Babych Please – October 7th, 2016


Real Canucks hockey is just over a week away. In the meantime, the team losing staring contests, watching basketball, and playing golf (poorly).

  • The Canucks have this new in-game feature where they get a child to challenge a video recording of a Canuck to a staring contest. It’s weird. It’s kinda fun!

  • His mediocre pre-season aside, Emerson Etem has had an okay week! Congrats to the Etem clan on the birth of Laulo. Great name, too. 

  • The Canucks spent Wednesday filming footage for .gifs. Daniel’s fake hat trick got him more hats than his real one last year. 

  • And Ben Hutton is, as usual, dancing. 

  • The Canucks don’t seem to be very good at golf, but they are good at having a fun time. Jake Virtanen doesn’t seem to excited by the fact that he shares a name with the tournament, but Hannah is loving it. I’m on Hannah’s side – Jake at the Jake is hilarious! 
  • Some of the Canucks got to hang out courtside with the Golden State Warriors when the NBA rolled into town last weekend. Zaza Pachulia seems to be making Chris Tanev very nervous. 
  • The Canucks have some new and important fans this week! Will looks a bit unsure about this, which is fair, but Kate is all for it. 

  • And this has nothing to do with the Canucks, but it’s terrifying and funny:

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  • At times I over value our prospects. In this case, TSN 1040 reports Andrey Pedan cleared waivers. This is a pleasant surprise. I thought some team from the east would scoop him up. Carolina or a return to the Islanders came to mind, but not so.

    Happy to have Andrey remain a Vancouver Canuck, even though he has to return to Utica for now. Playing top pairing minutes in Utica is not so bad. Hone your skills and wait for your chance to return to the big show. It will come.

    • Me

      I think the ‘Nucks management (correctly) guessed that his lack of NHL showing would mean few teams were willing to take the risk. Judging from the pre-season and training camp I think he’s made a big leap this year, but not everyone knows that.

      Very glad he’s still on the team (I just came here to report he hasn’t been claimed, but I see you beat me to it.)

      • Cageyvet

        I agree with everyone’s comments, but I still think we dodged a bullet. I didn’t sweat Corrado in the least, but losing Pedan would have hurt, he had an excellent camp and is progressing. Doing so in Utica is not a bad thing at all, but personally I wouldn’t have risked it.

        Toronto and Calgary blew it this time, there was finally a Canucks castoff worth putting on their roster. They take the super-fringe Dman whose best attribute is being a righty, the over-the-hill gang (Raymond, Higgins), and the likeable but not Johhny Hockey guy in Linden Vey. But no room for a 6’5″ young Dman who is at least still improving? Benning gets a lot of grief in this market, rarely do we look as critically on the other GMs,

        As long as we’re on the topic of asset management I’m looking forward to a lot of people eating their words on the Granlund-Shinkaruk trade. I admitted my own nervousness and lack of understanding the necessity of the move at the time, but I also preached patience before judging. Granlund is still less than a full season into his time with us, but if early returns this year are even partially sustained, he looks to be on the Baertschi path of figuring out how to undo the damage done to his game in Calgary.