Canucks Army Postgame #54: Liquid Hot Megna


Time and time again, your 2016-17 Vancouver Canucks have played in a manner that allows people with varying opinions to fill their boots with their narratives. Tonight was no different, as some of the Canucks’ most maligned acquisitions combined for three goals, en route to a shutout victory over one of the league’s strongest teams. They also did so in a manner that can’t exactly be called “sustainable” over the long haul, with Ryan Miller bailing them out on multiple occasions. 

But, let’s give credit where credit is due. The Sedins gave us a vintage performance, the powerplay got going, and Ryan Miller was full value in tonight’s win as the Canucks inched within 5 points of the second wildcard spot. 


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  • With Sven Baertschi out of the lineup, Reid Boucher drew in, slotting in on the Canucks’ fourth line with Michael Chaput and Jack Skille. He had a solid if unspectacular showing tonight, finishing +5 in even-strength corsi with two shots and the Canucks best chance of the first period, a slick wrister alone in front off a Ryan Murray turnover. 
  • The loss of Baertschi and insertion of Boucher into the lineup resulted in some line-juggling, with Markus Granlund bumped up to a line with Henrik and Daniel Sedin, leaving Loui Eriksson to play with Brandon Sutter and Jayson Megna. The move had the desired effect on the Canucks’ top line, as Granlund notched the assist on the Canucks’ first goal. It’s affect on the team’s second line left something to be desired, however, as that line finished an ugly 33% in shot-shares at even-strength.
  • While Eriksson struggled at evens, he did net the Canucks’ second of the game on the powerplay. I think it’s no coincidence that the Canucks finally converted on the man advantage t when they adjusted their formation for a moment. Do you remember when we suggested that? Pepperidge Farm remembers. 
  • The Canucks’ skaters owe Ryan Miller a six-pack after tonight’s performance. He was the team’s MVP tonight, as he has been for the better part of the last couple of months. He stopped all 33 shots he faced, and had a few highlight-reel moments, including this one, sprawling to stop Brandon Dubinsky on his own rebound. He’d look awful good as insurance for a contender, don’t you think? 
  • Jayson “Liquid Hot” Megna scored tonight, which is pretty funny for those of us who just want to watch the world burn.

  • Nucklehead

    Although it’s been a long time coming, and it partly took an injury to Baertschi, I’ll give some credit to Desjardins for making a few line-up changes that paid off tonight. Desjardins also could have shortened the leash on Stecher after his blue-line fumble, but I’m glad he put Stecher back out there to make that great pass to Megna for a good-looking goal. I imagine the draftists aren’t too happy but it’s good to see the Nucks back in the win column.

    • TheRealPB

      What do you see as the most astute part of the Miller signing? I don’t mind it myself given that we’re not exactly in a cap crunch; however, I’d like it more if they actually treated Markstrom like an NHL goalie and split the starts between him and Miller 50-50. Not only does Miller tend to play better with a bit more rest, it makes much more sense to give Markstrom — who has had a similar year to Miller with similar good runs — more of a chance to prove himself. So for me this would be an astute signing if the point was to provide a strong veteran mentor/presence as your younger goalie was prepared. It makes little sense to me to play Miller into the ground in the way he has been the first two years. This year — arguably his best — it’s potentially increased his trade value. But if I was a team looking for more insurance or depth I would probably look towards Fleury or Bishop, 5 and 7 years younger respectively.

      If you’re saying that signing Miller made sense because it makes the Canucks a better team, the standings belie that belief.

      • Bud Poile

        Miller has been this team’s MVP.Miller signed here because of his history with Benning. No Benning,no Miller.

        Miller takes on the hard starts and has carried this team. It is no longer the Sedins this team is relying upon to win,it is Miller.

        If Melanson thought Markstrom was as good as Miller he would be sharing the workload.He’s not so they made the decision to ride Miller.

        If fans think this team sucks right now just imagine how bad they would be without this bona fide NHL starting goaltender.

        This team needs Miller to mentor Demko. I hope they expose Markstrom and Vegas takes the bait.

        • Brent

          Wow, I mean just wow.

          So you want to get rid of Markstrom and keep a rapidly aging goaltender?!? I mean. sure I have been drinking heavily, but this sounds really, really crazy.

          Trade Miller, his value is high. Keep the younger Markstrom and hope Demo is ready to be backup. Only problem is that by all accounts, it is not a great draft year, so maybe go for some prospects.

