WWYDW: Who Next?


The Canucks aren’t mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, but that’s more of a formality than anything at this point. They’re seven points back of the Los Angeles Kings for the eighth place in the Western Conference, and we’re on the other side of Christmas.

There’s a silver lining to almost everything, though. I tend to think there’s one that applies to the rebuilding (sort of rebuilding, anyways) Canucks. Once they’re out, they can start to experiment with their roster. Whether that means through trades, call-ups and lineup decisions. The world is their oyster!

With that in mind, what do you want to see from the Canucks down the home stretch? Any trades, roster decisions or lineup changes. Whatever you’re feeling, so long as it’s mildly realistic.

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Last week I asked: which players would you protect in the expansion draft? Which would you expose?  

JuiceBox: Protect Sedin, Sedin, Eriksson, Sutter, Hansen, Baertschi, Horvat, Edler, Tanev, Gudbranson and Markstrom.

Locust: Hansen, Edler and Burrows all moved for picks at the deadline.

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Canucks lose Gaunce in expansion.

Big draft moves and trades to fill holes and stock up.

Burrows resigns in 17/18 for his last year.

Canucks compete for playoffs in 17/18 but just fall short.

Canucks vastly improved moving forward.

Canucks win cup. JD leaves CA in disgust.

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Beefus: I’m intrigued by the idea of asking the Sedins to waive their no-movement clause prior to the expansion draft. Would Vegas want one Sedin at age 37 at a 6.5 million cap hit? I think that it would be worth the risk if it meant being able to protect two more of our young players.

TD: I want to see Rodin at his best and likely look to protect him. I thought he was the best player in the preseason and looked to have a much higher ceiling than Granlund or Baertschi. Either way, they should resign him when they can so that they don’t lose him to free agency. Even he is signed and lost in the expansion draft, we wouldn’t lose a different player.

andyg: I think they should do very little. There is no one in this years draft that is worth giving up much for. The major trades will not happen until the expansion draft is over. The draft itself may see more action. I think trade deadline may be very quiet and only involve a few deals for rentals.

  • TD

    It has to be time for scorched earth! I think everything should be up for consideration. Everyone on an expiring contract should be put in a position to succeed to increase their value prior to their trade. Any older players still under contract after this year should be evaluated with the thought of trading them for picks and prospects. I hate to say it, but I would include the Sedins in that consideration.

    If they aren’t going to be a big part of the team in 4-5 years then they should be traded trying to find those parts. The Canucks should eat salary and cap space for the next couple of years as part of the trades to increase value.

    Everyone with a no trade clause should be approached in a meeting with management where they are told of the tear down and offered the chance to be traded for another cup chance. I would love to see the Sedins win a cup. Imagine trading them to a contender where they would be the second or third line and win a cup. The Nucks could eat lots of their cap hit to give them the chance. They have enough value in that type of scenario to provide a significant return that could be a cornerstone of the future, i.e. Brandon Morrison as part of the Mogilny trade.

  • Friendly Neighbourhood Canucks fan

    I want to see nothing until around the trade deadline. By then, hopefully a market for Miller opens up. We can also look to deal a guy like Burrows or Hansen or even Granlund if he’s doing well enough to sell high. Hell if a Gudbranson suitor comes forward I say go for it. Tanev and Stecher are our top RHD. Subban has been lighting it up but even if he isn’t ready next year, it doesnt make much sense to extend a guy like Guddy for our bottom pair long term at high $. Although I doubt he’s in demand from teams, maybe something could happen? That’s my wish.

    After that, we could give Jake an extended audition before the next year. Perhaps Subban as I mentioned as well as any young pieces we may pick up from a trade

    • TD

      I agree on Gudbranson, although I hope he comes back playing better as he apparently had been suffering from the tendon damage in his wrist for quite a while. I see the Canucks’ right side as Tanev, Stecher and Tryamkin with Biega as the extra. It adds some flexibility that Tryamkin can play either side, although he apparently prefers playing on the right side as a left shot d-man. Either way, I don’t think Gudbranson should fit into the long term plans. I didn’t mind the trade at the time, but with Stecher and Tryamkin proving they are NHL defensemen, someone has to move. Tanev has more value but I hope they look to move Gudbranson.

