Canucks re-sign Sven Baertschi to two year deal

It was announced today that the Vancouver Canucks have signed pending restricted free agent Sven Baertschi to a two year contract extension.

The press release included the financials with Baertschi making $1.7 million in the first year of the contract, and then $2.0 million in the second year for an annual cap hit of $1.85 million per season.

The deal makes sense across the board. Baertschi gets the security of two year deal and a sizeable raise from the $900,000 that he was making last year. While the Canucks are not committed long term and still retain his RFA rights at the end of the contract, thus having the security of controlling his next negotiations.

Although Baertschi didn’t put up huge offensive numbers in the first half of the season but was responsible defensively and pushing the play forward. He then found chemistry with Bo Horvat and went from there, finishing the season with 15 goals and 13 assists in 69 games. 

The Canucks now have $63.71 million committed next season.

The key for Beartschi will be to hit the ground running to start the season, and based on his performance in the latter half of last season, it’s fair to believe that will happen.

Simply put – good deal for both sides.

  • Cageyvet

    It’s a no-brainer that we needed to re-sign him, and the numbers look good. It keeps his RFA status and while we may pay more at the end of this deal, we won’t have overpaid in the meantime to see if his progression can continue.

    • Hockey Warrior

      Yes folks – almost as much of a no-brainer as NOT wanting NICK BONINO on the team as this muppet proudly insisted… you know, the one time Canuck and now STANLEY CUP WINNER with the Pens who was one of the TOP performers in the playoffs this year!

      Whatever next – Vancouver fans HAPPY they ran MIKE SULLIVAN outta town L-O-L

      You really couldn’t make it up could ya

      • crofton

        Comparing Bonino in Vancouver and in Pittsburgh is a non-starter, except for maybe the haters. He played with Kessel and Hagelin there, developing almost instant chemistry, and in Vancouver? Mostly with Burrows and Higgins. Apples to oranges, no?

        • Dirty30

          Same could be said of Daniel Sedin — he doesn’t play as well away from Henrik as he does with him.

          Guess we should trade him to the Pens for a bag of pucks.

          My beef is not trading away Bonino, play-off scoring animal and Stanley Cup winner, but in keeping garbage like Linden Vey.

          Same deal for that foundational guy but giving up Vey instead of Bonino would have been fine. It just shows that Bennings ability to judge talent and WD’s ability to utilize it effectively on the ice are bush league at best.

          It’s going to be a long futile season watching Granlund lose face-offs, Sutter not score and Vey falling down anytime there’s a breeze from the Zamboni passing by.

          I’m hoping Bonino brings the SC to Vancouver just to shove it up Bennings ass.

          • Hockey Warrior


            Absolute NONSENSE and POOR excuses pal which is the norm for 46 years of FAILURE in Vancouver it seems – Bonino is the SAME player and if anything HE raised the level of his Pitts line mates – guy was a BREAST and as has now been PROVEN, Bones should never have been traded for Sutter especially at a mere 2 million US cap hit – absolute shocker from Benning.


            Dreadful comparison bud – the Sardines are an anomaly in the league (and seeing as they cannot be separated are now untradeable at a whopping 14 mill cap hit). Agree with your other points though.

            Keep sucking on the sour grapes Vancouver hockey fans because there is NO FUTURE… move the team to SEATTLE and make a fresh start i say.

          • Hockey Warrior

            -Keep sucking on the sour grapes Vancouver hockey fans because there is NO FUTURE… move the team to SEATTLE and make a fresh start i say.-

            I wouldn’t wish the Canucks on anyone but my worst enemies.

  • Good news:) When do the Canucks sign Ryan Biech? Will know then the club is going in the right direction. Excellent job on all the free-agents &
    draft eligibles. Now, somebody has to ask…Ludwig Bomstrand – Quo Vadis?

    • crofton

      Blomstrand signed in the Allsvenskan. Canucks can send him a QO and retain his rights as they did with Anton Rodin, but it appears he’s looking to establish a career in Europe

  • Cageyvet

    The most encouraging news is that Biech has posted 4 of the last 5 stories and Burke has posted 0…

    Hopefully Burke uses this timeout to grow as a basement blogger.

    The community thanks NM00 for his work…

    • crofton

      You sound like the media, NM00.

      As they get more and more desperate, the more supposed terrorist bombings and mass shootings happen, month after month, day after day.

      The more you get desperate, the more inflammatory things come out of your mouth.

      Phoniness always has a pattern.

      And like clock work…it’s so so predictable.

  • TrueBlue

    Great news! But does it feel a bit like choosing the bridge deal to make sure they have room for UFA signings?

    Or maybe the Baertschi camp wanted another short contract so that Sven can prove his worth.

    Regardless, good stuff.

    • TrueBlue

      “Have I stumbled into an alternate Universe where CA posts positive articles?”

      It is important to separate Biech’s work (and Josh, Charron, Rhys etc) from the Burke’s and the Graphic Comments of this space…

      Good work needs to be praised so the bloggers understand that the community comes here as an alternative to mainstream coverage.

      And bad work – such as what JD was doing – needs to be ridiculed until these basement bloggers get the message…

      Hopefully JD has learned his lesson.

      Or NM00 will haunt him for as long as we share this blog…

    • crofton


      When they’re not running for office they act like normal human beings for the most part.

      When they run for office they say the most inflammatory things….and you buy it up hook line and sinker.

      You ever heard of WWE wrestling?


      Next thing you’ll say is that it’s love not money that runs the world.



  • DSP

    Yup decent signing. I was a critic of this guy early this season because of his perimeter play and how easy he was to knock off the puck.

    He turned it around thanks to WD and impressed me. I am now a fan of 47.

    Good value for a 2nd Rd draft pick.

  • DSP

    JD Burke is the Man JD Burke is the Man
    JD Burke is the Man JD Burke is the Man

    JD Burke is the Man JD Burke is the Man
    JD Burke is the Man JD Burke is the Man

    • DSP

      To silence someone is to say he is better than me. If you truley hate what he has to say you could always just not read his comments. Personally I like them as he gives a good point every now and then that makes you think on the subject at hand.

      • Qualicum Wayne

        I disagree, his comments more often attack the writer rather than what is written. I fail to see why personal attacks need to be tolerated. They certainly don’t improve the environment for discussing what was written.

        • DSP

          Honestly I find the JD often attacks players and the team instead of saying what is really there. Should he be fired and silenced? It’s a thing where you can disagree and everyone can talk about it, or block ban, and live in a fluff world. I’m not against people disagreeing with me so I block nobody, I ban nobody, and if you really don’t want to read what he says just don’t read or trash or props what he says and he will stop. You give him the power bye giving him the attention.

  • LTFan

    I am going to stick to the subject of the post, the resigning of Sven Baertschi. A good move by the team and the price is very acceptable. He had 28 pts. last season. If he can improve into the mid to high 30 pt range would be great. SB has an upside and so far, has been good value for a 2nd round pick.

  • Hockey Warrior

    Please make it so you have to log in to post a comment. These people pretending to be other posters and just the insane flood of trolls has to stop. This is embarrassing. All the other blogs on here are doing this why the hell aren’t we?