          • Braindead Benning


            Demko is not even ready at this point to carry the heavy load needed to be a starter at the AHL level!!! And this TOOL thinks that keeping Miller around for another couple of years is going to be the solution…

            Hey Bud, Guess what???

            Markstrom is actually a pretty respectable goaltender and Miller has been awesome this year however, he will be 39 years old as opposed to 30 by the time Demko will be ready to be a backup… So I am kind of thinking of logic and common sense as to what might be a better solution…

            But keep it up there “Bud” your asinine and stupid comments always gives me and my friends a daily chuckle

          • Bud Poile

            I disagree,and more importantly the Canucks goaltending coach ,coaching staff and management disagree.

            If Miller is retained he carries the workload yet again next year.

            Markstrom will be 28 next year with 100 NHL games under his belt (35-52-12 2.91 GAA).This was the year of transition for him -and he failed to carry the team.

            Demko will be 22 and as the future he should be mentored by the best,not some B grade backup.

            Yeah,stupid is as stupid does.Keep em coming Braindead.

          • TheRealPB

            I get your desire to push back against the relentless drumbeat of criticism and anti-Benning snark on CA. But just uncritically cheerleading every move or engaging in revisionist retelling to suit your narrative is equally pointless.

            Just because Miller has been very good — I actually think throughout his time here — doesn’t mean that this was an astute signing. Having been a good player on three mediocre to bad teams doesn’t mean that it was a good signing. If this is truly Miller’s team rather than the Sedins’ (which I don’t really see) doesn’t necessarily say more about any of them.

            And the conclusions you draw on Markstrom somehow not being ready or an NHL calibre goalie is not backed up by evidence. There hasn’t been a reluctance to play him based on performance. When Miller went down with an injury he was excellent. When they started out the season with a more even share, he looked very strong. When WD seemed to feel the Canucks had more of a playoff chance he began to ride Miller but in a way that makes no sense to me based on the actual history here — no matter how good he’s looked this season every single one he’s been overplayed he’s started to break down. He’s even said he struggles without a bit of rest. On the flip side, Markstrom has looked rusty when he gets one start every few weeks.

            I didn’t mind the trade of Lack or the return and the argument at the time was that Miller would be the good mentor for Markstrom to be eased into the starting role. So why hasn’t that happened after three years? I don’t subscribe to the theory that we should have crappy goaltending to be worse to get a better pick (tanking hasn’t been proved to work). But I also don’t see the point of not actually transitioning to a younger player in goal — if you’re going to start to pass the baton up front and on D (where the Canucks actually have done so) why wouldn’t you do it in goal. If they haven’t done it so far I fail to see why it would work for Demko, especially if Miller’s 38 or 39 by the time Demko’s ready.

          • Braindead Benning


            I really appreciate your comments/posts, and truly wish I could express myself in a more articulate manner in which you do on a regular basis.

          • Bud Poile

            Free agents aren’t lining up to come to Vancouver so signing Miller took extra cash.He is carrying this team,He decides the games.He is the MVP.

            There’s a goaltending coach and decisions are made by committee,not Willie.

            The point I made is Markstrom is not an NHL #1 or starting goaltender.You missed that small fact.

            They will pass the baton in net,it just doesn’t end up in Markstrom’s hands.

          • Pat Quinn Way

            Yeah, hi Bud. Umm, as an UFA Miller made it known that he was desperate to be on the Westcoast to be as close as possible to his Hollywood based wife, so I beg to differ on this ‘extra cash’ nonsense pal. In fact, seeing as we were the only team on the Westcoast interested in his services, especially after his St Louis meltdown, a more astute GM would’ve used those two factors as a bargaining chip to save us dollars against the cap, wouldn’t he?

            Could you also tell us Bud, is Ryan Miller a better goalie than Jonathan Quick (2 cups), Ben Bishop, Marc Andrey Fleury (2 cups), Corey Crawford (2 cups) and Devan Dubnyk?

            and finally… were you a Canucks supporter between 2008-2014 mate?

            Cheers Buddy boy

          • Pat Quinn Way

            So finally we get an answer Bud… and one that frankly proves you to be a total hypocrite!

            Dude, you cannot possibly call yourself a Canucks supporter by cheering for our team during 2008-2014 and then constantly slating the GM and management team behind the most successful sustained period in our teams history.

            To think of you jumping around with glee like a cat on a hot tin roof during the 2011 final and now slandering the management team behind it day after day makes you a bloody disgrace Bud!

