Babych Please – Mar. 4th, 2016


The Canucks are not good, but dogs are, and the Canucks have more dog photos for for you this week! Also, Brendan Gaunce is exposed as a nerd, Jared McCann discusses windmills, and Brandon Prust makes an appearance.  

  • Brendan Gaunce is back in the Canucks’ lineup which means it’s a good time to remind everyone that Brendan Gaunce is a big fan of Pokemon and Harry Potter:
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  • Jacob Markstrom stars in the latest installment of King of the Rink. The highlight of this is Jared McCann using the phrase “a windmill kind of guy”. Sbisa is very chatty and Markstrom makes yet another joke about the thickness of Jake Virtanen. Poor Jake. 
  • Speaking of Jake Virtanen, you can find out what a day in the life of Jake Virtanen looks like in the video below. We start with a tour of his home, then we join him in his super cool car on his way to Dice and Ice. He breaks down his teammates’ lip syncing and we get to hear him sing his country song. The voice is a little rough but the effort is solid. 
  • A Brandon Prust update: 


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  • Get to know Sven Baertschi in his car! Sven discusses his hometown, Jake Virtanen’s iPod, Bo Horvat, and his dog!
  • The Canucks brought their dogs to work again! They all have such good dogs. Here we have a couple group shots. Bo Horvat is holding two dogs because Adam Cracknell had just been picked up by the Edmonton Oilers but his dog is still a Canuck at heart. Sven’s husky and Etem’s husky are beautiful and Edler and Vey both have extremely shiny dogs. Vey’s is not a fan of the photoshoot though. 


  • Here’s Etem getting kissed by Sven’s dog, Bear. So fun. 


  • Horvat and Bartkowski’s dogs could be twins!

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  • Ahhh!

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  • TrueBlue

    Crickets… we are not ready to smile at this club yet.

    I wonder if they’ll change their tune at Tuesday’s town hall? Will be very interesting to see if there are any subtle changes to their messaging, or if they’ll just bulldoze their way through with the same statements.

    It’s funny, they don’t seem to look at these town halls as being connected in any way… just using separate days in order to create more of a “fireside chat” environment. Bizarre thinking in this day and age.

    You guys are going to the next town hall as well, right?