Canucks Army Podcast – Episode 6 – 2016-2017


After a one week hiatus the podcast is back with a vengeance to discuss all things Canucks which means we have plenty to chew on.

J.D. Burke and myself delve into a number of different topics which includes Canucks management once again pouring cold water on any trade possibilities with both Linden and Benning saying the team will not ask any veterans with No Trade Clauses to waive them and Linden went as far as to say the team is not going to make any significant trades, period. If you think that’s curious, you’re not alone and we discuss what this means and where it’s coming from. 

A new wrinkle this week is discussions about the games themselves and we have some thoughts on what we’ve seen from the Canucks recently and it’s not all negative, I’ll have you know.

Also, we discuss everyone’s favourite POS, Patrick O’Sullivan, who is the latest media personality to troll Canucks fans from the centre of the universe. 

Some good news, we’re finally back up on i-Tunes as well so you have another platform to choose from in order to catch the CA Pod.

Have a listen, we made up for lost time last week:

    • Dirk22

      I’m sure Trevor Daley and Phil Kessel were choked they got sent to the Stanley Cup winning Penguins because of their no-trade contracts. No respect whatsoever.

      Continue to rebuild via draft and development….Except for the part where there’s any emphasis on actually obtaining draft picks. Canucks, as of right now, have 5 picks in 2017…6 if they get the BJ’s pick this year.

      • chinook

        I’m not in favour of trading draft picks as a rule, but I accept (cautiously) that smart management may be able recognize better potential in a prospect on another team compared to the draft. Canucks have not traded their high picks.

        Phil Kessel certainly is happy to be out of Toronto. Doubt the Leafs are happy with their return of Spanning, Kapanen and Harrington, plus still paying part of his salary. Kessel was viciously denigrated by fans and media in Toronto, as other veterans were and continue to be. Trading away every conceivable asset is a staple of the misguided Toronto re-build. Leaves a disspirited team that wonders “who is next?” and is too thin on talent.

  • I am Ted

    One day I will have to listen to one of these. I’m sure there are some good parts. However, J.D. is pretty oblivious (Dave Pratt Jr.) and Sat really doesn’t get pro sports (Hey Sat, you earn your spots in pro sports – see: many of your rants including the one where you wanted Johny Manziel to be given the Browns starting job).

    Anyway, all the best.

    • Satiar Shah

      The last Browns quarterback to win a game was Johnny Manziel….

      You do have to earn your way but sometimes situations are more complex than that.

      For instance, coaches and organizations will gives guys roles even when they haven’t earned it, such as the Canucks with the Sedins. Crawford talks about playing them and giving them some quality opportunities even when they struggled.

      Sometimes you play a young guy in order to up his trade value, such as Cody Hodgson in Van. We can debate how it worked out but that’s a time when a young guy played even though the organization didn’t really feel he earned it.

      When it comes to Manziel, the Browns had to play him more because they had to make a decision on him in the off season. I’m a long suffering Browns fan and I thought Manziel would better but it was all about seeing what he can do on the field and then seeing if you can trade him for anything at the very least. They were in a lost season and that’s why I said play him to see what you have.