Canucks Young Stars Tournament Game 2 #fancystats

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Ain’t no party like a CanucksArmy party (hey, ho… hey, ho). 

The Young Stars tournament is in full swing (actually it’s almost over, tomorrow’s doubleheader marks the end of the tournament) and as you may know the team at Canucks Army have been covering the weekend. We were live at the first game against the Edmonton McDavid’s (with a final score, which I can’t recall) and tonight’s 4-1 win over the Winnipeg Jets.

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With our live team of nerds statistics experts at the game, we hand tracked some stats. While one game does not give you much in the way of predictive power, it does provide you with an interesting snapshot into how the teams and individuals performed.

Corsi Numbers

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Tracked by J Dylan Burke

  • All Canucks were in positive possession in this game, little surprise when the final Corsi numbers were 58 – 19 for the Canucks. 
  • Zhukenov had really good possession numbers which doesn’t surprise us given that he has stood out in a good way through the first two games.
  • Ben Hutton and Jordan Subban continue to stand out and are definitely the best of the Canucks’ defensive prospects – quite the opposite of McEneny and Olson.
  • Tryout forward Reid Gardiner posted solid Corsi For numbers despite his linemates (Jon Martin and MacKenze Stewart).

Zone Entries

zone entries

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Tracked by Josh W

  • Through the Neutral Zone some of the most active people were Jordan Subban, Hunter Shinkaruk and Dane Fox.
  • Hunter Shinkaruk was god like with 6 of his 7 entries coming from carry ins.  His 7th was a pass in that he made with 0:01 left in the game. 
  • Jordan Subban continues to impress and it shows through the Neutral Zone. 
  • Dane Fox was active with Neutral Zone entries but his were less controlled, given his wide variety of attempts it looked like he was doing whatever he could to get the puck into the offensive zone.
  • Some of us on the CanucksArmy team were left underwhelmed by Jake Virtanen’s puck skills. As this data shows, however, he was dynamic through the neutral zone. 

Zone Exits

zone exits

Tracked by Josh W

  • Jordan Subban continues to be dominant at both ends of the rink and was super effective at getting the puck out of the end. 
  • Brisebois and Olson were really good on the defensive end of the rink.
  • Virtanen had three carry outs, one of which was a spin-o-rama zone exit. 
  • Cole Cassels displayed excellent patience on a zone exit late in the game with the Jets’ net empty. He flipped the puck to Shinkaruk for the empty net goal, but it was an impressive display of end-game awareness and game management. 

  • Waffles

    Thanks for tracking these. Great games from Subban and Shinkaruk. Shinkaruk looks SO much better than he did last year in camp… I really think the summer of training compared to a summer of surgery and rehab has been huge for him. Last year I went to a preseason game and I was stunned at how slow he looked. Not this year. Looks like a new player. Made a lot of beautiful reads and passes today. Him and Zhukenov were great together. I was REAL impressed with Zhukenov, his hockey IQ is off the charts. It’s the kind of gamble I love in the 4th round.

    And yea, as everyone has been saying, Subban was terrific. Everyone seems to be saying if he makes the NHL he will likely be a third-pairing guy who is valuable on the PP. Maybe, but he was born at the right time. 10-15 years ago he probably wouldn’t have even been given a chance, but the game is changing and I think more and more small, skilled puck-moving defenseman will make an impact in the NHL. Torey Krug, Tyson Barrie (especially) are excellent players and I wouldn’t discount the possibility of Subban making an impact like them. Still has a ways to go, but I think he has that kind of upside.

    Tbh I hated the Brisebois pick at the time. But he has really impressed me – poised, puck-moving, smart player.

    Mackenzie Stewart is John Scott 2.0 btw. Painful to watch. Honestly think he’s a guy who singlehandedly would DRAG down a fourth line. Also not impressed with Joe Labate. He’s one of the oldest guys in the tourney and has barely made an impact. Amazing to think Labate and Zhukenov are both fourth rounders and Labate has four years of development on him.

  • Waffles

    “Tryout forward Reid Gardiner posted solid Corsi For numbers despite his linemates (Jon Martin and MacKenze Stewart).”

    Stewart and Martin both had CF% of 80% (tied with Gaunce for 6/8 among the 18 Canuck skaters) and a rel CF% of + 5.1, tied for 7th among the 18 Canuck skaters.

    Granted Gardiner’s numbers (85 and + 11.2) were higher than those of Stewart and Martin, but the criticism you’re making of those two has to be based on something other than the Corsi numbers. Both were in the positive in rel CF%, by numbers only certainly not appearing to be anchors.

    Perhaps the article could have explained the reason for the word “despite.” I’m presuming it has to come from some things CA staffers saw in their play, but the article doesn’t say what.