Canucks Army Postgame #37: 800

Back-to-back wins against Californian teams sure don’t have the caché that they used to, do they? It could be that the Pacific isn’t as strong as it once was, it could be that LA and Anaheim both looked asleep at the wheel in each of their respective losses in Vancouver, or it could be that the playoffs seem like an absolute pipe dream at this point in the season. At any rate, I can’t remember a time I felt less excited over a big win against an even bigger rival. 

At the end of the day, The Canucks were full value in tonight’s win, and technically are just 4 points out of a wildcard spot. So let’s stay positive? I guess?


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chart (18)

chart (19)


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  • What exactly happened to Anton Rodin? He played appeared in one game versus the Flames before the holiday break and hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Is he hurt? Or just a healthy scratch? I’m not sure what’s worse, the possibility that he’s re-aggravated his injury, or the possibility that the staff earnestly believes Chaput and Megna are better options. 
  • It was nice to see Hutton and Eriksson get points on tonight’s first goal. Both have had some well-publicized struggles on the ice this season, and both have deserved better outcomes. In Eriksson’s case, I think it’s just a case of bad luck. For Hutton, it’s been a bit more complicated. He’s legitimately taken a step back this season. Let’s hope tonight is a sign of better things to come for both players. 
  • It’s looking more and more like Desjardins may finally be willing to call it quits on the Sutter-Sedin experiment. Sutter played mainly with Granlund and Eriksson tonight, which was an arrangement that I thought benefited each party, as all of Granlund, Sutter, and Eriksson posted shot shares above 55%. It also meant Jayson Megna spent some time with the Sedins. Baby steps. 
  • Horvat wasn’t credited with an assist on Skille’s goal, but it was this amazing play behind the net that created the opportunity. Horvat, by the way, is the Canucks’ point leader in the calendar year 2016. The future is now. 

  • Speaking of Skille, he’s taken a lot of heat in this market, but I think keeping him on the roster is entirely defensible. By almost every metric, Skille is a fourth-line forward, but he’s actually produced goals at a 2nd-line rate for the bulk of his career. You can quibble about the process of keeping a 29-year-old marginal fourth-liner on the roster over a young forward, but I can see why the Canucks might be inclined to do so. 
  • Tonight was Alex Burrows’ 800th NHL game, making him just the 6th player to reach that mark with the Canucks. Considering that Burrows never played major junior until the age of 19, went undrafted, and played in the ECHL, that’s astounding. Burrows has been in the headlines a lot over the course of his career- often for the wrong reasons- but in the end, he’s getting the last laugh. 


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  • crofton

    I think you mean the games don’t have the “cachet” they used to. Caché meaning hidden. And cachet meaning prestige, respectability, admiration.
    Anyway. Thanks for the graphs, I was interested in what the Corsi graph would look like tonight.
    I thought Vancouver looked pretty good tonight playing within their system, allowing just 26 shots, mostly of the not very dangerous variety.
    And yeah, what about Rodin?

  • Bud Poile

    The Canucks and 11 other NHL teams have 16 wins or less.Two oihers have 17 wins.

    Vancouver is in the same boat as half the NHL.

    If we take in consideration the losses of Edler,Tanev and Hansen,the nine or ten game winless streak and the youngest d-corps in the NHL suiting up for some twenty games or so the Canucks have done remarkably well.

    I wonder if half of the NHL’s fanbases and coloumn writers/bloggers insistently write to can their coaches,fire their GM’s and throw their Presidents under their team’s buses?

    If you all didn’t act so righteously entitled this could be depressing.

    So,Happy New Year to the team,organisation and all the real Canucks fans out there.

    • Freud

      Vancouver has 8 regulation wins in 37 games. They win 1 in every 5 games in regulation.

      They are tied for 29th in the league with Colorado in regulation wins, one more than Arizona.

      90% on the league has more regulation wins. The 28th place team has almost 40% more regulation wins than Vancouver.

      Real fans understand this and don’t gush over garbage while ignoring the unsustainable coin flip OT points that keep Vancouver out of the basement. Instead we’d rather ponder how many OT points will draw us closer to a 10th place finish and an 11th overall pick in a weak draft.

      Your passive-aggressive ramblings, misplaced commas, misspellings of words such as organization and imaginary goalie friends named Dubrovsky keep me from going into a depression!

      Never change, Bud.

      • andyg

        A win is a win. I don’t care how they win the game. This team has come back from a deficit and pulled some wins out of the fire. Yes it would be nice if they would come out and dominate from the start but I see a club with youth who are learning a never quit attitude. I see a club that is learning to give their all no matter what the score is.
        You say unsustainable and I say it is a quality that bodes well for the future.

      • TheRealPB

        The Canucks are a mediocre team that can be competitive on most nights but do not have the depth to sustain injuries to top players. Positions 15-28 in the league are separated by 5 points. You can harp on about regulation wins, loser points, whatever. Are Columbus and Pittsburgh not as good as NYR because they have more loser points?

        It’s these kinds of recaps that are dripping with disdain for the team that make me wonder why the writer bothers posting for a fan blog. Be critical by all means but freak out about pathetic efforts like the one in Calgary, not in the two games against LA and ANA where the Canucks put forth a reasonable effort and get a good result.