      • Friendly Neighbourhood Canucks fan

        Exactly. Apparently he has been doing better on the right side too so I guess we’ll see what direction they choose for him. Certainly looks promising!

  • El Kabong

    Locust: Hansen, Edler and Burrows all moved for picks at the deadline.
    Love this idea and have been saying exactly the same thing for ages

    Canucks lose Gaunce in expansion.
    Again I agree and have said a few times that Gaunce is the one we will end up losing in the expansion draft.

    Big draft moves and trades to fill holes and stock up.
    Don’t agree here as we have to stop plugging holes during a rebuild. Wait for the pieces we have to fall in place THEN add the players we have a need for.

    Burrows resigns in 17/18 for his last year.
    Won’t happen as we need spots for youth development

    Canucks compete for playoffs in 17/18 but just fall short.
    This will be another year of growth and future building, no play-offs

    Canucks vastly improved moving forward.
    Its time for the next generation

    Canucks win cup. JD leaves CA in disgust.
    LOL, I really did.

  • I saw one article suggest Hansen to St. Louis for Ivan Barbashev. I would do that trade. Barbashev is a gritty, skilled player with leadership qualities that’s exempt from the expansion draft. I was high on Barbashev at the draft so it would be a real win to acquire him. It would also allow Benning to protect another younger player (e.g. Baertschi, Granlund or Rodin).

  • Foximus

    2017 draft isn’t supposed to be super strong. Hope that JB can pick a winner in the 1st round. No clear cut #1 overall.

    As for trading all the vets, I don’t think we get much return. The Sedins aren’t going anywhere so the rest (Burrows, Hanson, Miller) is what it is.

    I think some small moves can be made but we really need our young guns to develop properly. The near future is bleak but with solid development by Virtanen (fingers crossed), Boeser, Joulevi, Subban and hopefully some other players we can move forward.

    We just don’t have the parts to get much in trades.

    • Whackanuck

      I agree. Burning it down now is pointless.

      Benning and Linden have painted themselves almost into a corner. The only way out now is to keep going with youth and that won’t work without some veteran leadership. Even grabbing rejects from the waiver wire is a confirmation of weakness.

  • DJ_44

    There is no way we should trade Hanson before the expansion draft since the return will be minimal (he is not a rental and would require protection). What teams would be looking a doing that (honest question — perhaps and interesting series of posts). That leaves Miller and Burrows. If they can get good return then sure; however with expansion looming, it is a buyers market from now until the trade deadline (especially for goaltenders).

    If there is a trade available, I would trade Hutton for offensive forward prospects. I do not think his value would be higher than it is now, and Ben is signed to a bridge for two more years. Juolevi and Tryamkin are the future on the left side, and I doubt Edler, with his NMC, $5M contract, and injury history is a tradable commodity.

    What is this nonsense about Gaunce being some hugely desired player that will be picked if exposed in the expansion draft? If only the Canucks were so fortunate.

  • The_Blueline

    At TDL, trade Miller Eriksson, Guddy, Tanev, and the Sedins, but the latter only if they ask for it.
    Keep Hansen and resign Burr to a one year contract. Accumulate as many picks for this year’s draft as possible. Bring in the young guys and sign short term UFAs to the extent necessary.

    It’s really easy, isn’t it.

  • defenceman factory

    Trade Guddy for a promising young LW. Protect Sbisa, expose Biega. Ask Edler to waive and trade for late 1st early 2nd round pick, retain salary if necessary. Sign Karl Alzner as an FA. He’s a BC boy with a Canadian wife, there is a good chance he would want to come home and the Caps can’t afford him.

    Trade Burrows and Miller at the deadline for picks or young forward prospects. Expose Sutter, Canucks lose him or Gaunce. Test the water for an Eriksson trade,if no and Rodin comes on strong trade Hansen. If Rodin flops keep Hansen.

    Put Virtanen in a controlled training environment next summer. Kid can’t be left on his own. Bring him into camp at highest possible level of fitness.

    At the draft get one of the top 3 centermen available. Patrick, Vilardi or that swiss kid Hischier all look pretty good. Package the extra picks and prospects to get another 1st round pick and take a top end LW.

    Re-sign Burrows for 1 more year and let him retire with the Sedins. The Sedins can’t be re-signed.

    Fire Willy as soon as a proven nhl coach is available, no later than 2018 trade deadline.