Anton Rodin undergoes knee surgery, will miss remainder of season

The Vancouver Canucks announced Tuesday that Anton Rodin will miss the remainder of the season after successfully undergoing knee surgery. The former Swedish League MVP only managed to play in three NHL games with the Canucks and three games with the Utica Comets in 2016-17.

After being drafted by the Canucks with the 53rd choice in the 2009 NHL Draft, Rodin spent two seasons in the AHL before heading back to Sweden to play for Brynas IF Galve of the SHL. It was there that he really began to bud into an exciting prospect with a dynamic and creative skill set who could produce offence and drive play from the blue line. 

Vancouver inked him to a one-year, one-way deal last summer expecting him to grab the opportunity by the horns and become a key contributor on the team. After an excellent preseason and a lot of justifiable hype being built around his potential, this is a very disappointing way for Rodin’s season to end.

More to come. 

    • Hockey Warrior

      You CANNOT be serious, This guy is NEVER gonna recover well enough to make an impact in the NHL – cut him loose and get some PROVEN QUALITY in who doesn’t need to be wrapped in cotton wool ffs.

      Guys, this is NOT a charity for crocks like Rodin and DORSETT, as much as i do actually empathize for these players who lose their dreams you simply have to MOVE ON!

      • Fred-65

        ?? What’s the difference between his status in the summer of 2016 and the summer of 2017. Don’t let emotions rule the facts. He’s a highly skilled player who will come at a very cheap cost and after we loose either Granlund or Baertschi in the expansion we’re going to need some top 6 skilled wingers. There’s not an over abundance of skill in the Canucks system if you haven’t already noticed. Why not give him a try or of course we could make a trade for McDavid LOL

  • JuiceBox

    I feel bad for Rodin and wish him the best of luck in his recovery; but I have to agree with Hockey Warrior on this one. The Canucks can’t afford to wait around and see if he recovers, they need to cut him lose and move on.

    • Waffles

      First of all, I’m surprised anyone actually reads Hockey Warrior’s posts. As soon as I see CAPS-laden text I can safely assume it’s one of his posts, so I skip over it to save myself from wasting any time. (Note: I did not read his post this time, either. Just going off what Rob said. I haven’t read a Hockey Warrior post in months.)

      The Canucks have time to keep Rodin and wait to see what happens. We don’t have many prospects with a pedigree Rodin possesses. It’s possible he can make a full recovery and still make an impact as a second or third line winger. Our prospect pool has a lot of prospects that can make an impact in the bottom six, but with Rodin’s potential to be top six, that is something worth waiting for. We have the cap room and contract room to take Rodin on for another year. No reason to hang up the skates on this one, especially when there is a chance at a full recovery.

      If Rodin doesn’t work out it’s one low-value contract. If he does work out then it will be an amazing gamble. No harm on taking the chance since the benefits clearly outweigh the risks.

      • JuiceBox

        Those are all very valid points. If he recovers he could be a useful middle-six winger.

        Here is where I disagree. The longer the Canucks stay committed to Rodin through his recovery, the more onus the Canucks will have to keep a roster spot available for him if/when he decides to return.

        The worst situation the Canucks can put themselves in is leaving that roster spot open under the assumption or hope that Rodin will be ready then having to fill that spot with a replacement player like Megna, Skille, or Chaput if it turns out Rodin is not ready to play when they could have gone out and signed or promoted an equally talented full-time player over the summer.

        Cutting ties is a really brutal way to handle this, but this is sports and the goal is winning. I would rather the Canucks walk away and look at other options on the wing then hold out for hope that he recovers.

        • The likelihood that you’ll be able to find or promote a player as talented as Rodin appears to be for the price you’re paying for Rodin is very small.

          Keeping him around is a low-risk, high-reward gamble. The only reason not to do it is if you’re basically 100% sure he’ll never recover from his knee injury.

  • EddyC

    I really liked Rodin in the preseason he looked like he came as advertised, I actually was really excited thinking he could make a real difference. My opinion hasn’t changed also I think that the Canucks are playing this the right way if they want to sign players in the future. Here’s a team that doesn’t throw their players on the trash heap. It may be the straw that has players sign here rather than somewhere else. Plus it doesn’t cost them anything.

