Nikita Tryamkin not thinking about jump to the NHL

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As the focus in Vancouver shifts towards the Canucks’ prospects, one of their best young defencemen appears to have his mind in other places. According to a report from Russian media outlet R-Sport, Nikita Tryamkin is not only looking forward to continuing his career with Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg this season, but is open to committing beyond his current contract.

“Next season, I want to be the top defenceman on my team and gain trust from my coaching staff,” Tryamkin told reporters “As for NHL, I’m not planning on going there right now, I’m not planning so far ahead. If I’m going to get an offer from Avtomobilist during the season, I’ll consider it”

Drafted 66th overall in 2014, Tryamkin is considered by many to be one of Vancouver’s top European prospects. The left-handed defenceman is a whopping 6’7 and possesses one of the heaviest shots in hockey. That said, he hasn’t used it much yet; in 135 KHL games, he’s scored just five goals. With a preseason tournament under his belt, things have started off smoothly.

“My first impressions on working with [head-coach Andrei] Razin are rather positive. We have a great communication with the coaching staff. They’re being quite frank with us and it’s obvious we’re building a good team here. Nobody’s being short to anybody around here”

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Tryamkin’s contract with Yekaterinburg expires at the end of April. Upon its completion, Tryamkin would be eligible to sign an entry level deal and play for the Canucks or any of their minor league affiliates.

h/t to @KHLNewsEN for bringing the report to our attention

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    • Why do you bother? Seriously. There is no way you can actually be as stupid as your posts would make you seem so why bother? I guess there’s a chance you’re really that stupid…

      Moving along, here’s to hoping Tryamkin tries the NHL. He seems like he has potential. It might be a blessing in disguise if he stays there a bit longer than next season. It’ll allow him to polish his game.

  • Sorry, this is another non-story. He is young, he is developing over there closer to home. He is saying all the things you would expect from any young player. If he resigns for say 5 years, then we have a problem. Personally I think you let him stay over there for another 2 or 3 years, then bring him in as a more mature player, who has grown into his body. He might make the club or play in the AHL. The way things are going I am not sure the KHL will exist in three years, half the team owners are losing millions of dollars weekly. His team is one of those on shaky footing in terms of financial backing and fan turnout, so I think we should sit back and relax.

  • This kid will be the next Zdeno Chara. He will be a late bloomer so don’t expect him wearing a canucks jersey anytime soon.

    Hope he realizes that to up his game, he will have to play in N.A.eventually.