WWYDT: A Fresh Start

Vancouver gets to hold onto 2015 a little bit longer than most cities, but at some point tonight, we will cross over into a new year with limitless possibilities and slightly more ink used to write (though, really, it’s about to be 2016 and you shouldn’t still be writing things by hand). This leads us to a very special What Would You Do… Thursday question. A simple one, no less.

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The Question: What’s your New Years Resolution for the Canucks? We don’t need to know your resolution in the real world; save that for the gym registration form, but we’d like to know what you feel is important for the Canucks to commit to over the next twelve months. Leave your responses below!

From Last Week

Last week, we asked you what you’d do with Joe Cannata, who has been warming the bench while Ryan Miller has been recovering from his “cramps”.


That`s a tough spot for Cannata to be in. Does he go home to Mass. for Christmas and then fly Christmas day to be a back up here in Vancouver on Boxing day or does he just return with the team to Vancouver and spend Christmas in a city where he doesn`t know anybody – only to find out Miller is okay to be back up and Joe can watch from the stands. A bummer Christmas to remember.


Markstrom needs to take the opportunity and run with it — I don’t see how giving someone a start for being a good soldier should enter into this at all. Besides, it’s not like Cannata’s been toiling in the trenches for a decade; he’s a former sixth round pick who was really good on some forgettable Merrimac but he’s barely cracked the AHL as a backup and he’s only 25. I don’t quite get the logic here — we’re not even talking about the second game of a back-to-back where the numbers suggest you play your other guy. Off of four days rest I don’t see why you wouldn’t play Markstrom other than to piss him off. Unless you’re actively trying to manufacture some goalie controversy 🙂

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You need to come back with Markstrom. He’s never been given the chance to play a string of games and get into a groove.

I would love to see Cannata get a start but now isn’t the time.

Keep Miller on the sidelines until he is 100%, ride Markstrom and let Cannata enjoy flying first class instead of riding a bus for a while. He will benefit from the experience even without starting a game.

True Blue

the goaltending succession plan in Vancouver does not look good for Cannata. Much more likely he takes on a Bachman-type role in Utica as Demko is added to the equation, unless he massively exceeds expectations or moves to another NHL team.

Miller and Markstrom are still here next year (2016-17), so that’s already moot unless there’s a trade. Also, Demko either signs with the Canucks and plays in Utica with Cannata (likely usurping him) or Demko plays another year in college (not sure if he needs it, plus it’s nerve-wracking when NCAA prospects approach their senior year).

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So in 2016-17 Cannata is practically guaranteed to be back in Utica, with or without Demko. By 2017-18 Miller will be gone and Markstrom will be starting if everything goes as planned. By then, Cannata may have a shot at the Canucks’ backup role. That assumes Demko hasn’t already blown the lid off the AHL in 2016-17, or at least that the Canucks want Demko to spend another full year as the lone starter in Utica. And of course that Demko pans out at all, but he’s certinaly on-track.

It’s possible…. pooooossible that mgmt are grooming Cannata for a back-up role with the Canucks in 2017-18, but seriously… that’s a stretch.

So if Cannata is going to play a game in the NHL beyond an injury call-up, he’s going to have to force mgmt’s hand. I don’t think there is a large “grooming for the NHL” component to the Canucks’ Cannata plan.

  • Dirty30

    Probably the number one thing that needs work is ‘image’. FA needs to get on the phone with that nose-nugget Bettman and negotiate some kind of truce.

    Highly doubtful the team will ever be favoured but it needs to stop being vilified and punitively punished.

    If anyone really believes that Bettman doesn’t remember getting boo’d in 2010 didn’t watch the results in 2011 and beyond. GMMG did take a step toward reconciliation but that relationship seems to be going downhill fast.

    The league silence on the elbow to the head that Hank took reflects that poor relationship perfectly.

    And as much as I have loved Burrows time in Vancouver, his actions have cumulatively created more problems than he is now worth as a player.

  • Dirty30

    Resolution: stay the course, draft good prospects, unload Chris Higgins, try very hard to get a top puck moving defenseman in 24-27 age range, defenseman, defenseman and more defenseman.(a few goals along the way would be acceptable)

  • andyg

    Convince Edler to except a trade.(move him for picks and prospects) Move Vrbata and Prust for draft picks. Fill with youth for the rest of the year.