        I think Skille is actually a good story — he hustles, hits, has decent skill, and it’s not like this is coming completely out of the blue. He won’t ever justify his high draft pick but has been at least a part-time NHL player for 5 years and last year played 74 games. He’s a legitimate 4th line player — I wouldn’t be surprised if we could even get a (low) pick for him at the deadline (hell if guys like Polak and Matthias can…).

        You might want to ask why you feel so un-excited by the win. Are you actively cheering for the Canucks not to win? It sure seems that way. I get the desire for a high pick but the reality remains as it did at the beginning of the season that with our full complement of players we simply are not as bad as Colorado and probably a couple of the other teams as well. We are in a horse-race with probably 15 teams for a lottery pick. Even if we were to empty our NHL roster, there is zero guarantee we would get a Nolan Patrick. Building a rebuild around lottery fantasies is a terrible idea.

  • Bud Poile

    Never change your negative mindset,Einstein.

    You’ll be writing for CA before you know it,although,your work appears as though you are a contributing staff member now.

        • Braindead Benning

          Absolutely dude, I have no problem giving a stimulating conversation… depends on how or what you would consider a “stimulating conversation”

          I will post an example list below for your pleasure

          1. Current state of the franchise and where it’s going ?
          2. Drafting and trading… past and present ?
          3. Ownership ?
          4. What I would Consider a fool proof way of devising a “franchise ” team Lol..

          Please let me know bro which number above would fancy your topic of conversation or debate ?


  • VC

    Some good old NHL game management with 7 PPs for us to 1 for the Ducks. Even with those 7 PPs the SOG were 26-26, so that graph is misleading.

    Some Canuck fans conspiracy on the Ducks second goal…but Miller didn’t have the puck, ref saw it and didn’t have to blow the whistle, Duck player didn’t jam his pad…I can go on.

    Glaring is the fact the Canucks needed OT with said 7 PPs, I love the Sedins but cycling on the PP?…really? waste 1:30 of PP time cycling and getting zero shots…good work.

    If it wasn’t for Miller and Markstrom, we would be worst in the league, no hyperbole, just fact. Thanks to our goaltending, many of our wins should be dedicated to them and others are because we play versus other teams backups.

    While tonight was different, the the fact remains that the Ducks were shorthanded for 14 minutes and they scored on us on one of those PPs, this team should not be lauded at all.

    I love the thrashes, keep ’em coming, on this board, it means I am right

    • DJ_44

      With respect to the second goal, the player is not entitled to jab at the puck and push the pad, and hence the puck, in the net. That is not why the goal was allowed. It was allowed because, in the refs (correct) opinion, it was Stecher that, while attempting to stop the puck bounced the puck in off the back of the pad. Without Stechers’s stick involved, the goal would have (probably)been disallowed.

      The seven power-plays were a result of stupid penalties. They were not being targeted …they were plain stupid, with the Lindholm penalty near the end of the third being a prime example ….a forearm/punch to the back of the head?

      And let’s not overlook the fact that Gibson was really good (as usual) last night.

      • VC

        Agreed, I should have mentioned Stecher’s stick, that had a significant part in the decision whether it was a good goal, but it doesn’t ignore the fact that Miller didn’t have control of the puck and it was alive or not.

        The Duck player had a full right to go after it and take a swipe at it, but he didn’t push Miller’s pad towards the net (aka a jab) which is usually the main factor when goals get disallowed.

  • Jamie E

    I’ll take two consecutive wins against the California Redwoods without all the peeing and moaning thank you very much. I still watch hockey to watch hockey.

  • Locust

    “Back-to-back wins against Californian teams sure don’t have the caché that they used to, do they? It could be that the Pacific isn’t as strong as it once was, it could be that LA and Anaheim both looked asleep at the wheel in each of their respective losses in Vancouver, or it could be that the playoffs seem like an absolute pipe dream at this point in the season. At any rate, I can’t remember a time I felt less excited over a big win against an even bigger rival. 
    At the end of the day, The Canucks were full value in tonight’s win, and technically are just 4 points out of a wildcard spot. So let’s stay positive? I guess?”

    The Canucks get trolled right off the bat – classy.

  • Foximus

    Congrats to Burrows for 800 games. Great story! Great team mate. I suspect this is his final season in the NHL. He should be very proud of what he accomplished. He was a key cog during our Cup run.

    Hopefully the young guys can start turning out like Horvat. He’s pretty much our lone bright spot on the roster at the moment.

  • Marvin101

    Skille’s goal was a feel good moment. It’s nice to see a guy playing for his career score a goal and his reaction was infectious. Made me smile and be happy.

    And props to Willy for keeping the boys playing hard.

  • DJ_44

    Overall, the Ducks looked like a tired team with a great goaltender last night. They did not play very “heavy” at all. But let’s give the Canucks credit because the defense is starting to play heavier, thanks to Edler, as well as Sbisa and Tryamkin.

    The PP zone entry is terrible. If they want to use the pass back option to the trailer then both must attach with speed in order to make the defense respect the rush and back off. Without that, everyone holds the line and the result is predictable.

    Hutton again struggled last night. The shorthanded goal was brutal. Backing up to the crease on a 2on2 with his man (Getzlaf) in the high slot? That is just laziness…hoping the team will give back the puck because Vancouver is on the PP. When the intermission panel was asking who should come out when Gudbranson returns…..and iMac says Tryamkin….Are you kidding me? Are they afraid to speak ill of Ben? Hutton out, pair Guddy with Tryamkin. Edler on PP1 with Sedins, and Stecher drives PP2. Done.