Babych Please – July 30th, 2016


The kids are playing Pokemon and Clinton’s running for president, so this week we’re throwing it back to the 1990s with a classic Sedins photoshoot, a number-crunching Trevor Linden, and more!

  • 17 years ago this week, the Sedins signed their first ever NHL contracts with the Canucks. It’s pretty cool that they’re still on the same team. Also pretty cool is this photograph: 
  • These retro Trevor Linden hockey cards are unreal. Why do they no longer make hockey cards featuring the players doing mundane stuff like calling their mothers while wearing extremely light jeans. 

If we can get Trevor doing his taxes, surely we can get Henrik Sedin eating pasta or Ryan Miller applying chapstick. 

Alternatively, a remake of this featuring Jake Virtanen staring pensively into English Bay. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 12.23.17 AM

  • Leaving the 1990s now, let’s check in with Ben Hutton, who still smiles a lot. He reveals in this video that his nickname was actually “Smiley” as a kid, obviously. The Hutton family is adorable. 
  • The Canucks posted a series of Ben Hutton videos this week. In this one about backyard drills, Hutton goes over the beginning of last season and how he found out he made the Canucks team. Chris Tanev asking Ben Hutton to be more excited seems like something of a backwards situation, but Hutton’s retelling of the moment is fun regardless. 
  • Finally, the Canucks will march in this weekend’s Pride parade in Vancouver. Emerson Etem will represent the team at the parade and he talked with about why he’s excited to show his support. 

“I just think it’s a great opportunity to show my support. I’ve just felt, especially in the hockey community, the more open and the more information that we know about all this, it just gives people who are in the LGBTQ community that maybe play hockey that they’re not afraid to participate and show our welcomeness and support for them.” via