Plays of the Week: Trade Deadline Edition


Well, it was a little bit of a depressing week in Canucks land. Five days of no hockey, two losses, and a serious case of the mumps. On the bright side, one of the most exciting days of the season, the trade deadline, is quickly approaching and Canucks Army has been out in full force with “what ifs” and “how abouts”. Miss an article? I’ve got you covered with this week’s Plays of the Week.

Weekly Features

Trade Deadline Features

Canucks Army This Week

Will the Canucks Sign Gaudette and Boeser Before Season End? (Ryan Biech)

“It’s fair to believe that getting Gaudette into a game this season if they so choose wouldn’t be an issue. If the Canucks season doesn’t end in a playoff spot, having someone like Boeser to point to, would be a good PR move.”

Bob McKenzie on Jannik Hansen, Ben Hutton and the Trade Deadline (J.D. Burke)

“We’ve heard Hutton’s name bandied about as ammunition for a trade going back to November. He’s a marketable, young, offensive defenceman with room to grow and signed on the cheap for two seasons beyond this one at $2.8-million.”

Do the Canucks Have Something in Evan McEneny? (Jeremy Davis)

“The funny thing about McEneny’s sudden emergence is that he had gone entirely under the radar as a prospect when we did our rankings, both in the preseason and midseason. In both cases, he was simply an honourable mention. During the midterm rankings, he ended up 24th in voting. I personally had him 20th, but given the progression he’s shown since then, I’d be hardpressed not to put him in the top ten. Yes, I’m serious.”

Jim Benning Speaks on The Mumps Outbreak (Vanessa Jang)

“With the trade deadline quickly approaching, there might be a feeling of angst that this Canucks-concentrated mumps outbreak will impact how management approaches the day. For Benning, he doesn’t think it will have a bearing.”

Bye Bye Week (Graphic Comments)

Fun with the CBA! IR, LTIR, and Emergency Recalls (Jeremy Davis)

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The Games

Sunday, Feb 19: VAN 2 – PHI 3

“Hutton played a hell of a game, I thought. This pairing the Canucks have going with him and Nikita Tryamkin seem to be developing instant chemistry. Each left tonight’s game in the black by Corsi for. Hutton had a beautiful breakout pass that led to the Hansen goal. The sophomore duo might be worth looking at long-term.”

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Saturday, Feb 25: VAN 1 – SJS 4

“Tonight wasn’t looking good for the Vancouver Canucks from the start. They’d lost a half of their team to the mumps over the bye week, faced a Western Conference powerhouse in the San Jose Sharks and, well, they were coming off the bye week. That’s a new kind of scheduled loss.”

Canucks News This Week

  • BigDeal

    Be prepared for Benning to completely screw up this trade deadline, like he did last year. It seems like he considers it an inconvenience rather than an opportunity. This team is in dire need of some high level strategic thinking and we are not going to get it from this crew. Everything should be on the table to disrupt what is turning into a perpetual last place team. I used to laugh at the Feaster/Weisbrod fiasco in Calgary, now we are living through the Benning/Weisbrod idiocy here … and it’s not funny.