            As for my Miller question you conveniently dodged… all the goalies i mentioned are making less than Miller (Crawford makes the same) and are all younger and better, so that shoots you down in flames once again mate!

            PS One good game doesn’t change the three previous losses letting in a dozen goals in the process pal! Miller MVP my a$$.

            Now, kindly show some respect for the history and triumphs of our club or move on – we don’t need your type Buddy boy!

          • TheRealPB

            I am not really sure what you are arguing here. I didn’t say anything about whether or not Benning was able to get Miller here. He has in fact been pretty good at getting some of the top (and at times underrated) UFAs on the market here (in particular Eriksson who I think will still be good and Vrbata Yr 1).

            This is not about Miller’s play. Rather it is about the long-term implications of playing a 36 year old goalie on the last year of a FA deal when you have a 27 year old goalie who has not had the chance to fully prove whether or not he’s a #1.

            If you can show me some actual evidence that Markstrom is not a #1 I’m happy to entertain that. In the (few) moments he’s had a chance he hasn’t looked out of place. The point is about development, not whether an aging star player is good or not. For $6 million a year Miller better be damned good.

            I am hoping that the Canucks management isn’t as quick as you are being to throw a promising young player under the bus — especially in a season that’s gone sideways fast. I may not agree with all the doom and gloom on here but making these kinds of decisions (not playing younger players in a vainglorious attempt to make the playoffs) makes it hard not to be a bit down on their strategy.

          • Bud Poile

            I’ve laid all this out here before.

            Markstrom has never been a #1 and has a poor,losing overall record as an NHL goaltender.

            This was his year to step up but he has yet another losing season record while Miller stands on his head night after night.

            He is not a “promising young player” at near 28 years of age.

            Some elite goaltenders go well into their 40’s.

            Luongo and Miller at 37 have the potential in them to play 3-5 more years.

        • Vanoxy

          Nobody has an issue with the Miller signing. But some of us have an issue with how quickly Benning served up the huge contract to lock him up.

          That summer there were only 2 teams in the market for a starting goalie, and only 1 on the west coast, where it was k own Miller wanted to sign. Miller had just fizzled out in St Louis and his stock was at an all time low…

          So, on July 1, Benning has a contract waiting to make him the 6th highest paid goalie in the world????

          As you said, he is a quality starter. But in a salary cap league, should he be paid as much as Schneider and Holtby? More than Dubnyk Quick, Luongo, Bishop, Smith, Fleury?

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s here. But the reason people take issue with it is because Benning opened up the wallet far more than necessary, in order to lock up one of his boys. Same issue many have with the Dorsett, Sbisa and Sutter deals.

        • Chris the Curmudgeon

          Everything Benning does and thinks is great and unassailable. We know it, Bud, we know it already. You could really ease the burden on my scrolling finger if you would just shorten your posts to “Jim Benning is God” and leave it at that, because every single thing you post is some variation on that theme, regardless of what the article is about, and just by seeing your name I know that’s what you’re going to say.

          • Bud Poile

            What’s the point in condemnation when there are positives?

            What’s the point in being a constant negative nuisance when the team is years away from contending?

            Benning was handed an empty prospects bag with ten NTC’s and a rapidly aging set of stars with no NHL goaltender.

            Many of you guys think life depends upon the Canucks winning so it defines your lives,with your Stanley Cup wet dreams culminating in accusations and vulgarity.

            If you can’t win in life at least show some class with your selves.

  • TD

    My favourite clip that I was hoping would make this post game article was Boone Jenner hitting Tryamkin a little after the whistle at the Blue Jackets’ bench and then deciding to follow it up by pushing Tryamkin a second time. If you didn’t see Tryamkin send Jenner flying you should find the clip somewhere, it was funny and entertaining. Need him to have that edge all the time.

  • Bud Poile

    “The Canucks’ skaters owe Ryan Miller a six-pack after tonight’s performance. He was the team’s MVP tonight, as he has been for the better part of the last couple of months. He stopped all 33 shots he faced, and had a few highlight-reel moments….” Jackson McDonald

    “So while there is a distinct possibility that there might be some semblance of a market for Miller’s services, it’s not likely that the Canucks would receive much in the way of a worthwhile return; in all likelihood they might have to take on an ugly contract to make this happen. What else is new?

    All that’s certain is that one of the Canucks triumvirate of netminders will change addresses this off-season.Miller (?), well, we can always dream.” J.D. Burke – May 29,2015

      • Bud Poile

        Fun fact: No problems. I agree with you.

