Babych Please – June 30th, 2016


A lot of things happened in the NHL yesterday, but the Canucks had the good sense to mind their own business. So instead of blockbuster trades, we’ve got social media fun with the newest crop of prospects, a cute draft story, some Erik Gudbranson content, and more!

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  • We’ll start with the 5th overall pick, young Olli Juolevi. Here he is with his family and Auston Matthews, who is not a Canuck but he looks like he wants to be. You are welcome at any time, Auston. 

  • In case you missed it, Olli J utilized the dog filter on Snapchat. He seems like a pretty chill young Finn – you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter.
  • 5th round pick Cole Candella didn’t attend the draft – but his grandfather, Dan, did. The story is pretty cute:

Cole Candella was watching the NHL Draft at home in Mississauga Saturday when the phone rang.

It was his grandpa, Dan, calling from Buffalo — the only member of the family who hadn’t been too nervous to make the trip.

Candella’s dad, Dean, answered, and Dan told him Cole had been drafted by Vancouver.

What no one realized at the time is there was a broadcast delay. Dean told Dan point-blank he was wrong.

“Then I got a call from my agent,” said Candella, a defenceman for the Hamilton Bulldogs of the OHL. And then — finally — he saw his name flash across the screen.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God. I did get drafted,'” he said. “I was so happy and so relieved just to see it up on the TV. It was a great moment for me and my family.”


  • I think he is going to fit in perfectly:

  • Jakob Stukel is a local boy, which is always fun. 

  • Rodrigo Abols fills the Latvian-shaped hole left by Ronalds Kenins, who will not return to the Canucks (</3). My favourite Rodrigo Abols moment is this skate-pass he made earlier this year. So fun!
  • I tried to find fun stuff from Brett Mckenzie and Will Lockwood, but this is all I got:

  • A slightly older new kid, Erik Gudbranson, let CanucksTV film his first days in Vancouver as a Canuck. His voice is unbelievably Canadian. Being a former Panther, he knows a lot of former Canucks – including the coolest guy around, Roberto Luongo!

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  • Here is literally just a video of Bo Horvat being strong:

  • Jake Virtanen has spent a lot of his summer hanging out with kids:
  • I am beginning to worry that they’re learning to take advantage of him, though:


  • Maybe next week there will be even more new Canucks to learn about, but for now, some farewells – the Canucks will not be bringing back Chris Higgins and his ridiculous abs, Matt Bartkowski and his adorable mother, Radim Vrbata and his deadly facial expressions, and Yannick Weber and whatever he brought to the table. Good luck to them all! Happy Canada day, everyone!