  • TheRealRusty

    What is the bigger story that needs further investigation/discussion would be how last season’s reorganization to the Canucks medical staff has impacted player diagnosis and recovery. They replaced a well respected medical team with more “experimental” physio therapy based program.

  • JuiceBox

    OK, let me ask you guys this.

    Lets say Gaudette or Boeser come into training camp next season and blow everybody’s socks off to the point where it’s clear they belong in the NHL. The Canucks have a spot on the wing but they are obligated to hold it for Rodin in the hopes that he can regain form. So both young players go back to University and Rodin gets the spot in the NHL. A month or two later Rodin is struggling to regain form, or his knee can’t take the stress and he packs it in for the year. Now the Canucks have to fill that spot with a replacement player; next years version of Jason Megna, while Guadette and Boeser play in University instead of the NHL.

    Yes, that situation is highly unlikely and extreme, but how would you guys feel about that? Can you sit there and say it’s a low risk gamble then?

    If the Canucks are intent on keeping him, then retain his rights and loan him to a team in Sweden. Let him rehab there and see what he does.

    • TD

      Your scenario can’t happen. If Boeser and Gaudette sign then they can’t go back to the NCAA. They could go to the minors and then be called up if needed as they wouldn’t need waivers.

      I say sign Rodin to another cheap contract because of his skill set and how good he looked in the preseason, but be prepared to lose him on waivers or send him down if better options are available. As long as the Canucks are prepared to lose him on waivers, there is no downside to signing him to a cheap contract that can be buried in the AHL and not count against the cap. Looking at the Comets offensive woes, they could use some skill.

      • JuiceBox

        University players do not need to be signed to attend training camp. They are allowed one 48-hour all expenses paid trip to attend a professional training camp. They can stay longer than 48 hours or attend more during their NCAA career as long as they cover the costs themselves.

        If the Canucks (and this fan base) are prepared to lose Rodin for nothing on waivers if he gets out played fine, but the optics don’t look good. They qualify him for a one-year show me contract and show a commitment to him during his recovery, then 3 months later they have to waive him because he gets outplayed? I would think that if the Canucks sign him to any contract and show any commitment, they are going to at least hold a spot for him in the NHL and give him a shot next year because they have obligated themselves as much. That is where my problem lays; that shot shouldn’t come at the expense of a player like Gaudette or Boeser or even Virtanen if he has shown enough. Plus, by training camp it will have been almost two years on the shelf for Rodin, at that point do you honestly think he is going to be in good enough shape or have his skills up to par to bring anything useful to the table?

        I would rather the Canucks just walk away or at best, have him go overseas and let him spend a full year recovering away from the spotlight and the pressure and bring him back the following summer for another look.

        • TD

          They can attend a prospects camp which is how they attended the summer camps in Shawnigan. They have to be under contract or on a PTO to attend main camp. They also never attend the young guns tournament because the NCAA season has already started by then.

          • JuiceBox

            Interesting, I didn’t know that. I thought if prospects were “property” of the NHL team that they didn’t need a PTO to attend the main camp. That changes my opinion regarding the younger players losing a spot to Rodin but it still doesn’t change my opinion on whether or not the Canucks should keep him around.

            By the time next years training camp comes around Rodin will have been (mostly) off the ice for over a year and a half. He wont be in great shape and he will be increadibly rusty and I still don’t think it benefits anybody signing him to another contract. The Canucks will still be obligating themselves to keeping a roster spot open and giving him playing time – deserved or undeserved. The threat is very real that he re-injures himself and his season ends or worse he is constantly in and out of the line-up spot the Canucks are forced to either replace him mid-season or have a call-up in and out of the line-up in his stead. Its just more roster drama and a headache that this team doesn’t need and I would rather see the Canucks avoid that situation altogether and move on.

  • Andy

    A major factor that no comments have noted is that he’s a pending UFA.

    Source: (

    Given his health history, I wouldn’t be surprise if the Canucks could circle back around for him at another show-me deal. If not, another team gives him an opportunity he wouldn’t really have had.

    To be honest, given how Willie D deployed him in preseason, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to move on to a new coach and team.