WWYDW: Anton Rodin Exists

what would you do wednesday 

In last week’s preamble, JD spoke about how the Canucks’ elimination from playoff contention was only a matter of time. Well, wouldn’t you know it, now they’ve won four in a row! That’s not all that happened this week, though. Anton Rodin also appeared in his second game of the season, after being a healthy scratch in three straight games. 

The team looked uninspired in Rodin’s first appearance, but played well enough to win against Colorado. Rodin even finished the night with one point, an assist. He also didn’t play in the final half of the third period. 

So, with Rodin healthy, where would you like to see him play? Would you break up the red-hot Baertschi-Horvat-Burrows line? Does he play with the twins? Or do you leave him out of the lineup in favour of someone else? 

Last week JD asked: What do you want to see from the Canucks down the home stretch? Any trades, roster decisions or lineup changes. Whatever you’re feeling, so long as it’s mildly realistic. 

TD: It has to be time for scorched earth! I think everything should be up for consideration. Everyone on an expiring contract should be put in a position to succeed to increase their value prior to their trade. Any older players still under contract after this year should be evaluated with the thought of trading them for picks and prospects. I hate to say it, but I would include the Sedins in that consideration.

If they aren’t going to be a big part of the team in 4-5 years then they should be traded trying to find those parts. The Canucks should eat salary and cap space for the next couple of years as part of the trades to increase value.

Everyone with a no trade clause should be approached in a meeting with management where they are told of the tear down and offered the chance to be traded for another cup chance. I would love to see the Sedins win a cup. Imagine trading them to a contender where they would be the second or third line and win a cup. The Nucks could eat lots of their cap hit to give them the chance. They have enough value in that type of scenario to provide a significant return that could be a cornerstone of the future, i.e. Brandon Morrison as part of the Mogilny trade. 

Friendly Neighbourhood Canuck: I want to see nothing until around the trade deadline. By then, hopefully a market for Miller opens up. We can also look to deal a guy like Burrows or Hansen or even Granlund if he’s doing well enough to sell high. Hell if a Gudbranson suitor comes forward I say go for it. Tanev and Stecher are our top RHD. Subban has been lighting it up but even if he isn’t ready next year, it doesnt make much sense to extend a guy like Guddy for our bottom pair long term at high $. Although I doubt he’s in demand from teams, maybe something could happen? That’s my wish.

After that, we could give Jake an extended audition before the next year. Perhaps Subban as I mentioned as well as any young pieces we may pick up from a trade. 

Forever 1915:

I saw one article suggest Hansen to St. Louis for Ivan Barbashev. I would do that trade. Barbashev is a gritty, skilled player with leadership qualities that’s exempt from the expansion draft. I was high on Barbashev at the draft so it would be a real win to acquire him. It would also allow Benning to protect another younger player (e.g. Baertschi, Granlund or Rodin). 

Foximus: 2017 draft isn’t supposed to be super strong. Hope that JB can pick a winner in the 1st round. No clear cut #1 overall.

As for trading all the vets, I don’t think we get much return. The Sedins aren’t going anywhere so the rest (Burrows, Hanson, Miller) is what it is.

I think some small moves can be made but we really need our young guns to develop properly. The near future is bleak but with solid development by Virtanen (fingers crossed), Boeser, Joulevi, Subban and hopefully some other players we can move forward.

We just don’t have the parts to get much in trades. 

DJ_44: There is no way we should trade Hanson before the expansion draft since the return will be minimal (he is not a rental and would require protection). What teams would be looking a doing that (honest question — perhaps and interesting series of posts). That leaves Miller and Burrows. If they can get good return then sure; however with expansion looming, it is a buyers market from now until the trade deadline (especially for goaltenders).

If there is a trade available, I would trade Hutton for offensive forward prospects. I do not think his value would be higher than it is now, and Ben is signed to a bridge for two more years. Juolevi and Tryamkin are the future on the left side, and I doubt Edler, with his NMC, $5M contract, and injury history is a tradable commodity.

What is this nonsense about Gaunce being some hugely desired player that will be picked if exposed in the expansion draft? If only the Canucks were so fortunate.

  • Freud

    The smart and prudent thing would have been to leave Rodin in Sweden one more year to recover from his surgery and get healthy.

