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No sleep ’til Brooklyn.

Has everyone calmed down since Saturday night’s shenanigans in Toronto? I would certainly hope not. Especially in light of Nazem Kadri and Morgan Rielly getting off free for late, questionable and downright dangerous hits. I hate to pull out the tinfoil, but…

It’s a new day, though. Here we are, ready to watch the Canucks take on the New York Islanders. The Islanders are in a relatively similar spot to the Canucks in terms of the standings, but I doubt they’ve anywhere near as many storylines.






Jannik Hansen is on IR. Michael Chaput’s been recalled in his stead. I guess Loui Eriksson goes back on the top line but maybe its Virtanen or I don’t even know anymore. As of this time, no starter had been announced in net. Jacob Markstrom maybe and Ryan Miller in Manhattan.

Vancouver Canucks lines courtesy of

Travis Hamonic is out with an upper body injury for 4-6 weeks.

Jaroslav Halak should get the start to end their homestand. 

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  • I guess it’s the Canucks against the world here on in. Not that that’s changed but it has been verified once again after Saturday. The Canucks don’t have much already this year but hopefully, they still have you and me. Actually, we’re low on groceries at home so I might only catch the 3rd period. But you guys are still here and that’s great!

Even the old Canucks Army guys are telling it like it is.

  • Maybe there is a silver lining to the injuries but we basically get Troy Stecher, Nikita Tryamkin and Philip Larsen at the same time. You wanted a “rebuild”, here’s your rebuild.
  • Daniel Sedin survived a maiming on Saturday and will play tonight. The fact he has been beaten like a punching bag and tenderized like a piece of meat, just shows what he and his brother Henrik have endured for you. It might be a trainwreck most games but the Sedins have never given up.


The smallest player in the biggest city. One day we’ll look back on this and think “WHY DID BENNING TRADE BOTH OF THOSE GUYS?!”


This is guaranteed win night. It’s the Islanders and they suck as bad as the Canucks without the fun streak to start the year. Canucks Nation needs something to feel good about even if half the team (obvious exaggeration) is out with an injury.

Guaranteed win night.


The Canucks keep a lead into the 3rd period. Simple and to the point.

  • Big D, little d

    Now that all of the optimism and good feelings have gone away I feel like I’m watching the real Canucks again. The rest of the world hates us, the league won’t give us a break, most of our players suck, the ones that don’t suck are underperforming, and the ones that neither suck nor underperform are hurt. If it weren’t for the fact that we are getting decent goaltending I’d think it was the ’70s (or ’80s, or ’90s) all over again. At least all of the naysayers have disappeared, since there’s nothing to be gained from coming here and telling us how bad the team is.

    I’m in my happy place, I’m in my happy place ….

  • Daniel Sedin: “And there’s a different feeling from last year. Our system didn’t really work, and we have to keep believing our system will work. We’ll take a 1-0 or 2-1 win.”

    Desjardin’s systems don’t work. Not last year, not this year. Another loss for Vancouver tonight. When can we see a new head coach that can actually coach at the NHL level???

  • Big D, little d

    Maybe it’s just me, but how apt is it that the game previews are “Powered by Liquor Depot”?

    A subtle reminder that you’re going to want a little something to help you through the game. Maybe more than a “little” something.

  • cthulhu

    A loss tonight means Desjardins is fired, right? Please? Can that happen? Because something needs to happen. I cannot and will not support a tank. I like making the playoffs, win or lose. A team can be successful without a number one draft pick.
    Also, please please please get rid of those Liquor Depot ads. Nothing sounds trashier than something called “Liquor Depot.”

    • The only time over the past decade the problem with the Canucks has been coaching was Tortorella. Firing Vigneault was the wrong move, and firing Desjardins would be the wrong move. He’s fine. He’s league-average. There’s a reason almost everyone coming into this season pegged the Canucks as a bottom-ten or even last-place team – this is a team that has zero scoring depth and mediocre defensive depth. Mike Babcock or Bruce Boudreau would have trouble coaching this team to a winning record.

  • Suzycue123


    Please stop making lame guarantees that sound utterly ridiculous and not even in the realm of possibility. It makes the Canucks even sadder….:(. :(:(:(:(.


    Always predict a loss because then if they win ur actually–wait they’ll never win anytime soon right?