Babych Please – February 17th, 2017


The Canucks look like a longshot to make the playoffs these days, but they aren’t done trying yet. In the meantime, they are talking romance, embarrassing nicknames, and more!

  • Luca Sbisa sat down with Ben Hutton to talk romance on Valentine’s Day and, shockingly, Ben Hutton giggled the entire time. Hutton talks about the ups and downs of dating, praises Sbisa for being a romantic, and call out Chris Tanev’s laidback approach to love.

  • For more Valentine’s Day content, check out these adorable reporters quizzing Sbisa, Alex Burrows, and Alex Biega on their romantic chops. Biega’s most romantic moment (a nice dinner) seems pretty weak when compared to Burrows’ Venetian gondola proposal.  
  • Troy Stecher drove CanucksTV’s Hannah to work and revealed some fun facts about himself along the way. The nicknames are the best part, but it’s also cool to hear him talk about being a star in the city he grew up in. 

  • Troy became a target when his teammate discovered snow inside the TD Garden. Is Chris Tanev trying to behead Ben Hutton?

  • The Canucks invited you behind the scenes on their road trip. You can watch the full video here, or you could just look at these .gif highlights: 
tumblr_ol72yz19OW1u1hiuoo1_400   tumblr_ol72yz19OW1u1hiuoo2_400

tumblr_ol72yz19OW1u1hiuoo4_400   tumblr_ol72yz19OW1u1hiuoo6_400

  • The road trip did not end perfectly, but at least the team did get to dance a little bit. 

  • On a more serious note, former Canuck Corey Hirsch recently openly discussed his struggle with depression. His Player’s Tribune article and the below video are pretty heavy, but well worth checking out. Hockey Talks is an initiative that aims to break the stigma that surrounds mental illness, and stories like Corey’s play an important role in that.