    You know, create an environment where players can succeed, like good managers do.

    Then bring him over next season, healthy, in shape and while avoiding an expansion draft.

  • Friendly Neighbourhood Canucks fan

    I don’t care what line he’s on as long as it is on an actual line. Why not just keep Rodin with Bo/Baer and let Burrows get the 4th line going. Because outside of that one game in Tampa, it has produced a most nothing at all. Chaput would be nice as a 13th forward. Right now we have 14 forwards and given what we’ve seen from Willie in the past, he will not dress the 12 best on any night. But we shall see…

  • TrueBlue

    Well, keeping him in Utica instead of ending his conditioning stint early seems like it would have been smart. Disconnect between coach and GM much? At least he has his stuff.

  • TD

    There were comments that Rodin’s conditioning is not ready which is why he is in the press box or playing limited minutes. Makes sense considering the injury. When healthy, play him with the Sedins. He is a good skater and can’t do worse that Megna’s 3 points in 22 games. Megna has done nothing with the Sedins and yet still plays there.

  • JuiceBox

    I would like to see him play anywhere but Vancouver and not because I don’t think he is a good player but because (and I cant believe I’m saying this) there is no where for him to play here. He is in preseason shape and he will need more than 7-8 minutes a night that the fourth line will provide him to find his legs. That means playing him in the top 9, but do we really want him playing (and likely making mistakes) in the top 9 while the team is suddenly pushing for a playoff spot? It might work, it might not but WD is in “save-my-job” mode and he has no room or time to allow any player to develop on the roster, its “win now or you’re fired” so it’s unlikely WD is going to take any major risks on the line-up strictly for self-preservation. I’m leaning toward sending him back to Sweden for the rest of the year and giving him another shot next year but at the same time I’m also leaning toward giving him a 4th line spot and letting him play his way up the lineup. I really don’t know what the best course of action is.

  • Beefus

    Could Megna, Gaunce, Skille or Chaput ever be the Swedish elite league MVP?
    I don’t think so. Rodin should be given an extended look over any of those Canuck regulars.

  • natevk

    Put him with the twins. It literally would be very difficult for him to do any worse than Megna and Sutter have this season on the Sedins’ wing.

    He can also play left side so you could swap him for Chaput on the 4th line, or move Eriksson back with the Sedins and throw him in with Granlund and Sutter (although Eriksson is the only thing keeping Sutter above water).

    Just get him in the lineup.

  • Charlie Allnut

    I told you so dept. Remember, I was the one who called for trading Virtanen last season around this time, claiming it would be better than waiting until the whole league found out he was a bust. So there.

  • SJ

    I’m actually okay with him playing 4th line minutes for a while. Put him in for Skille, Chaput, Megna, or Gaunce (take your pick or rotate), with some 2nd unit PP time. I think 8-10 minutes a night for a while will give him a chance to find his legs and learn what it’s like to play in the NHL, without too much expectations being placed on him. Because let’s be honest, the 4th line has done next to nothing all year, so anything they do chip in at this point has to be seen as a bonus.

  • Desjardins praising Rodin’s skill and puck movement. “I don’t think we’ve seen the best of him yet either.” (From the preseason).

    If Desjardins puts Rodin with 4th line pluggers and Rodin fails, Desjardins has only himself to blame. He didn’t put Rodin in a position to succeed. A player with scoring skill needs to play with scoring linemates. That leaves Baertschi/Horvat or the Sedins. Rodin had success with Baertschi & Horvat in the preseason. Rodin also plays a net-driving, scoring game that could compliment the Sedins’ cycle game. I’d rotate Rodin through both lines for a sustained amount of time and see where he’s most effective. Failing that, he plays with Sutter. If he can’t crack the Top 9, well, cross that bridge when you get there.

  • Dirk22

    If he’s not in game shape yet keep him down in Utica for another month. No point keeping him around watching games. Be interesting to see how Willie D handles Boucher …does he get an opportunity over Rodin?

  • Bud Poile

    Chaput is 51.2 % in the circle.

    With Rodin and Boucher as his wingers we have a young,skilled fourth line.

    That gives both of them ice time to get up to NHL speed,which can be increased as their play dictates.