Babych Please – February 10th, 2017


As they attempt the steep uphill climb towards the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Canucks are keeping busy off the ice by hanging out with kids, interviewing each other, and listening to Johnny Cash. 

  • In this feature on Jacob Markstrom’s taste in music, one thing becomes very clear: Jacob Markstrom really really loves Johnny Cash. Markstrom has a pretty chill approach to music in general, liking anything from the Foo Fighters to Justin Bieber. But he loves Johnny Cash. 

  • I know essentially nothing about Michael Chaput, so this interview he did with Alex Burrows actually taught me a lot! Who knew Michael Chaput once destroyed Sergei Bobrovsky?

  • The Canucks celebrated their win in Columbus as they tend to celebrate things: led by Ben Hutton. He be getting dirty money. 

  • Lynden Criss is a big Canucks fan who got to hang out with his favourite team on signing day, much to the delight of his heroes. Lynden was most excited to meet Henrik Sedin, but Jacob Markstrom was pretty cool too.
Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 3.28.20 PM


  • At the end of the month, the Canucks will host their Hockey Is For Everyone night, an initiative that aims to make hockey a more welcoming environment for LGBT+ fans and players. Henrik Sedin will act as the team’s ambassador and they will wear these jerseys during warm-up. These are awesome and the rainbow numbers are beautiful.  

  • Finally, if you missed Kevin Bieksa, Anson Carter, and Roberto Luongo sending their congratulations to Henrik Sedin, please watch this video. Carter’s is the best, but Bieksa’s son is pretty adorable.