        Just pointing out that your managing editor wrote that Miller was redundant two years ago.

        Yet another fun fact: Goaltending is the #1 position in hockey and Benning gave this team a chance to compete/win from the start by securing Miller.

        • I am Ted

          You’ve been around. You read CA. You know most fans don’t take MOST (not all) of the CA writer’s opinions too seriously, right?

          I’ll say it again, kids writing about something they don’t fully understand. Benning wants Miller to show Markstrom how to win and the finer details of the position. Miller also needs to be Mark’s safety net. It’s being overly cautious but there’s nothing wrong with it. Benning clearly has the same mind-set when it comes to young forwards and D; he wants good vets around to show them the way.

          No, I am not a huge Benning fan but I get some of what he’s doing. IMO, he needs to be a bit more shrewd and cunning. Canucks had a good chance at going for last year’s first overall pick but opted not to. THey tried to be winners and not encourage a tank attitude. They finished 6 points ahead of the Laffs…

  • wojohowitz

    Just when I`m ready to write off the rest of the season they pull me back in. If only they could play like that more often. Of course now it looks like the Canucks will finish 20th and pick 10th in the draft – or so called no man`s land once again.

    Torts comment about zero emotion was interesting. Maybe that is his problem. His team burns out from his `in your face` style and tunes him out halfway thru the season. The contrast is my comment on Boudreau; `He could coach from the upper deck`.

    I like the way Columbus plays a tough physical game but did Jenner really think he could intimidate Tryamkin? Maybe that`s the word going around the league; He`s big but not very mean. Lay the lumber on him and he will wilt. Nice to see him get nasty every once in a while. Maybe he will learn from watching Chara how to play with an edge.

    Boucher looks good. Maybe we will see more of him this weekend – If Willie gives him a chance.

  • Hockey Warrior

    Guys, why keep feeding this deluded TROLL Bud aka crofton and believing his BS?

    This PROVEN MORON is ONLY hanging Markstrom out to dry because he is a MIKE GILLIS acquisition ffs.

    C’mon fellas, WHO in their right mind would bring up DEMKO when he is still STRUGGLING to make an impact in the MINORS with a near 3.00 GAA and a measly .901 Save percentage! Only an IDIOT like BUD-CROFTON would do that and ruin the kids career before it even starts in the NHL.

    Indeed, Markstrom has practically the same numbers as MILLER at HALF THE PRICE and is TEN years younger… go figure!

    Get a life Bud/crofton and once and for all, tell us WHO were you cheering for in the 2011 STANLEY CUP FINAL, ya yellow-livered coward?!

    We are all Canucks… except BUD/CROFTON!

    • crofton

      Normally I wouldn’t respond to your nonsense…the most down voted poster here, and that by a country mile… but Stop trying to put words in my mouth. Never once have I said to bring up Demko now. He’s not ready, plain and simple. But neither do I really believe Markstrom is ready to fill the starter’s role. And anyone that thinks Miller hasn’t made Vancouver a better team ? well I feel sorry for you. So I’ll lay out what I think about the goaltenders in Van. Trade Miller at the deadline get a good pick or something, and bring up Demko to BACK UP MArkstrom, but give him a few selected starts just to see how he responds. If it’s still obvious he isn’t ready, I would see what it might take to re-sign Miller for a one year contract, at less than this one, and hope over the course of next season, that Markstrom picks it up. If he does, great, the year after hopefully we would have Markstrom/Demko or if another year in Utica is what Demko needs, deal with that then.
      On the attack side of your post, anyone can see by writing styles or whatever, that Bud and I are 2 separate entities. Bud likes to point out how down some or most of CA bloggers are anti Benning, and that is valid. Because someone agrees with that, doesn’t make them an idiot, in point of fact, there are more posters calling out those bloggers than are supporting them, which means nothing more than that is the majority viewpoint, neither necessarily right or wrong, which also applies to you. And point of advice, your name calling doesn’t further your cause, in fact it makes you look like the 8y/o on the playground.

