is the CA bloggers continue to be idiotic as can be. It’s nothing new here. These types of moronic comments are poor even for high school kids.

  • @ allways94,

    You want management to trade Gudbranson for a third? Really? Don’t under value our players like that.

    It’s game day. Detroit is struggling, just like us. Hope there is some entertainment coming our way tonight. Fast paced and skilled game should be order of the day.

    Markstrom is injured, Miller starts (I guess he’s staying) and Bachman is the backup. Thanks to allways94 for deleting Burrows from the game day roster. See, it is possible to update.

  • Chris the Curmudgeon

    I’m sure even someone as dense as Willie can see that the playoffs aren’t happening this year. They’re 9 points and 3 teams back of the wild-card, sportsclubstats gives them a 0.5% chance of making it, half the team has the mumps and the GM has started to sell. If he wants to keep his job (which he shouldn’t under any circumstances at this point IMO), how about demonstrating that he can get young players like Subban and Gaunce and McEneny to play the way he wants them to. Winning a couple of extra games by riding the veterans down the stretch does little more than worse our draft position, and I strongly doubt that the difference between a 24th and a 28th place finish is enough to keep him around.

    • TheRealPB

      I’m a bit mystified about what in your post would possibly justify down votes. You’re absolutely right, though that was also true before and after the trade deadline last year and didn’t lead to enough play for the younger players. I’m willing to cut WD at least a bit of slack in that a number of young players have actually played during his tenure, though of that group only some have progressed while others have stagnated or taken a step backwards. I still find the failure to play Markstrom sufficiently to be inexcusable. Riding a 35 year old goalie to a 28th place finish only makes sense if you are pumping up his value. If a trade for Miller doesn’t happen (and I’m guessing it won’t) then this will have been a wasted year for Markstrom.

      • Chris the Curmudgeon

        Agreed, naturally. I like that Grenier is getting the chance to play, as he’s earned it, and I like that we’re seeing McEneny. But why not play Subban over Larsen? Why give known quantity Megna so many minutes over younger players like Boucher and Gaunce who actually have growth potential but need NHL ice to really achieve it and show us what they are capable of? Can the coach be that averse to thinking about the future in favor of short-term gratification (and not that much of it, to boot)?

        • TheRealPB

          I’ve long wondered what exactly WD’s orders are. After Year 1 in which the Canucks arguably overachieved and yet he looked really out of his depth in the playoffs (and perhaps also during part of the regular season, at least in his insistence on rolling four lines regardless of the situation) and unable to adjust to matchups, I don’t know what the actual marching orders are from the higher ups. For all the talk of winning and being competitive, the roster that’s been put together (and the various circumstances including inherited ones) make it very unlikely that this was going to be a playoff team. If this was meant to be a teaching coach, WD doesn’t really fit that (though to be honest neither does Travis Green who has a tendency to play career AHLers over our younger prospects). It’s hard to imagine WD being back but I’m also curious as to who we’d replace him with.

          • Chris the Curmudgeon

            Yes, that’s something I guess we’ll never know. But the talk of replacing Willie with Green really worries me, for the reason you stated. Green has always seemed to prioritize winning over player development, which doesn’t sound especially flattering when you look at how streaky and sputtery the Comets are. And it isn’t as though we’ve seen a whole lot of great player development out of him either, how many guys on the current NHL roster were “molded” by playing under Green and then found success for the Canucks? I count a few games from cannon fodder Megna and Chaput, Brendan Gaunce’s 5 assists in 51 games, our expansion draft compliance defenceman and a bunch of mumps callups. Not exactly churning em out here.

            Shoulda jumped at the chance to sign Julien, in my opinion.

          • apr

            I’d really like to see Crow come back. I think the time away has soothed any hard feeling from the Bertuzzi-Moore fallout. Crow did a really good job transitioning the West Coast express to the Sedins team; and I think it would somehow be fitting if he helped transition the Sedins to Bo and Baer.