Babych Please – September 2nd, 2016


It’s September! The NHL season is just around the corner. The World Cup of Hockey is just around a nearer, probably less exciting corner. The Canucks are fishing and tweeting about Miley Cyrus. 

  • This week Sven Baertschi and Derek Dorsett headed up to Haida Gwaii with Canucks Autism Network and did some fishing for the kids. Baertschi was a rookie fisherman, so we got a play by play of his first ever catch:
  • Baertschi is the anti-David Booth. Look at him kissing this fish and hand-feeding this deer. 



  • Dorsett did not kiss any fish on camera, but he did catch one in the middle of a rainstorm. Very dramatic: 

  • And this photo of Willie D and Jim Benning is just adorable. They are so cold. 


  • Alex Edler met up with fellow Scandinavian David Ousted after the Whitecaps game in LA. Neighbours supporting each other! 

  • Some of the youths attended a UFC event and Ben Hutton pretended to square up against the camera, because of course he did.  

  • Who needs RK17™  when you’ve got Jake Virtanen rocking his very own Big Country sweater? Also, it looks like his new dressing room neighbour is that mysterious Anton Rodin guy. 
Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 12.31.53 PM


  • Thatcher Demko tweeted about binge-watching Stranger Things on Netflix and somehow it turned into him calling Brock Boeser “Miley Cyrus” 

  • And finally, Chris Higgins’ reflection on his time in Vancouver is sweet. Good luck to him in Calgary! 

  • Bob Long

    That is a great video with Baertschi and Dorsett.

    Baertschi, “I didn’t have a plan.”

    just awesome seeing people when they catch their first fish.

    They all seem like good guys.

    Good luck to Higgins, wasn’t always my favourite player but much of that is because I thought he was miscast in his role. Hindsight, not bad production for his time here.

  • Bob Long

    They look like a bunch of nerds at the UFC… insecure immature teenagers – who tries to build a NHL team around these types of players?

    This time of year is really peak season for the Canucks

    • Bob Long

      They are kids.

      You could make the same comments about the young players on Edmonton or Calgary, or the coifs of the Leaf players.

      I want to say don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house but you obviously live under a bridge.