  • RIP

    This comments section got out of control fast….
    Anyway Megna is looking like a decent option for the Canucks as a depth forward. It is funny for all the harping CA staff do on JB and WD for not giving players a chance that is exactly what he has done with Megna. I posted a long time ago about this when it was clear the reason WD is giving Megna a chance is work ethic and it has worked. Case in point is Boucher, look closer at the clip you posted – decent wrist shot followed by……… watching the puck. GO TO THE NET OR AFTER THE PUCK! DO you CA writers not see that? Does work ethic and grit not count? I can’t see Boucher making it on any team except filling a hole for a depth lacking Canucks roster. I have watch all 14 min or so he has played and for a guy that needs to make an impact, he isn’t.

    I will chime in on the goal tending discussion, putting aside all the JB banter I think a couple of questions help clarify the situation. What would Calgary or Edmonton have paid to have Miller for this and the last 2 seasons? Really (not just speculation) how good is Markstrom as an NHL goaltender? By my count miller has stolen 6 wins for us this season so far (I have watched every minute of every game) thats 12 points and his poor play has lost us 1 game that I can think of. Remember he is posting elite stats with the Canucks in front of him, one of the youngest D corps with major injurys to date. I was a huge Markstrom fan going into this season wanted him to steal the reigns and the opportunity was there for him to do so. But he hasn’t which is too bad. Maybe we will get decent value for Miller at the deadline, but it better be good, because don’t expect great goaltending stats for the Canucks with Markstrom playing 50 games next season and Demko as is backup. That is a huge risk.

  • Hockey Warrior

    Anyway, on to the game – even though the Jackets couldn’t get up for this game (Torts words) there is no denying this was a STELLAR road game by the Canucks… BUT a DISASTER looking at the BIGGER PICTURE.

    Guys, I personally want a STANLEY CUP contender again and a TOP THREE draft pick would be a massive step in that direction compared to a one-and-done against CHICAGO, MINNY or SAN JOSE in the playoffs!. YES fellas,I want PATRICK, HISCHIER or TIM LLJEGRIN on our team – players that will make an INSTANT IMPACT like TKACHUK, NYLANDER and EHLERS have this season (all passed on by BENNING).

    Further to this, don’t be FOOLED by Miller. Don’t forget this guy was a DISASTER in the playoffs for St Louis and at his age with numerous injury problems (including concussions) he CLEARLY cannot handle the workload of the playoffs and CONTENDING teams KNOW IT so you can FORGET getting any draft picks for him.

    Also, for every good game from Miller you get three awful ones (12 goals against his three previous starts). The guy simply runs outta gas so NO TEAM is coming in for Ryan in hopes of a playoff run I can assure you.

    Guys, ultimately Ryan Miller has been a BUST at six mill per and I HOPE he is allowed to just walk off into a backup roll somewhere like LA or Vegas, because that’s what he’s playing for, NOT the Vancouver Canucks – just as Noureen planned it!

  • apr

    I don’t understand these posts on Miller and Markstrom. Miller was a really good signing, and has been the primary reason why the team has not bottomed out like the Leafs, Oilers, Sabres, and Yotes. Who cares if his signing was rushed and he got overpaid. The Canucks do not have any salary cap issues. Its not as if we’re Dallas and their crappy goalies with huge cap hits that are mitigating them from getting a defenseman.

    Markstrom has also been really good as well – Dallas and Colorodo would kill for a guy like him. He’s like Vasilevski (sp?) in Tampa. Nice young back up goalie, who cant beat out Bishop (who is having a down year). If we are to follow the Schneider plan for Demko, let him be.

    Clearly goal tending has been the team’s strongest suit – what’s with all the fuss?

  • Fred-65

    To be honest I think the management set up in Vcr sort of fogs up much of what’s happening to the team.

    WD may well be the nicest guy you could meet and the players like him. But liking the coach is not a pre-requisite for a successful coach. Think recently Babcock and earlier Bowman. His player ice allocations seem to be set in pre season rational and his stubbornness just compounds what should be simple decisions by most coaches. Horvat has become good because of Horvat nothing to do ( IMO ) with the 4th line appearances or deficient ice time. I truly believe a quality coach in Vcr would boost this team maybe 8-10 pts. Heck the inability to a decent PP alone ( a coach must) says a lot

