The Injury Bug: Everything is Happening


This team is bad enough at the best of times, which makes it difficult enough to peg the missing pieces when the going gets tough.

Still, one can’t help but feel for the circumstances this island of misfit toys is operating under. There really is something to be said for the moribund injury luck this franchise has endured all season. The message really hit home last night, when the injury update for Dan Hamhuis was “solid food”. That’s apparently a thing.

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There have been several updates since and on the other side of the jump, we’ll get you up to speed.

The Sedins

Last night Daniel invoked the image of his ancestors, donning a helmet splattered in blood. Quite literally bloody, but unbowed, Daniel hardly missed a shift. The images were horrifying, but such is the case when one has a puck swatted into their jaw.

Meanwhile, Henrik is still battling a nagging hip and leg injury, which Jason Botchford described in last night’s edition of The Provies as “nagging, limited and won’t heal very soon”. This sounds sub-optimal. On the bright side, it’s not the same back injury which derailed his 2013-14 campaign. Doesn’t sound like it, anyways.

Sven Baertschi

It appears as though Sven Baertschi is on pace to return from a nagging neck injury, which has kept him from action since halfway through the Canucks 5-0 loss to the Los Angeles Kings on December 28th. 

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Will be interesting to see if Baertschi can find that second gear offensively. The second-year Canucks prospect has been battling inconsistency all season, but appeared to be turning the corner before being felled by injury. The Canucks could certainly use the help.

Brandon Prust

Brandon Prust, who was fell by the not-so-errant leg of professional heel, Ryan Kesler, appears ready to return to the lineup as well. Likely, for Wednesday’s contest with the Carolina Hurricanes. Will be interesting to see what kind of foot speed a player like Prust can bring to the lineup. It’s been slow going this season, although it’s fair to wonder the extent to which an ankle injury is responsible.

I for one can’t wait for the staged fights.

Alexander Edler

One of the more surprising developments of the day was that Alexander Edler has been battling the flu lately. Can’t say I’ve noticed a noteworthy drop in play, but it will be an interesting storyline to follow going into Wednesday.

Other Notes

It appears as though Alexandre Grenier won’t be inserted into the lineup for Wednesday’s game with the Hurricanes. Makes sense given that he’s the Canucks most recent injury related recall and that the Canucks are expecting Baertschi and Prust to return to the lineup. Have to wonder how much longer Grenier remains with the big club.

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Last night it was revealed that Hamhuis finally had the wiring removed from his jaw and is eating solid food again. Sounds as though his recovery is going according to schedule.

  • Dirty30

    I noticed a couple of shifts against the Coyotes where Edler seemed to be skating slower than normal and not battling quite as hard as he usually does. Flu would certainly explain that. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery.

  • argoleas

    We have a big tough/young dman in Pedan who Desjardins refuses to play? Can not realistically say he is worse than Bartkowski/Weber.

    The kid supposedly has a cannon of a shot and stands ready to protect his team and self. Isn,t this the kind of upgrade we need? Good article, this is a talent short team that can not score,simple as that!

    Funny as it sounds but we were much better as a team under Gillis/Alain but when the s hit the fan Gillis panicked and tried in vain to save his own job by firing Alain and trading Cory.The Aqulini group knows absolutely nada about the game, as we can see by there choices like flying to Florida to ask a disgruntled Lui to stay while we traded the netminding future in Cory. Like hiring Torts, then Benning. The tough times have only begun imho. What knowledgable gm would sign a vet goalie for 3 yrs at 6million? Then pay Sibisa for 3 yrs at the 3 million plus mark? Then do the same for Dorsett who is know deterrent or heavyweight. Now add up all that money and wonder why we have a problem with seconday scoring? Incompetance is the problem from Linden on down

  • argoleas

    So, insane travel schedule, lots and lots of injuries, some of them key ones, over-reliance on too many rookies and over-the-hill players. Why is their current state so surprising?

    Soon, we should see the benefit of less travel, return of players like Sutter, and rookies with more experience. This, with the continued great play of the Sedins and a still weak Pacific division, should ensure a competitive spring.

  • argoleas

    Injuries are a reality for every team. I don’t know where to find the stats but I am betting have not suffered the most man-days missed than some other clubs. Even if they did, so what. Injuries are a feeble excuse for poor performance.