    After the draft go hard into the UFA market and spend on D.


    We need two.

    Buy out Higgins and Burrows!

      • andyg

        That is my shopping list for next year. I don’t usually spend much time on grammar when making a shopping list and good grammar does not seem to be a prerequisite for posting on this site.

  • Charlie Allnut

    I agree that something has to be done about how the team is being punished by the league, for what I don’t know. There’s nothing particularly special about this team that other teams don’t also have in terms of “bad apples” and anti-Bettman sentiments. That stuff would not bother that guy per se. So it remains a mystery how the team is 10 – 1 in penalties in a game and how our captain is freely head-shotted, a player who is as clean and professional as they get. There has to be something else going on. No matter what, this shows that the NHL is pretty much closer to professional wrestling than pure sports, which makes me sad, because I love the game and it is being run like a cheap sideshow like roller derby or Saturday afternoon wrestling. Haystack Calhoun would be prooud. The Sheik is grinning.

  • birdie boy

    Have you guys noticed that all the call ups havent looked out of place….well that is because the guys hurt are NOT that good ,the Sedins have carried this team and made everyone on it look better than they are for some time now, It really is time for some of the core to be gone,I have wanted a tougher team to go with the Sedins for a very long time ,that elbow was just reinforcement to my view. Mr Benning please get more guys like pedan the only policing will come from within .

  • andyg

    Nikita Tryamkin. Mean, 6’7 and 235lbs. That’s what we need. Get him here asap, and pair him with Andrey Pedan.

    We need to run with eight, not seven defensemen next season.

    If the Habs are still in the market for a top six winger with skill, we should offer Vrbata for Jeff Petry. He shoots right and would be a nice fit on our top four.

  • andyg

    Using impending available cap space to exploit teams that are in a cap crunch. Not signing Vrbata, Hamhuis, Prust, Weber and Bartkowski frees up $15M. These players aren’t delivering performances that equate to their cap hit. Can Benning swing a trade with Philadelphia, New York or Boston to acquire a good player that they can’t afford to resign?

  • Waffles

    #1) send Virtanen back to Junior – he’s not ready and will be next year with a fresh start.

    #2) Give Shinkaruk, Gaunce and Grenier meaningful NHL minutes – it’s time to find out what we have in these guys!

    #3) Completely tear down and re-build the blue line! There is nothing more important and perhaps nothing more challenging to undertake but it is mission critical and it can wait no longer.

    Step 1: dump all the salary that we can at forward at trade deadline and run youth – at minimum eliminate Vrbata, Burrows, Prust, & Higgins this leaves room for the AHL guys to play some NHL minutes.

    Leaving forward lines as follows:

    Shinkaruk / Sutter / Grenier
    Baertschi / Horvat / Kennins
    Gaunce / McCann / Dorsett
    Cracknell as utility guy

    Step 2 :
    Dump all the salary that we can on D and run youth – at minimum trade Hamhuis, if by some miracle we could find a trade for Sbisa &/or Bartkowski DO IT!

    Run with:

    Hutton/ Biega
    Bartkowski – as 7th D cause seriously is anyone actually gonna trade for this guy!?

    Step 3:
    Sign Byfuglien current ask is 55Million over 8 yrs, DO THIS DEAL! He is big, mean, eats minutes and accumulates points especially on the power play- he is everything our current D core is lacking

    Step 4:
    Offer sheet Seth Jones or Morgan Reilly 6 years at 36 Million. Both are Restricted free agents with tonnes of upside- Nashville is probably reticent to pay Jones full value and will be seeking a bridge deal making him a prime target, as for Reilly – mostly any chance to screw the Leaves should be taken advantage of and it would be a fun F U on the Corrado situation;)

    Essentially, we’d be dumping a bunch of dead weight salary and repurposing it all to the D, I’d say money well spent if we end up with a top 4 D group of:

    Elder /Tanev

    That solid a D along with steady Goaltending buys a lot of support to aid in the learning for a young Forward group and young D prospects like Pedan and Hutton.