Babych Please – June 20th, 2016


The NHL season ends this week which means that the Canucks’ summer is well underway. They’re spending their time off admirably, though – meeting marine life, owning dogs, using Snapchat and more!

  • Yannick Weber met an otter this week and the photo is adorable. Look at its little otter hand!
Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 9.05.01 PM


  • Ben Hutton, Bo Horvat, and Jake Virtanen took over the Canucks Snapchat account one each day this week. Hutton’s snaps featured his excited self and his adorable mother:

Virtanen made some chicken and watched Jimmy Fallon: 

And Bo, who spent the day on his family farm, thought that Jake’s chicken was boring, which is sort of fair: 


  • Jake Virtanen is spending his summer hanging out with young Canucks fans. This photo of him looking devastated while playing a video game is a good one. It also looks like he made himself captain in the colouring photo. Either that or my eyes are getting old and he’s colouring in an image of Trevor Linden from way-back-when. 



  • The Columbus Blue Jackets Twitter account wrecked @VanCanucks yesterday. Nothing seems to go right for this team.

  • My favourite new Twitter account is @StanleyPup, which posts photos of hockey players’ dogs but crops the hockey players out of most photos. Three Canucks dogs have been featured so far but I’m hoping that #1 Canucks dog Bear Baertschi makes an appearance soon. 

  • Sticking with the dogs here, this dog loves hockey and is very relatable. We are all this dog!