    JB is not a math major and it shows in his signing and Cap management. I tend to believe that Gilman was an embarrassment with his clear and astute thinking. John Weisbrod has not turned out to be a reasonable substitute for Gilman ( another English major LOL ) The Cap management has IMHO a disaster. Signing like ( skills aside ) Dorsett, Sbisa, Ericksson Miller have made Cap management tougher than it should & success elusive for Vcr. Plus I think the Gudbranson new contract will follow suit. We are told that JB scouting abilities are good, but Virtanen, McCann, Gudbranson, Ericksson. I’m not convinced that Juolevi or even Boeser ( foot speed, speed is important in the current NHL) may yet turn out to JB’s answer to the maidens pray. You can point to lower draft picks but frankly they’re for the most part categorized by good luck and there’s as many bad picks in the lower rounds as good but lucky picks. What really burns me is the JB team apparently no idea what they had or who they signed with either Hutton or Stecher. Both of these players were not supposed to make the team coming out of camp and if they had of valued them as high as they have turned out to be would they still draft Juolevi and if so why? Lastly it will be interesting to see what becomes of Rodin now that hopefully his injuries are solved. He has the same skill in July 2017 as he had July 2016 if they thought he had the real stuff then why wouldn’t they think he has the real stuff a year later. ( remember Vcr has a good chance to loose a winger to expansion)and I don’t see any barn burners in Utica this season.

    TL, well you’re the Captain, the buck stops here, the Captain goes down with his ship etc etc. All roads lead back to TL. Has there been good direction from the top and how much has this contributed to the team sitting so low ? Is the rebuild on the fly been an achievable goal or was that a decision that shows lack of experience. I don’t know personally but no one can give a passing grade based on results.

    The combination of a first time President, first time GM and a first time coach does seem to answer why the team is where the team is. Picking at the individual flaws disguises the fact that decisions from the top were not great. Shanahan in TO atleast chose the best coach he could and a highly experienced GM the results have been different. The Oilers at last got their act together when they recognized that being an old boy was not enough to bring about success. Vcr is still in the pre Oilers/Leafs era.

    So the Miller/Markstrom argument just hides the real problem, it’s a lot deeper than their individual stats

    • apr

      Really? TO was the worst team in the league last year and they drafted a generational player with the first overall pick. They were garbage for 12 years prior. Two years ago, Edmonton (for the 5th time in 6-7 years) drafted a generational player with the first overall pick but they were garbage for 12 years before that.

      Ok, while I disagree with your assessment on the Canucks current state, I understand its merits. You make fine points. But if Gillman was so good, he would have been hired. Canucks had this year’s most likely Jack Adams winner, and he was beyond brutal with the Canucks two years ago with arguably a better team. The fact the Canucks have not rolled over like the Leafs and Oilers like they have been before they got their generational players is a testament to the coaching and the Sedins.

      I don’t agree with all of TL or Benning’s moves, and you can make an argument that the Canucks should have gone through the shameless fan jersey throwing on the ice days of the Oilers/Leafs so they could have gotten their generational talent. But it is what it is – and we’re just on a life cycle curve that all professional teams go through.

      • Fred-65

        How did TO get their generational player….they tanked, they tanked!! ….take a bow TO management. They traded every vet that stood between them and Matthews

        Gilman is still being paid by Vcr, he’s in no rush and he was so well thought of when it came to Cap and expansion compliance the NHL themselves had him as “their man ” You have to agree that looks good on any one’s CV

        A life cycle is fair comment with one exception those folks that put their wallets where their hearts are, Rather than those that snipe from the comfort of their chesterfield. Surely, surely the franchise owes them some thing… they alone stand between the Canucks playing in Vcr or another sunbelt city like Mobile Alabama.

        No IMO the decision from the top sets the table for the results that follow and that’s not confined to Sports it is true of every business

        • Bud Poile

          Fred,when you start paying the salaries for thousands of employees and have a franchise to lose you will get to decide how to run it.

          Toronto fills their barn every night in spite of forty years without a real contending team and you think that can or should be replicated in Vancouver?

          History is lost on you.

          Gilman and Gillis are exactly where they should be,and that is nowhere near the front office of an NHL club.

          • Fred-65

            Paying the salaries for thousands of employees …who the heck are you Bill Gates in disguise LOL You may do the pay roll but responsible for thousands of employees. Believe me I’ve had my own company and paid out likely millions in pay rolls. It does have a responsibility to it, a responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. But how or what impacts WD, JB and TL I have no idea. As to TO you’re right about that they could dress baboons in a Leafs uniform and they’d still fill MLG.

            As to History, well I’ve been a season ticket holder since 1973, how about you ? I’ve seen the half empty Pacific Coloseum and the time when there was serious doubt about the franchise. So I’m well aware of times when 7500 fans was a good night. But I’m tending towards the Fram filter advert, “you can pay me now or you can pay me later” you are old enough to recall that Ad. ?