Babych Please – November 25th, 2016


It’s Friday, it’s Gilmore Girls day, and it’s Canucks gameday! This week, the Canucks designed hats, attended galas, and locked up some good times for the next 2 years.

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 5.30.15 PM

  • Hutton is everyone’s friend. I think he’s trying to make a secret handshake with each of his teammates by season’s end.
  • Hutton has essentially locked up the position of “most gif-able Canuck” for the next two years.
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  • Every year, the Canucks attend the Sports Celebrities Festival in support of Special Olympics BC and the Canucks for Kids Fund. This year, Brandon Sutter joined Francis in welcoming guests to the event and speaking to the value of sport.

  • Hutton and Gudbranson make a great pair off the ice. This was evident when their Sports Celebrities photobooth suffered at the hands of the ever-popular Sedins. At least it gave them time to take a good selfie.

  • My favourite photo from the event is this one of Troy Stecher standing beside Nikita Tryamkin. Stecher is on the right. 


  • The Canucks are on the road and Jeff Vinnick’s excellent Behind The Lens galleries are back. My favourites are this one of Loui Eriksson eating pasta and this one of Loui’s teammates presumably looking at the pasta photo. Also, there’s Nikita Tryamkin taking a mental photograph.




  • Troy Stecher was on After Hours last weekend. He was bashful at the suggestion that he’s basically the mayor of Vancouver, but he got more confident as the questions kept coming. He’s trying not to get too caught up in playing with guys he grew up watching like Edler, Burrows, and the twins, he biked to work this summer until Trevor Linden stepped in, and he’s obsessed with dogs. Same, Troy. Watch the full interview here.
  • Alex Edler is coming out of his shell as a mentor this season, but he’s still the same old Alex Edler, as we can see in this photo from 2009 and this photo from yesterday.



  • Have you ever wanted to go for a ride in a small Toyota with a very casual Luca Sbisa? Today is your lucky day. Sbisa refers to himself as a “wildcard” when it comes to driving, which was to be expected. He also talks stand-up comedy, Kilimanjaro, and the nickname “Sibisco”.


  • For some reason, here is this photo of Ryan Miller:

  • The Canucks celebrated their American Thanksgiving in Dallas. What a handsome group of men dressed exclusively in neutral colours. 



  • DSP

    It has been a tough season so far, but after a win in Arizona we now have Dallas ahead. Hutton locked up, and we on on a high right now. The guys seem to be in high spirits so let’s win tonight too!

  • Rodeobill


    I don’t mean this in a derogatory way, but Miller looks better when you only see half his face. I can relate. The less light there is to see me, the better I look too.